Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


9. The interview

-Niall POV-

"Niall you're late!" Liam says as I walk into the studio. "Sorry! We fell asleep and forgot about the time!" I say as I help Kylee carry the twins inside. "Well, you got lucky because the interviewer is late too" Zayn says as he grabs Luke. Liam grabs Natalie and they both set the carriers on the mini couch in the break room. "Good! 'Cause I need to rest!" Kylee says she falls onto the couch.

"You just slept!" I say. "Hey! It's hard being a mother of twins!" she says in defense. "It's hard being a father of twins too!" I say. "At least you didn't push them out of your body!" she says, winning the battle. "Ohhh Niall she got you there!" Harry says. I walk over to him and give him a noogie. "UNCLE! UNCLE!" he says as I scratch his head harder. "Wanna say that again Styles?" I chuckle as he tries to get out of my grasp. "Boys! Out now!" Simon yells as he walks in. We stop and get ready to leave. "I'll see you in there?" I ask Kylee as I walk over to her. "Yep! Now go!" she giggles. I kiss her quickly and walk out with the rest of the lads.

"So, Niall. We've heard about the engagement and the kids. Are there any more surprises we should see in the future?" the interviewer asks me. "Heh, none that I know of!" I chuckle. "How is your family by the way?" he asks. I look over to the crowd and see Kylee in the front row, with Luke and Natalie in her lap. "Amazing" I say, keeping eye-contact with Kylee. "Is having twins a hassle?" the interviewer asks, making me break eye-contact. "Well, sometimes. But really, it's an amazing experience and I wouldn't change anything about it" I smile. "Now, who's the godparents of the lucky twins?" he asks. "Yes Niall, do tell" Louis smirks at me.

"How about you explain since you're one of them" I tell him. "Eleanor and I along with Liam and Skylar are the godparents" Louis smiles. "Yeah, we're still waiting for that next child Kylee!" Harry yells to her in the audience. We all turn to her and her face is bright red. "Are you two planning on having another child?" the interviewer asks. "Not for a long time" Kylee says, dragging out the word 'long'. "Yeah, we're good with two of them for now!" I laugh. The audience laughs along and I sit back into the chair.

"Alright lets move on!" the interviewer says. For the rest of the interview we discussed the new album, tour and dating rumors with Harry. "So that's all that I have today! Thank you all for coming today!" he says, wrapping up the interview. We all thank him and leave the building. "That was great babe!" Kylee says as she hugs me after I get back in the break room. "Thank you! And nice save earlier!" I tell her. "Why thank you! I was trying not to show any sign of me freaking out because Niall, I was freaking out on the inside" she chuckles.

"Haha I don't blame you! I would've been acting the same way" I laugh, nuzzling her neck. "So are you hungry?" I ask, pulling out of the hug. "Mmmm yeah actually" she says, poking my stomach. I laugh and kiss her forehead. "Then lets go eat some chicken wings!" I say, grabbing her hand and getting the twins and leaving the building.

"So our food will be here in a little bit" I say as I slide into the booth next to Natalie. "Yay! I'm starving" Kylee says as she feeds Luke. "Has Natalie been fed yet?" I ask, unbuckling her from her travel seat. "Yeah" she smiles, looking at Luke. "I can't wait to get back home and sleep some more!" I say, playing with Natalie. "You're gonna sleep for the rest of the day aren't you?" she asks. "Probably" I say, smiling at her. She laughs and continues to look at Luke.

Her phone then began buzzing and she was getting a call from Paul. "Hello?" she asks, picking it up with her free hand. Her expression changes quickly and she looks outside the large windows. "When did you see them?" she asks, looking out frantically. Her face goes pale and she looks up at me. "What?" I mouth to her. She doesn't move and continues to talk on the phone. "Do you know where they are now?" she asks. She nods and sets Luke in his seat carefully. "Okay and you're around the corner? Great. We're leaving right now" she says before hanging up.

"What was that?" I ask, buckling Natalie in her seat. "That was Paul. They found us" she says. "When?" I ask. "Just now at the interview. He said that one of them could have been in the audience. But they're close to here and we have to leave" she says, getting up quickly. "Where's Paul?" I ask as we leave through the front. "He's around the corner" she says. We walk around the corner until she puts her hand behind her, stopping me. "What?" I ask. "Get back now" she says sternly, pushing me. Once we were out of the clearing, she pokes her head behind the corner of the building.

"We can't go through here" she says. "Why not?" I ask. "Because they're here. They found us" she snaps. "How do you know?" I ask. She points in the direction and I see a woman with short blonde hair with black highlights, a woman with long black hair and a man that looked just like our interviewer walking down the street. "Is that them?" I ask. "Yeah, that's Quinn, my mom and Jordan" she says. "Jordan?! As in the ex that shot you Jordan?" I ask her. "Yeah, I guess they're working together now" she says.

"Wait, you said that one of them was in the audience or in the interview?" I ask. "Yeah why?" she asks. "Jordan was our interviewer!" I say. "What?! No he wasn't! I would've known!" she says, looking over at them. "Well, he didn't really show himself but you were distracted too so that could be why" I explain. "Where's Paul?" she asks, looking at her phone frustratingly. A few seconds later, I see a black SUV drive up and I recognize that its Paul. We grab the kids and get inside the car, then peeling out.

"Why are you late?" Paul asks sternly. "We couldn't get to you! They were walking down that way and we couldn't go there!" Kylee says, strapping herself in the seat. "Did you call the police?" I ask him. "Yeah, they're on their way there" he says, turning down a road. "So Jordan, Quinn and Taanja were in that interview" Paul says. "Yeah and Jordan was the interviewer" I say. "What?!" Paul asks. "Yeah. So he definitely knows more info on us now" Kylee says. "I'm sorry guys we should've had more guards there" Paul says, pulling down our street. "It's alright, we didn't even know" Kylee says. "Well, let me know about anymore problems okay? We'll take care of all three of them alright?" Paul says as he drops us off. "We'll keep you posted. Thanks Paul" Kylee says before closing door. We walk into the house and put the kids down for their naps.

"What are we going to do?!" she says, throwing her hands up in the air. "I don't know, but that was a really close one" I say, sitting on the couch. "She's not gonna stop until she gets what she wants" she says, pacing the room. "Then what should we do? She is your mother" I say. She stops pacing and looks directly at me. Oh no, I hit a nerve and it's not a good one. "I know just as much as you know. I do not know what she's like. I only know a small amount of information Niall" she says angrily. "That came out wrong I'm sorry" I say quickly. She scoffs and goes back to pacing. "She knows where we live, work, and eat! I can never get away from her!" she says, balling her hands into fists.

I stand up and grab her arms. "Hey calm down right now" I say calmly. "Calm down?! Niall, we could get killed in the process of this. And all you can say is 'calm down'?!" she says. "I know about all of that but you need to listen to me" I say to her. "If we show weakness and let them get to us, then we will become an easier target and more easier to get. Don't let them get to you Kylee. Be strong. Be a stone wall" I tell her. She looks at me with a confused face and remains silent.

"You're right. I can't let them get to me. Especially when I have children to take care of" she finally says. "Good. Now lets just sleep this off and think of a better solution later" I say, kissing her nose. "Okay" she says before walking up the stairs. I walk up behind her and we crawl into bed, brainstorming ideas of how to defeat her mother, whom I've never met.


Long update!!!! Ahhhh!!! Haha and how do you guys feel about me adding a playlist to this movella? Yes? No? Comments please!!! Love you guys!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!!:) xx


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