Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


16. The Honeymoon

-Kylee POV-

"Look over here!" I say, pointing to the palm tree. "That's a perfect resting spot!" I say, dragging Niall to the big tree for shade. "Babe can't we just relax for a bit?" he whines. "We are! Riiiigghht after we swim in the ocean" I say, rubbing my nose against his. He smiles and we both run into the water, splashing ourselves and kissing under the water. I run back to our towels and dry my hair. I look over my shoulder and see that Niall isn't behind me. "Niall?" I say, looking around. "OH MY GOD" I scream, finding Niall. Jordan had a gun to his head and he was in a headlock. "Hey sweetheart, are you looking for your husband?" he says evilly. "Jordan don't" I say. He smirks before releasing Niall out of his grasp, but then shooting him in the back. "NIALL" I scream. I run over to him and grab his face in my hands. His eyes slowly shut,his grasp around my hand weakens, and his breathing decreases. "Niall don't leave me!" I cry, but it's too late.

I open my eyes and gasp for air. I sit up quickly and look around me. Everything's normal and we're not at the beach. I look over and Niall's still asleep. I run my hands through my hair and breathe heavily. That couldn't have been a nightmare, it was too real. I breathe in and out to calm myself down, and it sounds like I'm hyperventilating. All of this wakes Niall up and he grabs my arms.

"Kylee what happened" he asks, looking at my shaky hands. "N-Nothing, just a, a nightmare" I breathe. "It must've been a pretty intense one to have you this shaken up" he says, sitting up. "No it's fine, just go back to bed" I say. "No it's not fine, tell me what happened" he says, looking in my eyes. "We were at the beach and when I turned around for a second, you-" I say, my words getting caught in my throat as I go back to the horrible dream. "I what?" he asks. "Jordan shot you and I was too late" I say quietly.

He grabs my face and looks at me. "It's just a dream babe. It's alright, look" he says, grabbing my hand and putting it on his chest, over his heart. "You feel that? I'm alive and well. Don't worry. I'll never leave you, not without a fight" he says sweetly. I smile faintly and look away, trying to get the image of him dying in my arms out of my head. "Come here" he says, bring me into a hug. "I'm right here. Always" he whispers, kissing the top of my head. "It just seemed so real and I couldn't save you" I say, on the verge of tears. "It was just a dream" he says quietly.

"God, you're really shaking" he says, pulling out of the hug. "I told you, you DIED. Of course I'm shaking" I say bluntly. He lays back down and pats the spot next to him. I slide back down and turn my back to him. He wraps his arms from behind and buries his face in my neck. "I'm always here Kylee" he whispers, kissing my neck softly. He entwines our fingers together and strokes the back of my hand with his thumb, something that always calms me down.

"Niall" I say. "Mhmm?" he mumbles. "I love you" I say.. "I love you" he says, nuzzling my neck. His breath was warm against the back of my neck and it was soothing. Being in his arms really calmed me down and made it feel at ease. I bury my face in his arm and fall asleep shortly after, forgetting about the nightmare.

*8 AM*

I slowly open my eyes and smell something filling my nose. I sit up and stretch my arms above my head. 'Where's Niall'? I think to myself, looking at the empty spot next to me. I throw the covers off of me and walk into the kitchen. Then I see Niall standing over the stove, in nothing but his pajama bottoms and cooking breakfast. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his torso. "Morning Kylee" he chuckles. I press my cheek against the back of his shoulder and breathe in the aroma from the food. "Morning" I say.

"How'd you sleep?" he asks, cooking the bacon. "Good" I sigh. He turns around and faces me. "Just good?" he asks. "Yeah I mean, I had a pretty bad dream so I couldn't go to sleep easily" I say, wrapping my arms loosely around his neck. "Well I'm making some breakfast so that should help" he smiles. "Mmmm and how's that coming by the way?" I ask, looking behind him. "Crap!" he says, turning back around and trying to save the food from burning. I laugh at him and go into the living room. I sit down on the couch and spread myself out, taking up all the room on it.

"Okay! Breakfast is ready!" I hear him yell. "Ughhhh I don't wanna get up" I groan. I hear him laugh and he walks up to the couch. "Bring it here!" I say, snuggling into the couch. "Mmmm nahh" he says before throwing me over his shoulder without warning. "HEY!" I yell, trying to get out of his grasp. "Since you were too lazy to get up, I'm just gonna have to bring you to the food" he chuckles, setting me down at the kitchen table. "You're no fun" I say, crossing my arms over my chest and pouting. "I know but you love me anyway" he says, kissing my forehead and sitting down across from me.

"So what do you wanna do today?" he asks. "I wanna stay inside today" I say, taking a bite out of my eggs. "Kylee, we're in Costa Rica, you don't stay inside" he laughs. "But it's hot out" I giggle. "Have you seen the trees outside? They're big enough to provide enough air conditioning as a house does" he laughs. "Okay, but no funny business or anything alright?" I ask, drinking out of my cup of coffee. "Alright!" he chuckles, finishing up his plate. I finish mine and we set our dishes in the sink, then go and get ready for the day.

"You got your swimming suit on?" I ask him, putting my book and phone in my bag along with our towels. "Yep! Why do you wanna see?" he grins. "Uh, no I trust you. Now lets go!" I say, grabbing his hands and leading him out the door. The beach was just across the street from our beach house so we just walked there. I set our bags down underneath the gigantic palm tree and I spread out across my towel. I slide my Ray Bands over my eyes and listen to my IPod.

I then feel someone poking my arm and I take my glasses off, seeing Niall sitting beside me. "What?" I ask, propping myself up onto my elbows. "Ready to swim?" he smiles. "Now?" I ask. "Yes" he says, poking my side. "But, I wanna get tan. I'm so pale" I giggle, looking at my arm. "Honey, you're not pale! You're fine! Now c'mon!" he chuckles, helping me up. He picks me up bridal style and stops right at the shoreline. "Niall don't you dare" I say, clinging onto him "Too late" he smirks. He then bolts toward the water right as a big wave rolls in, splashing us both.

"AHH!" I scream, tightening my grip around his body. He walks into the water some more until he reaches the point of swimming. "Are you gonna let go of me now?" he asks. "Nope" I say, burying my face into his neck. He laughs and kisses my temple. I lift my head up and look under the water. It's so clear and beautiful, you can see the drop off and the coral. I look back up at him and smile. "I love you Niall" I smile. "I love you Kylee" he smiles back, pressing his forehead against mine. I lean in and kiss him lovingly. He kisses back and smiles into the kiss.

After we splashed each other in the water, we both decided to relax on the beach. I laid on his chest while he hummed a few songs in my ear. "Niall, you're making me sleepy" I giggle. "I know" he chuckles. He rubs my lower back and kisses my forehead. "I'm gonna take a nap babe" I say, yawning and snuggling into his chest. His chest vibrates as he laughs and I slowly drift off to sleep.


Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been a bit busy. :/ Haha but guess what!!! Last chapter of 2013 (haha so corny) haha but Happy New Year to all of you!!! 2014 woohoo!! Haha love you guys! Stay beautiful and amazing you lovely human beings!!!:D


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