Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


13. The Big Day

-Kylee POV-

*October 27th*

Okay. This is it. Today is the day. Don't be scared Kylee it's just an ordinary day with a bunch of people going to watch you get married to Niall. No biggy. "You ready to get your makeup done?" Eleanor asks. "Yeah" I say, turning away from the mirror. I literally just got out of bed and I have to get my hair and makeup done, then the dress. Niall and I are renting out a house for now out here in Ireland (we've been here for about a week and a half). "Thanks" I tell her. "Well since it is my duty, being the Maid of Honor and all, it's my pleasure" she smiles.

We go down to the living room (where all of the chaos is) and wait until Lou can get here. "Hello darling!" Maura says, bringing me into a hug. "Hey Maura!" I smile. "How are you feeling?" she asks, looking at me. "Good, a bit nervous, but more excited" I smile. "That's alright to be nervous sweetie, it's your wedding day. I was so nervous on mine, I couldn't stop shaking!" she laughs. "Maura, can I ask you something?" I ask her. "Of course!" she smiles.

"Well, since my parents aren't here, I was wondering if you could, give me away?" I ask her. Her eyes got glassy and she was holding back the tears. "Of course I will Kylee!" she says, letting a few tears escape her eyes. I bring her into a hug and say thank you. "Kylee! Lou's here!" El shouts from across the room. "That's my signal. I'll see you when I get the dress on?" I ask Maura. She nods and lets me go to the study where Lou will do my makeup and hair.

"Hey Kylee!" Lou says, hugging me. "Hi Lou!" I say, hugging her back. "Are you ready?" she asks. "Yep!" I smile. She squeezes my arms reassuringly, and then leads me to the chair. "Kylee!" Lux say, running over to me. "Luxie!" I say, swooping her up and putting her on my lap. "How are you little girl?" I ask her. "I'm good! Where's Luke and Natalie?" she asks. "They're with their daddy getting ready" I smile. "Oh! Do we get to play when the wedding's over?" she asks. "Yes! But are you excited to be the flower girl with Natalie?" I ask her. "YES!" she yells in excitement. I giggle and her and kiss her forehead.

"Okay your hair's all done!" Lou says when she finished my hair. She put my bangs to the side and curled my hair, letting it fall down to my mid back. And she braided two strips of my hair from the front to the back to where it attached at the back. "That looks beautiful Lou!" I say, looking in the mirror. "Now you said you wanted simple on both the hair and makeup. How's the hair?" she asks. "Great! Just what I wanted!" I say. "Great! Now onto the makeup!" she says.

She put on base and foundation to match my skin tone, then added the blush, and then for the eye shadow she did a light brown on the top and a dark brown to highlight my eyes. She outlined my eyes with black eyeliner (which made it look really pretty) and put mascara on as the final touch. "And there! Done!" she says, turning my seat towards the mirror.

"Lou! That looks gorgeous!" I say, getting out of my seat and going to the mirror. "I think it really compliments and highlights your beautiful eyes" she smiles. "Thank you so much!" I say, hugging her tightly. "No problem! Now lets go get you ready!" she says, getting me out of the study. I go upstairs and it was just as bad as downstairs. I walk into Niall and I's bedroom and see Eleanor, Perrie, Skylar and Gemma getting ready.

"There she is!" Gemma says, zipping up her dress. "Hey girls!" I say, waving at them as I go into the bathroom. I change my undergarments and walk out into the bedroom to put the dress on. It was a strapless dress with beads covered on the chest area, then a cloth flower draping down from the mid-section to my mid thigh. My train wasn't that long, it only went about 3 or 4 feet behind me. Eleanor went to the closet and pulled out the dress covered in the large plastic wrap. "Alright, lets get you ready" she smiles.

Eleanor and Skylar got the dress out as Perrie and Gemma helped me put it on. "Here I'll zip it" Perrie says, going to my back. Gemma straightened out my train while Perrie zipped my dress up. "There we go! All zipped up!" Perrie says. All the girls take a few steps back and look at me. "You look beautiful Kylee" Gemma says. "Thanks you guys!" I smile. "Okay, El you got the bouquet?" Skylar asks. "Yeah it's on the dresser" she says, fixing her earrings. "You girls look really pretty by the way" I tell them.

They were all in their bridesmaid dresses; which were a light gold color with sparkles on the straps, and were wearing matching gold bracelets. Eleanor had her hair naturally down and had her bangs put to the side, Perrie let her natural blonde waves fall and added a little woven headband, Gemma fishtail braided her hair to the side, and Skylar curled her hair and crown braided it on the top. All of them had mascara and lipstick on, but not a lot of makeup.

"Oh my! Kylee, you look beautiful!" Maura says as she walks in. "Thank you Maura" I smile. She puts her hands over her mouth and begins to cry. The girls go over and comfort her and she laughs. "I'm fine girls thank you! I just can't stop crying!" she laughs, drying her eyes. I walk over and hug her. "You just look so beautiful and my son is so lucky to be marrying you" she smiles, beginning to cry again. "Well now don't start crying again or else I'll start crying" I laugh, holding back the tears. She laughs too and gives me a tight hug.

"Okay, it's almost time. Do you want a few minutes by yourself Kylee?" El asks. "Yeah that would be nice. I'll meet you guys at the stairs for pictures" I smile. They all nod and go out the door. I sigh and walk around the room, taking in the sight and everything. I walk over to the window and look at the view. It was really warm this morning and the trees are so beautiful. They're covered in moss and their leaves are changing colors. I breathe in heavily to get rid of the butterflies, but disappointed when it doesn't work. I'm not getting cold feet or any of that, I'm just really excited. I'm marrying the love of my life, who I thought I would never find again since he left. We were meant to be.

I walk over to the body mirror and look at myself. I put my hands to my stomach and take deep breaths. I look at my hands and I'm shaking like a leaf. 'Relax Kylee. You'll be fine' I think to myself. "Okay, I'm ready" I say to myself. I walk out the door and see the girls standing at the stairway. "Hey! Are you ready for pictures?" Gemma asks. "Yep" I smile. "Okay Tracy we're ready!" Skylar says to the photographer who took the babies' pictures.

"Hello Kylee!" Tracy smiles. "Hey Tracy!" I smile, hugging her. "Well here we are, taking pictures for your wedding day! It seems like yesterday I was taking the twins' pictures!" she says. "I know! It doesn't seem like a year and a half ago!" I say. "Alright lets have the bride with the mother-in-law first!" she says to everyone. I walk over to Maura and stand next her, with my arm wrapped around her shoulder and her arm around my waist (since she's shorter than me). We both smile and wait for Tracy to give the go ahead.

"Bobby!" I say as I see him walk in. "Kylee! You look absolutely stunning!" he smiles, hugging me as I walk up to him. "Thank you! You look very sharp as well!" I smile. "Oh stop it!" he chuckles. "Can I have a picture with my daughter-in-law?" he asks Tracy. "Yes of course!" she says. We walk up to the stairs and he wraps his arms around me (like a hugging pose). "Okay I'll have Kylee with the Maid of Honor and then the bridesmaids, and then Kylee by herself" Tracy says.

"So how's Niall and them?" I ask Bobby. "Excited as always" he laughs. "Nervous at all?" I ask. "Yes, but the good kind of nervous. He cannot wait to marry you Kylee" he smiles at me. I blush and smile at Niall's cuteness. "Can I ask you something Bobby?" I ask. "Yes! And don't call me Bobby, call me dad" he smiles. I smile back and then the waterworks come back. "Oh god I'm sorry for this!" I apologize as I wipe my tears. "Don't be! It's your wedding day, you can cry all you want!" he smiles. "Heh, anyway. I asked Maura this earlier and she said yes, but it would mean so much to me if you could give me away too. Since I don't have my parents or brother here. And I love you two very much" I say. He smiles and hugs me tightly. "Yes, I will walk you down the aisle as well" he smiles.

"Thank you" I smile back, giving him one last hug until it was time for El and I's picture. Eleanor walks over and we both smile into the camera. Then did another pose with us smiling at each other and in mid hug (A/N: Like where they're holding their arms and like hugging in a way.. haha). Then we did one with both of us holding our bouquets. "That was great! Now lets go to the bridesmaids!" Tracy says.

All of us go the stairs and stand on each step; Perrie and the bottom, then Skylar, then me, then Eleanor, and then Gemma. "Okay smile!" Tracy says, pressing the shutter button. "Now lets go outside and take some silly pictures!" Tracy says, leading us out the back door. Outside were some large wooden steps and an orchard tree. "Okay what should we do?" Tracy asks. "We know!" Skylar says, grinning at me. "What are you gonna do?" I ask cautiously. All of them look at each other, then back at me. "Just trust us okay?" Skylar says. I nod and they set their bouquets down.

El stands behind me with Perrie to her right, then Skylar to her right, and Gemma to Skylar's right. "Okay, jump on 3" Gemma says to me. "1... 2... 3!" they all say. I jump and El catches me bridal style, and the rest of the girls helped her pick me up. "That's great!" Tracy says, taking a few pics. The next ones were us standing together and making weird faces, throwing up the 'Westside' sign, and the last few were us laughing. "Okay, Kylee, it's time" Maura smiles at me.

I take a deep breath and the girls lead me to the limo. "Maura are you going to ride with us there?" I ask her. "No sweetheart, Bobby and I will meet you there" she smiles, giving me a hug before leaving.

"Are you excited?" they ask on the way there. "Yeah, a little nervous though" I say, looking out the window. "Relax Kylee! You'll do great! Just look at Niall the whole time and you won't be nervous anymore" Perrie says. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's feeling the same way. But just think of how happy you'll be when you say your vows and everything" Eleanor adds. "Thanks girls" I smile.

"We're here!" The driver says as we pull up to the cathedral. "Don't worry Kylee" Gemma says to me. I nod and gently step out of the car. I walk into the back door and into the large break room where I will be until it's my time to go. I walk in and see Zayn and Harry standing inside, leaning against the doors. "Hey Kylee!" Harry says, nudging Zayn. "Hey boys" I smile. "Kylee, you look so beautiful!" Zayn smiles, hugging me shortly after. "Thank you!" I say, hugging him back.

"Wow, Niall is not gonna see what's coming to him" Harry says, looking at me. "Yeah, he is so not going to expect this!" Zayn says. I laugh at them and look out the doors. "So is Niall here yet?" I ask them. "Yeah he is, but he's upstairs. We had to contain him so he wouldn't go see you" Harry chuckles. "Haha, the girls had to do the same thing" I laugh. "Well, we're gonna go check up on him before everyone gets here and all that. We'll see you later Kylee" Zayn says, kissing my cheek before leaving. "See you later Kylee" Harry smiles, kissing my cheek too and following Zayn upstairs.

I look over and see Maura and Bobby walking in the front door. "People are starting to show up" Maura smiles. "That's great!" I smile. "Here lets take you upstairs so nobody can see you yet" Bobby says. "I don't know, Niall's upstairs" I say to them. "Don't worry, I'll get him and make sure he won't peek" Bobby says, winking at me. I laugh and they lead me to the next room. "Dad!" I hear Niall yell from the room as we walk past. "Niall stop right there!" he chuckles. "Why?" Niall asks. "Because" Bobby says before leading me to the room next to them where the girls are.

"How did you guys get up here?" I ask them. "We took the back way" Gemma says. "Oh" I say. "Dude, we almost heard Niall come out and see you just now" Perrie giggles. "I know! It was funny!" I laugh. "This is really killing him!" El laughs. "I know it is! I ran into Zayn and Harry and they said that he won't know what's coming" I say. "Oh yeah he's totally clueless on how you look! Just wait until he takes off your garter!" Skylar says.

"I just hope he won't get turned on or excited when that part comes" I say. "Uh Kylee, he's going to be taking that off with his teeth, and blindfolded. Of course he's gonna excited! I think that's what's killing him the most right now" Perrie says. "Ugh!" I say, looking out the window. "Oh! I forgot! I saw Luke and Natalie" Gemma says. "Really? How do they look?" I ask her. "They look s cute as ever! Natalie has her little basket and so does Lux, and Luke is in his little tux! But he looks just like Niall! The blonde hair and everything!" she says. "That's what I tell him and he says no" I say.

"Well, I took a few pictures of the boogers and here you go" Gemma says, handing me her phone. I take it from her and there were pictures of Natalie in her flower girl dress, standing next to Lux in her dress. Then I saw a picture of Niall holding Luke and it looked like they were twins! Luke's hair was put up into a mini quiff, he had his little tux on, and he was holding the little pillow with the fake rings on it. We decided to have Luke hold fake rings because he's still a little wobbly when he walks.

"Aww they look so adorable!" I coo. "I know! That picture of Niall and Luke really scared me because I couldn't tell the difference between the two!!" Gemma says, taking her phone back. "Kylee we have 5 minutes" Bobby says, poking his head in. "Alright, this is it!" Perrie says. They lead me out and bring me in front of the door that goes into the room. Then the boys (except Niall) come in and get with the bridesmaids. Since Zayn's the best man, he and El go first, then Harry and Skylar, then Liam and Gemma, then Louis and Perrie.

As they go into the room, Maura stands to my left and Bobby stands to my right. "Kylee darling, you're shaking like a leaf!" Maura laughs. "Sorry, I'm just really excited" I giggle. She pats the back of my hand and laughs. "No need to apologize sweetie" she says. The music begins playing and the doors open, revealing everyone, standing up and looking at me. "Here we go" Bobby says. Here we go.


Haha SUPER LONG UPDATE!!!! I hope you enjoy this!!! I'm writing up part two RIGHT NOW :D Stay tuned!! Love you!!! Stay beautiful and amazing you lovely human beings!:D xx


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