Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


14. The Big Day PART 2

-Kylee POV-

I take a step forward as Maura and Bobby lead me down the aisle. I look to my left and I see all of my family (like cousins and all that) and friends smiling and waving at me. I smile back and look to my right and see Niall's family. They all smile too and a few of them are already sniffling and wiping their tears away.

I look forward and see the girls and guys all lined up, and then Lux, Natalie and Luke lead us, throwing the flowers and stumbling towards the front. I look ahead and I make eye contact with Niall. He's in his tuxedo with his hair in a quiff, standing to my right in front of the pastor, and he has the biggest smile on his face. As I got closer to him, I could see tears forming in his eyes. I smile back at him and he winks at me.

Luke went to Louis and Natalie went to Perrie and Lux went to Lou in the front row on Niall's side. When I got to where Niall was standing, the music stopped playing. Maura hugged me and Bobby kissed my temple, then they went over and sat down in their seats. I walk up and Niall comes to me, holding my hand and we stood in front of the pastor.

"You look beautiful" Niall whispers in my ear. I look at him and smile, squeezing his hand in response. "You may now be seated" Pastor Rick says to everyone. "Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Kylee Andrews and Niall Horan in marriage. In the years they have been together, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured, and now they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife" he begins.

"Through their time together, they have come to realize that their personal dreams, hopes, and goals are more attainable and more meaningful through the combined effort and mutual support provided in love, commitment, and family; and so they have decided to live together as husband and wife” he adds. I tuned out rest and looked at Niall, trying to calm my nerves. Luckily, it worked. Niall caught me staring and smiled at me, making me blush.

"Kylee, would you like to say your vows?" Pastor Rick asks me. "Yes I would" I smile. I look directly at Niall and take his hands in mine, taking a deep breath. "Niall, you are the love of my life. You make me happy when I'm down, you take care of me when I'm sick, you're an incredible father to our children, and you're my best friend" I say. "When I met you, I never wanted us to break up or lose contact. I enjoyed our time together throughout Middle School and High School. In fact, in 9th grade, I knew that I loved you" I smile, trying to hold back my tears.

"You were there for me when Mason died, you were there for me in basketball, and you were there for me when I needed you the most. You lead me through the dark and into the light. Those memories of us as kids, I will always remember and keep them in my heart. With my past, I didn't know I could love again, but you made that possible. You turned my whole life around Ni. And I know you always say you're he lucky one in the relationship, but it's me. I am really lucky to have you in my life Niall and I cannot wait to spend the rest of it with you. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend" I say, letting a tear escape. He wipes his eyes and clears his throat.

"Niall, would you like to say your vows?" Pastor Rick asks him. "Yes" he says. He takes a deep breath and looks at our hands. "Well, you basically said what I was going to say" he chuckles, making the audience laugh too, and myself. "Where do I start? I have been through so much with you Kylee" he says, looking deep into my eyes. "When we first met, I knew you were the one. The one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And this is a 6th grader talking" he laughs. "But I knew you weren't just like the others, you were different. You were something to keep. That expression; 'You're a diamond in the rough', that was made for you. You are my diamond in the rough. You're an amazing mother to Luke and Natalie, you're an amazing woman, and I love you so much. To the moon and back. If I could show my love for you somehow, I would. You understand my hectic schedule and still continue to wait for me to get back from tour, which I don't understand by the way" he says.

"But you're amazing and kind to my parents and family and friends, they all love you! You are not only beautiful, inside and out, but you are talented. You have an amazing voice, a great talent in basketball, which I still have yet to challenge you in" he smirks. "You know how to deal with me when I'm being a jerk, you know how to handle frustrating and difficult situations; like paying the bills, standing up to the paparazzi and fans, and even taking care of the angels that we have" he chuckles at the last part, making me laugh too. "Overall, you are a beautiful person, inside and out, and you're my best friend. I never want to spend another day apart from you. Ever again. I cannot wait to marry you. I'm glad to call you my wife and to get to have such a great opportunity to make you mine forever" he says, tearing up a little. I smile and mouth 'thank you' to him.

"And who has the rings?" Rick asks. "I do" Zayn says, getting them out of his coat pocket. I turn around and give Eleanor my bouquet, then getting the ring from Zayn. As we got the rings, Pastor Rick clears his throat. "Niall, please take Kylee’s hand and repeat these words" he instructs Niall.

Niall does so and waits for him to continue. Then Pastor Rick continues. (A/N: Here's the little convo(: )

PR: I give you this ring, as a symbol of our love,
Niall: I give you this ring, as a symbol of our love,

PR: for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come.
Niall: for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come.

PR: Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day
Niall: Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day

PR: and know that my love is present,
Niall: and know that my love is present,

PR: even when I am not.
Niall: even when I am not.

Niall then slides the ring onto my finger and smiles at me. "Alright, now Kylee, please take Niall's hand and repeat these words" Pastor Rick says. I grab his hand and look at Niall.

PR: I give you this ring, as a symbol of our love,
Kylee: I give you this ring, as a symbol of our love,

PR: for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come.
Kylee: for today and tomorrow, and for all the days to come.

PR: Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day
Kylee: Wear it as a sign of what we have promised on this day

PR: and know that my love is present,
Kylee: and know that my love is present,

PR: even when I am not.
Kylee: even when I am not.

After I finished saying the words, I slide the ring onto Niall's finger and smile at him. "We are now going to do the pouring of the Unity Sand" Pastor Rick says. Niall grabs my hand and we walk over to the table with three cylinders; one filled with gold sand, one filled with white sand, and one in between the two that's empty. I grab the cylinder that has the white sand and Niall grabs the gold sand. I pour a little first, then he does, then I do, and we do this until our cylinders are completely empty. We walk back to the podium and recite our 'I Do's'.

Pastor Rick then says "Kylee and Niall, you have professed your love by exchanging your vows. You have symbolized your commitment by exchanging rings. And you have expressed the end of your individual lives by the pouring of the unity sand. With all of this there is just one more question I need each of you to answer and then we’re off to the reception to celebrate".

PR: Kylee – do you take Niall to be your husband; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?

Kylee: I Do.

PR: Niall – do you take this Kylee to be your wife; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?

Niall: I Do.

PR: By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. Niall you may kiss your bride.

After he said this, Niall smiles at me, then leaning in and grabbing my face in his hands. "I've been waiting all day for this" he says against my lips. Before I could react, he closes the gap between us and kisses me deeply and lovingly. I put my hands on the back of his neck and pull him closer. deepening the kiss. The kiss lasted for a while; it seemed as if it was only us in the world. We tuned out the clapping and shouting and whistling, and it felt like us against the world. But it felt like a movie; how the camera goes 360 degrees around the main characters, and its all in slow motion.

Niall finally pulled away a few minutes later and rested his forehead against mine. He took his head off mine and we both looked at the crowd. "It’s my great honor and privilege to be the first to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Niall James Horan!" Pastor Rick says. Everyone cheers and claps, and Niall grabs my hand. "C'mon Mrs. Horan, lets go" he smiles at me. We run down the aisle as people threw rice at us (a traditional thing to do) and out to our limo.

Niall opens the door for me and hops in. After we leave the cathedral, Niall grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. I smiled into the kiss and so did he, then laying me down against the seat, with him on top of me. "Well you're very happy today" I giggle. "Yep!" he giggles, kissing me quickly. We both sit up and wait until we get to the house to change.

"I saw you crying" I tell him. "No I wasn't!" he denies. "Yeah you were! It was actually really cute" I tell him. He looks over at me and smiles, kissing my forehead. "Just think, we have the reception and then the honeymoon. And I can't wait for the honeymoon" he grins, wiggling his eyebrows in a funny way, making me laugh. "Now mister! You must behave yourself before we get to the honeymoon part" I say. He sighs and looks at our hands.

"You wanna know what I'm excited for?" he asks. "What?" I ask. "Well, there's a few things" he says. "First thing, I can't wait to get the garter off you" he grins. "Niall!" I say, hitting him playfully. "Haha, second thing, I can't wait until we spend our first night together as husband and wife" he smiles. "And the last thing is, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you" he says, leaning in and smiling at me. I smile back and kiss him gently. "We're here you two!" the driver yells.

We get out of the car and go inside the house and then get changed. "Do I have to shield my eyes so I don't watch you change into your reception dress?" he asks as we go upstairs. "No that's only for the wedding dress" I giggle. I reach into the closet and get my second dress out, one that's more flexible and easier to move around in. "Ready Niall?" I ask. "Ready!" he says.

We go downstairs and wait for a different photographer to take our first pictures of being husband and wife. Tracy had to leave early because she had something going on back at home, so she sent over a recommended photographer. "Okay, what pose should we do first?" Jonathan asks. "Can we do one where I'm picking her up?" Niall asks. "Yeah!" Jonathan says. Niall looks up at me and smirks. "Jump sweetie" he winks. I roll my eyes and help him pick me up bridal style.

We both smile into the camera and Jonathan takes the pic. The next two were the same except I was kissing his cheek for one and we were kissing in the second. The third shot was us kissing in the back while we put our left fists together, showing our rings to the camera. Jonathan said he could blur us out and focus on the rings and make it look cool. We took some shots outside; Niall and I were walking along a stone pathway holding hands and the sun was setting, so it looked really pretty. One was me leaning against a tree with Niall's hands on each side of my waist. I was standing on a rock )which made me taller) and I was smiling at the camera, while Niall was smiling at me.

One picture was Niall holding me up, his arms wrapped around my waist and my hands were on the back of his neck, and we were kissing each other (also smiling into the kiss). Another pic was the same but we were eskimo kissing and smiling. And the last one, my favorite, was just our hands holding each other, but they were our hands with the rings on them. "Alright I think we're done now. Thank you so much!" Jonathan says, putting away his equipment. "Thank you so much Jonathan! You did a wonderful job" I tell him. "Congratulations you two" he smiles, then walking out the front door. "Ready to go?" Niall asks. "Yep!" I smile.

He leads me out to his range rover and drives to the reception. Where the REAL fun will begin.


Woohoo Part 2!!!! Haha I had to actually look up wedding speeches (what the pastor/minister says) because I didn't remember! haha but here are the websites so that people don't think I'm plagiarizing or anything like that:)



I hope you enjoyed this chapter!!! I'll be adding a playlist to Part 3 here in a bit so stay tunedddddd:) Love you people!!! Stay beautiful and amazing you lovely human beings!!:) xx


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