Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


11. Happy Birthday Kylee!!

*Skip ahead to May-Kylee's birthday*

"Wake up Kylee!" I hear Eleanor yell as she shakes me. "Go awayyyy" I groan, shooing her away. "No it is your birthday and we are getting you up whether you like it or not" she says. I throw my pillow towards her and I hear someone else laughing. "Kylee please!" Perrie asks, jumping on the bed with El. "Let me sleep" I growl. "No" Perrie says.

I open one eye and see her sitting across from me with her arms crossed. "What time is it?" I ask. "8:30 in the morning" El adds. "Why are you here so early?" I ask. "Because Niall told us to come over and wake you up" Perrie says. "Where is Niall by the way?" I ask, sitting up. "At the studio with the rest of the boys. They had to do a couple of things" El says. "Now get up you lazy bum we have a full day of pampering and spoiling you!" Perrie says before making an attempt to get me up.

"God you're so heavy!" Perrie huffs. "Here lemme help" El says before grabbing me under my arms while Perrie grabbed my waist. They lifted me up and nearly dropped me. "DON'T DROP ME I SWEAR TO GOD!" I say, trying not to squirm. "Well stop squirming and we won't!" El giggles. They make it to the bathroom and set me down on the toilet.

"Okay, I will go get your outfits for the day while Eleanor cleans you up because you look disgusting" Perrie says, laughing at the last part. "Hey!" I say, crossing my arms over my chest and poking my bottom lip out. "Relax, I'm only going to fix your hair" El laughs. "But, we're going out and I need a shower" I say. "No you don't because where we're going, is gonna take care of.. This" she says, making a hand motion of a circle around my face.

I laugh and roll my eyes, then letting El do her business. "And done!" she says after finishing up my hair. She did it in a side fishtail braid and let my bangs fall in front of my eyes. "We need to take you to the hair salon to get your hair trimmed" El says. "Yeah I've been trying to make an appointment with my stylist" I say.

"Okay everything is ready! Lets go!" Perrie says. I look over and see a suitcase behind her. "Why do I need a suitcase?" I ask. "Reasons now lets go or we'll be late!" El says, pushing me out the door. I climb into her car and it was about a 10-15 minute drive. "We're here!" El squeals. I peek out the window and see that we are in the parking lot of the biggest mall in London.

"You guys!" I say. "No buts or anything you will enjoy this day no matter what" Perrie says before jumping out. She hands me the suitcase and they direct me into the building. "Over here" El says as we walk into a nail salon. We tell the woman at the front our names and she leads us to the massaging chairs.

"Aaahhh" I say as I turn the massagers on. "I knowwwww" El says, closing her eyes in pleasure. "Screw Zayn, I wanna be engaged to this chair!" Perrie says. I laugh at her and give her a high five. "Same" I say. The people come by and get started on our pedicures. "So Kylee, have you gone dress shopping?" Perrie asks. "No but that reminds me, I have a question for you two" I say. El and Perrie turn in their seats and face me. "Niall and I are planning to have the wedding pretty soon" I say. "But I thought you wanted to wait?" Perrie asks. "We did, but Simon got us to thinking on moving it up and so we're now going to get married in late October" I say. "This year?" El asks. "Yes" I smile. "Oooohhh I'm so happy and excited for you!" Perrie coos and El squeals.

"So, would you girls do me the favor of being my bridesmaids?" I ask. "YES!!" they both squeal. "Yay!" I smile. "But when are you going to go shopping for your dress?" El asks. "Soon" I chuckle. "What's your theme?" Perrie asks. "Umm, we were thinking a light gold and white" I smile. "Those are beautiful colors! I'm gonna have a salmon-light pink theme" Perrie smiles. "That sounds like a really pretty color!" I smile.

We finished our pedicures and headed out for the massage salon where we got amazing massages, and then we went to the food court to eat some lunch. "What's next on the schedule?" I ask, taking a sip out of my smoothie. "Shopping for clothes tonight, buying some gifts and that should be it" El says. "You two don't have to buy me gifts! You've already done enough!" I say. "Shut up we are going to buy you gifts and you will like it" El laughs. I roll my eyes and throw my trash away.

"That looks really cute!" Perrie says as I come out. It was a pair of washed out skinny jeans (with a few decorative rips), a pair of black flats, and a green and blue plaid button up shirt. "You think so?" I ask, taking a look in the mirror. "Yes! It's casual yet, fitting for this" El says. "Try on a fedora and see what it looks like" Perrie says. She runs and grabs a black fedora, then putting it on me. "That's it! That is the outfit!" El says. "Okay, now we need to go get the makeup done, buy you presents and then we will go home!" Perrie says, looking at her watch.

"So what should we do today?" the makeup specialist lady asks me. "Can we do something natural? Not too 'makeupy'? My fiancé doesn't really like it when I have makeup on" I tell her. "Your fiancé sounds nice" she smiles. "He is" I smile back. After she did my makeup, I checked to make sure it looked good. "This looks great! Thank you so much!" I tell her, paying for everything. "Let me see!" El says. I had base and foundation on, a small amount of blush (not too much or too little), mascara, eyeliner and s light coat of copper-gold eye shadow. "Gorgeous!" Perrie says. We then go into some stores where Eleanor and Perrie bought and spoiled me with gifts.

Perrie convinced me to get a cartilage piercing and it's not all that bad. It didn't hurt that bad I mean, it felt like a piercing. "I think it looks cute" El adds. "I don't know how Niall will feel about this" I say. "Oh he'll be fine. In fact, he might like it so much that he'll show you how much he likes it" Perrie says, winking and nudging me in the ribs. "Perrie!" I gasp. "What? I'm just stating facts!" she says.

"How is between you two by the way?" El asks. "Are you asking how we are in bed?" I ask. She raises her eyebrows as a gesture to go on. "What! No I am not gonna talk about that!" I say. "He's that good huh?" Perrie asks, amused by this. "What? I never said that!" I say, my voice going high and squeaky. "Uh-huh sureeeee" El says. "Would you two just shut up!" I giggle, hitting their shoulders.

"Okay now change quickly" Perrie says as we pull up into my driveway. "Why? It's crammed and dark" I say. "Don't ask just do it!" she laughs. I laugh along and get changed in the back of the car. "Don't look at my butt!" I whisper. El and Perrie laugh at my little joke and I manage to change successfully. "Here let me fix your hair" El says before getting it out of the braid, making it look wavy and she lets it fall down my back. "Great! Now lets go!" Perrie says.

"Are they throwing me a surprise party inside?" I ask, walking up the driveway. "No! They're having it at a clubhouse, we're just going in here because we forgot something" El says. "Oh alright, what was it?" I ask. "I think it was my phone" Perrie says. I shrug it off and unlock the front door. After I close the door behind us, the lights were off. "Why are the lights all off?" I ask, turning them on.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" everyone screams, jumping up from behind the furniture and everything. I smile widely and see Niall come out from behind a plant. "Happy Birthday babe" he smiles, lifting my up and spinning me around. "You did all of this for me?" I ask. "Yep!" he smiles innocently. Then I see Maura walking towards us with Luke and Natalie (who are now 8 months old) in her arms. "Happy Birthday sweetheart" she smiles. Luke smiles and reaches his little arms out toward me.

"Thank you Maura" I smile, taking Luke in my arms. Niall grabs Natalie and stands next to me. "Lets party!" I say to everyone. We all separate and talk with one another. "So..." Maura asks. "When is the wedding gonna be?" she asks. "Niall and I decided on October 27th" I smile, feeding Luke his bottle. "That's great! It is going to be so beautiful in the fall!" she smiles. "I know! We looked at some pictures of the place and I just cannot wait to get married there!" I say. "You know, you really are great for my son. And I'm grateful for that" she smiles. "Thank you. He made my life better and I couldn't thank him enough" I say.

"And you two have beautiful children" she adds. "Yeah they are definitely Niall's children" I chuckle. "They both look so much like you, it's uncanny" she says. "I think that they look just like Niall. Natalie's got his eyes" I say, looking over behind me and seeing Niall talking with some of my friends and playing with Natalie. "Natalie is your mini me though" she says. "Heh, yeah but one thing that I'm grateful is that she has his smile. Both of them do actually" I say, smiling at Luke.

"I'm just blessed that I have a beautiful daughter-in-law and grandchildren to add to the Horan family" she smiles, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Thank you so much Maura. I would hug you but I have a little munchkin in my arms" I giggle. She laughs along and side hugs me. "May I hold him?" she asks. "Of course!" I smile, handing her Luke.

I thank her and walk over to Niall and Natalie. "Hey sweetie" I say, putting my hand on his shoulder. He looks up and smiles at me. "Hey babe! Are you enjoying the party?" he asks, standing up with Natalie. "Yes I am thank you so much!" I smile, kissing his cheek lightly. Natalie giggles and grabs Niall's nose. "She likes your nose" I say, looking up at him. "Awww that is so adorable!" I hear El coo next to us. I turn around and see her showing something on her phone. "What?" I ask, looking at her.

She turns her phone over and shows me the picture that she just took a second ago. It was Natalie grabbing Niall's nose while he's smiling at her, and then me with my hand on his shoulder, smiling at him. "Wow" I say, looking at the photo closely. "You need to make that your twitter icon or something because that is the most adorable picture I've ever seen" Louis says. "Send it to me?" I ask Eleanor, handing her phone back. "Yeah let me just do something first" she says.

"I'm gonna go put Natalie down, I'll be right back" Niall whispers in my ear, kissing it lightly before going upstairs. "You two" Louis smiles. I blush and play with the hem of my shirt. "So what are your plans for the honeymoon?" Harry smirks. "Oh, uh.. We haven't really decided that yet. I want to go somewhere warm" I say. "The real question is, what are you going to be doing on your honeymoon?" Louis adds. "Louis! We don't just 'do it' all day and all night! We do other stuff!" I say. "Like each other" Harry laughs. I shoot him an evil look and he makes an attempt to stop laughing, but fails immediately.

"Time for cake!" I hear someone yell. Niall comes down and takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen table where a gigantic chocolate cake was waiting for me. Everybody sang happy birthday and I pretty much dug into my cake (with the help of Niall too). "Happy 22nd Kylee!" everybody shouted happily. "Thank you so much everyone! I love it!" I cheer. After going around and talking to the guests, Niall pulls me into the stairwell and grabs both of my hands.

"Happy Birthday sweetheart" he smiles, kissing my forehead. "Thank you so much Niall, for all of this" I smile. "Well, there's a reason why I brought you here" he says. "What's that?" I ask. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little box with a light blue bow on top. "Here" he smiles, giving it to me. "You didn't have to get me anything" I say. "Eh but I did, and you will like it" he grins. I laugh and take the small gift from him, unwrapping the bow (then sticking it on his head as a joke) and opening the box. Inside was a necklace; a puzzle piece that said 'Always' and on the back was the date that we first met.

"Niall" I gasp, looking at the necklace. "Do you like it?" he asks. "Like it? I love it! It's beautiful!" I say, hugging him. "I have one too" he says, pulling out the other piece to mine that says 'Together' on it. I turn his over and on the back was the date we'll get married. "It's like a purity ring type of thing I guess you could call it" he says, playing with his. "It's beautiful Ni" I say, putting my hand on his cheek and caressing it. He puts his hand over mine and leans into my hand, staring at me with his deep, ocean blue eyes. "I love you" he says. "I love you" I giggle, leaning in when he does. Seconds later, our lips meet and there were fireworks and sparks. We both smiled into the kiss and I placed my hands on his shoulders while he placed his on the back of my neck.

"Thanks everyone for coming!" I say, waving goodbye to the last of the guests. I close the door and turn the lights off, then go upstairs to bed. Niall was lying down in bed, on his phone and curled up in the blankets. "Wow I've never seen you so cuddly" I laugh as I change into my pajamas. "I'll be more cuddly once you join" he says, putting his phone down. I turn the light off and jump on the bed like a five year old. "I can't believe you're 22" he laughs, turning on his side and propping himself up by his elbow. "I can't believe you're 21" I giggle. "Stop reminding me that you're the older one!" he pouts. "Awww but why not? It's fun!" I say.

He pokes his bottom lip out and pouts at me. "You know, a bird is gonna fly right on by and poop on that lip" I say, running my finger over it. "Stop that it tickles!" he laughs, grabbing my hand and putting it down on the bed. "Haha, now lets get some sleep! It's been a busy day!" I say, snuggling into his bare chest. "Oh yeah, being pampered sure sounds busy" he chuckles. "When you're with Eleanor and Perrie it is!" I giggle. His chest vibrates as he laughs and I rest my chin on it, looking up at him. "Hi beautiful" he smiles. I blush and look down. "I still make you blush huh?" he says, lifting my chin up. "Noooo" I say sheepishly.

"You're so silly" he laughs, pressing my cheeks together where I look like a fish. I laugh at him and pinch his cheeks. "Oh so you wanna play that game eh?" he says. "No I don't!" I say. "Too late!" he says, flipping me over onto my back. He pins my arms to my sides and rolls up my shirt past my stomach. "Niall don't!" I warn, but he already started. He then began blowing on my stomach (like he does with the kids when he plays with them). "NIALL!" I laugh. "THAT TICKLES STOP!" I say, trying to get my breath back. "Never!" he says, going back to blowing my stomach.

"Niall please!!" I say, laughing so hard that I'm crying. I manage to get my arms free and grab his face in my hands, lifting his head off of my stomach. He smirks at me and I flip him over to where I'm straddling his waist. "You're gonna pay for that" I smirk. "Show me your game player" he winks. "Alright, you asked for it!" I say, moving to his neck. I nuzzle it and blow behind his ear, which is his ticklish spot. "Kylee that's not fair!" he laughs. I laugh along and nibble on his ear. "Oh it's fair baby" I say in my sexy voice, making him stop squirming and go still. I begin sucking on his neck and his breathing becomes rapid in a matter of seconds. "K-Kylee" he says, trying hard not to moan. I kiss down his neck and onto his shoulder as he struggled to get his arms free.

"That's it" he says, flipping us over to where he's back on top of me, resting in between my legs. "You are a tease, you know that right?" he smirks. "I am not" I grin. He leans in and kisses me passionately and I wrap my arms around his neck. He begins to move down my jawline and I stop him right there. "Niall I'm kinda tired" I giggle. "So" he says into my neck. "That means I won't be awake" I laugh. "That's fine by me" he chuckles, kissing my ear softly. "No pleaseeee" I whine. "I'm not letting you go to sleep until you kiss me" he says after I dodge many of his kisses. I sigh and kiss him quickly, then looking up at him. "Better now?" I giggle. "Mmm better" he smiles, getting off me and lying down. I cuddle into his chest and use it as a pillow. "'Night babe" he says, kissing the top of my head. "'Night sweetheart" I say, yawing loudly and then drifting off to sleep.


Heyyyyy guys!!!! So here's a really long update to make up for me not updating tomorrow:) As far as I know, I won't update tomorrow since it's Christmas where I live. But I could change my mind and add a short update, but I'm not 100% sure though. But I really hope you enjoyed this chapter!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY BEAUTIES!!!!! Stay beautiful and amazing!!!:) xx


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