Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


8. Being careful

-Kylee POV-

"Okay, Simon said that the bodyguards are set all around the perimeter and ready if anyone comes near us" Niall says as he gets off the phone. "Great! Now come play with the twins!" I tell him as I lay on the ground playing with them. He comes over and lays on his stomach, playing with Luke's fingers. "They're getting so big!" he says as Luke throws a toy towards the couch. "They are! I can't believe that they're 4 months old! It seems like yesterday they were born!" I reply.

"That was a beautiful day" he says, smiling at me. I smile back and play with Natalie as she teethes on her teething ring. "You know, we have to be careful when going out into public" he says. "Yeah, we do. I don't know how that's gonna work out since you have recording and everything" I tell him. "Me neither" he sighs, running his hand through his hair in thought.

"Hey" I tell him. "What?" he asks. "Love you" I smile shyly. He laughs and picks Luke up. "Love you" he smiles, kissing my nose. Then, Luke began to cry and Niall sat him on his knee. "What's wrong little man?" he asks him, trying to soothe him. Luke continues to cry and Niall looks at me. "Maybe he's hungry?" I suggest. "Yeah, it's getting close to his feeding time" he says, looking at Luke. "Lets go feed you buddy" he says in his baby voice, standing up and carrying him to the kitchen to make his bottle.

I grab Natalie and place her in my lap, bouncing her on my knee. She giggles and reaches out for me. I laugh and pick her up, bringing her close to my shoulder. She rests her head in the crook of my neck like Niall does. Niall comes back minutes later with Luke and a bottle, then sitting down on the couch to feed him. "Jesus kid! Slow down!" he chuckles as Luke chugs down his bottle.

"I told you he's hungry!" I laugh, moving up and sitting next to him with Natalie in my lap. "I can't believe that they're twins" Niall says as he looks at them. "Niall, they're fraternal twins. They don't have to look like each other" I chuckle. "I know but still! You would have never guessed that they were born at the same time" he says. "Well I know it for a fact because I went through 10 hours of labor just to get them out" I tell him.

He smiles and rubs Luke's stomach with his index finger, going in circles. "What are we gonna do when they get older?" he asks. "I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see" I sigh, looking at the twins. "How will you react to Natalie coming home late from partying?" I ask him, laughing at how that came out. "Oh there will be no partying in this house unless it's me" he laughs. "Or what about you with Luke when he brings home that girl who goes out with every guy?" he asks. "Oh no no no I will be the one who teaches him about protection and all of that" I say, looking at Luke.

"And I will be the one telling Natalie about the kind of boys to look out for" he chuckles. "Good plan" I say. "So after this do you have that interview?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm just hoping they won't ask a lot about my private life" he says, taking Luke's now empty bottle and placing it on the coffee table. "Why's that?" I ask. "Well, I really enjoy telling everyone about you guys" he smiles. "But sometimes I would just like it to remain private. So nobody gets their nose in my business. I want to protect Luke and Natalie from what's out there" he says, looking down at the twins. 

"Niall, you already do that by just being their father. You're an incredible dad and you always will be. No need to worry" I say, putting my hand on his shoulder. "What if I'm not good enough Kylee?" he asks suddenly. "Niall, you're great at this. I haven't had any worries or anything with you and the kids since they were born. And I leave you alone with them, which is a really good thing because I trust you. Don't worry about not being good enough because you are good enough. Luke and Natalie couldn't be any more luckier" I smile. "Do you ever regret getting pregnant?" he asks, looking at me. 

"No, of course not" I say bluntly. "Why would you say that?" I ask. "Because it was so unexpected. We never planned it, and we weren't even engaged yet" he says. "Niall, I realize that it was sudden but I truly don't regret any of it. I loved being pregnant!" I say. "Well, sometimes I just feel that I took away your life by getting you pregnant" he says, looking down. "Hey" I say, putting my hand under his chin and lifting his head up. "Don't feel that way. Ever. You didn't take away my life, actually, you gave me a new one. Two really! These kids and you are my life. I wouldn't trade anything for it or change it" I explain. He sighs in relief and rests his head on my shoulder. 

"But I still think that I took away your chances of travelling the world" he says. "Niall, I moved from a small town in America to London and Ireland. I think I'm well traveled" I chuckle. "I know, but I still would like to take you somewhere nice" he says, looking up at me. "Like where?" I ask. "Well, we never really started planning our wedding" he says. Oh that's right.. "Yeah" I say. "And every wedding needs to take place somewhere" he adds. "What are you getting at?" I ask. "I say we fly somewhere and get married. Like a new country or something. Anything but here" he says. 

"Are you saying that you're sick and tired of this place?" I laugh. "No not necessarily. I just want to give you everything that I have and make you happy" he says. "Niall, you've already done that" I smile. "Let me take you somewhere to get married" he says. "Alright. Where do you have in mind?' I ask. "Well, where do you want to go" he asks. "Hmmmm" I say, scrunching up my nose in thought. "I've actually always wanted to get married in Ireland" I say. "Really?" he asks. "Yeah, ever since I was a little girl" I say, looking at him. "When?" he asks. "Niall not all of the decision making is made by me. You need to have a say in this too" I chuckle. "Okay, how about in the fall? It's really beautiful then" he says. 

"Yeah, I would like that" I smile. "Do you wanna get married now or wait?" he asks. "I would like to wait a little bit because you said that you renewed your contract" I say. "That's right" he says. "So, do you want to keep discussing this or go to bed?" I ask, looking at Luke and Natalie as they make a struggle to keep their eyes open. "As much as I love you talking about this, I wanna go to bed" he laughs. We both put the twins away and get to sleep before Niall got to leave for his interview.


Heyyy sorry for the long the wait!!!! It was finals week and it was tiring!!!! But here's an update!!!! Love you guys! Stay beautiful and amazing!!:) xx


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