Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


12. Babies First steps

*Few months later- July*

-Kylee POV-

"C'mon Luke I know you can do it! Just walk over to me!" I say, motioning my hands towards me to walk. He sits across from me with a blank stare, with his stuft football in his hands. "Niall, he's not gonna walk for me" I say, sitting down on the ground. He walks up behind me and rocks Natalie in his arms. "Well maybe he's just not ready to walk. I wasn't ready until I was almost a year old" he says. "Pleaseeee Luke!" I beg.

Niall sits down next to me and places Natalie in his lap. "How's Natalie today?" I ask in my baby voice, picking her up. "I just fed her and she should need a burping any second now" he says, playing with her while she's in my arms. His phone began ringing and he sighs heavily. "You said" I say. "I know and I told them but they're not getting the message" he says. He chooses to ignore it and lets it ring. "Answer it" I finally say. "No I'm not going to answer it, it's my day off and I wanna spend it with my beautiful family" he says.

I reach into his pocket and pull his phone out, answering it before it goes to voicemail. "Hello?" I ask. "Kylee?" Paul asks. "Hey Paul" I say. "What are you-" "Niall promised to not answer his phone on his day off and so I'm just answering it right now" I say. "Oh, alright. Simon just wanted me to tell you guys that there's been no sign of Taanja or Jordan for over 3 months. We think that they may have given up" he says. "I don't know. They wouldn't just give up that quickly or easily. Just keep your eyes open alright?" I say. "Okay, we'll let you know if anything happens" he says before hanging up.

I hand Niall his phone and he stares at me with a questionable look. "He just said that Taanja and Jordan haven't been making trouble or anything in a few months and they think that they've given up" I tell him. "Well that's good!" he says. "Not necessarily" I add. "Why not? They're not threatening you anymore" he says. "Yes but that doesn't mean that they've stopped, it means that they're thinking of a new way to get me" I say. "But how do you know if they haven't stopped?" he asks. "Because she's my mother and she will never stop until she gets what she wants" I say, looking at the ground.

"Well, I guess we'll have to keep an eye on them" he says. I look up and then Luke stands up. "Niall" I say, nudging his arm. He looks over and sees Luke. "Come here Luke!" I say in my baby voice, urging him to come. "Yeah buddy c'mon!" Niall cheers. Luke stumbles a bit, but then takes his left foot and moves it forward, and then his right. He then speeds his pace up and manages to stumble/walk to us. "Yay buddy!" we both yell as he falls into my arms.

I pick him up and eskimo kiss his nose. "You did it little man!" Niall says, taking him in his arms. As we set Natalie down earlier, she stood up too and looked at us. "Niall" I say, making him look over towards Natalie. "Come here Natalie!" I say, waving my hands towards me to move. Natalie stumbles towards us and falls into Niall's lap. "Yeah!" Niall yells, swooping her up and throwing her in the air. "That's my girl!" he says, smiling widely.

"They had their first steps!" I say happily, coddling Luke in my arms. "But we didn't get it on tape!" I gasp, realizing it. "Did we?" Niall says, pulling out his phone. "You didn't!" I say unbelievably. "I have it all right here" he smiles. I slap his arm really hard and he winces. "That's not funny Niall!" I yell. "What? I got it all don't worry!" he chuckles, then rubbing the spot on his arm where I hit it. "You're not getting anything tonight" I finally say. "Oh come on! I wanted it to be a surprise" he says. "Nope" I say, turning away from him and playing with Luke. "How can I make it up to you?" he asks. "By getting me a milkshake" I say, turning towards him with a smirk.

"Is it going to bring all the boys to our yard?" he asks. "Only you my dear" I grin. "Alright I'll go get your milkshake, besides I need to run to the store and get some more formula for the kids" he says. "I thought we had enough?" I ask. "Yeah but your daughter drank it all" he says, looking at her with a silly face. "Hey she got that from you" I say, pointing my finger at him. "She's got both our genes Ky" he winks. I gasp and he laughs at me. "I'll be back" he chuckles, kissing my cheek and grabbing Luke too. "Are you taking both of them?" I ask. "Yep!" he says. "Yes!" I sigh in relief.

"Why are you so happy about it?" he asks, strapping the twins in their strollers. "Because momma gets to have alone time and gets to take a bath and run around the house naked" I say, lying on the floor. "God I'm gonna miss that aren't I?" he asks. "Yep! Now go so I could have my alone time!" I say. "Are you sure that you want me gone when you take that bath?" he asks. "Yes now go!" I laugh, shooing him out the door.

After he closes the front door, I run upstairs and turn on the bath water, then lighting some candles in the bathroom. Once the bath was ready, I undress and hop in the bathtub. "Ahhhhh" I say, sinking into the warm water. I close my eyes and relax into the tub.

"Kylee" I hear someone say in my ear. I open my eyes and see Niall leaning over me with a big smile on his face. "When did you get home?" I ask. "Just 5 minutes ago" I say. "Mind if I join?" he grins. "Noooo, I have to get out any way" I say, pushing his face away. He laughs and sits on the toilet. "Erm, Niall" I ask. "Yeah?" he says. "Can you uh, leave please?" I giggle. "Kylee I've seen you naked before" he chuckles. "That was different!" I say, trying not to blush. "No it wasn't because it was also in the shower" he says, smirking and quirking an eyebrow. "Really?" I ask, annoyed. "Really" he says, mimicking my tone.

I sigh and get out of the tub, grabbing my towel as soon as I get out and wrapping it around me. "Now was that so difficult?" he asks, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Yes now go so I could get dressed" I say, pushing him out the door. "I'll see you in bed?" he asks, leaning against the doorframe. "Yes you'll see me in bed now go!" I giggle, shutting the door. I lean against it and sigh, then laughing as I put my pj's on. After I changed, I open the door and see all the lights turned off and candles lit all around the room.

"Niall, what is this?" I ask, drying my hair with the towel. "Just a little something I put together" he smiles, moving closer to me. He backs me to the wall until my back hits it, then places his hands on each side of my waist. His eyes were a dark, deep blue and were filled with lust. "Niall-" "Shh, just trust me" he whispers. He moves toward my neck and begins kissing down it, leaving marks that will definitely show in the morning. It's not the first time, but it feels different; more like a new feeling. He moves the strap of my tank top down my shoulder and kisses it lightly. I throw my head against the wall and grip the back of his hair. My breathing increases and I can feel him smile against my neck.

He makes his way to my ear lope and bites it gently, then pulling at it. I trail my hands down his back and he picks me up. I wrap my legs around his torso and he leads us to the bed, laying me down gently. He crawls on top of me and stares deep into my eyes. "I love you so much" he says, just barely above a whisper. I grab his face in my hands and look deep into his eyes. "I love you" I smile. He leans in and kisses me gently, biting my bottom lip. And for the rest of the night lets just say we showed our love for each other deeply...


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! :D How was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was awesome:) I got a lot of 1D stuff haha but I hope yours was great!!! So I decided to update today but it's kinda short:/ But I hope you enjoy it!!!! :D I'm writing up the next chapter and here's sneak peek-----> Someone will be wearing white and another will wear a suit and tie

That's it!!!:) It's gonna be a really long one though!! Love you !!! Stay lovely you beautiful human beings!!!;D xx


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