Legendary Lovers *Sequel to Love Will Remember*

My life was happy; I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and supportive friends. But that all came crashing down when an unexpected visit from someone from my past found me..


2. Babies First Christmas

-Niall POV-

I woke up and it was still dark outside. I glance over at the alarm clock and see that it's 5 'til midnight. "Kylee" I whisper in her ear. She groans and shakes my hand off of her shoulder. "Kylee wake up, it's Christmas" I say even louder. She doesn't budge and I decide to take this into my own hands. I move her shirt down her shoulder and kiss up it to her jawline, creating some marks in the process.

"God Niall I'm up I'm up!" she says, sitting up. "I knew that would get you up" I smirk. She looks a me and hits my chest. "No!" she says, her cheeks turning beet red. "Yes, 'cause you can't say no to all of 'dis!" I say, moving my hips in a way that makes her laugh. "You look so ridiculous!" she snorts. I grab her waist and pull her close to my chest.

She laughs as I tickle her and squirms, but I have a pretty good hold on her. "Niall! S-STOP TH-THAT TICKLES!" she says in between breaths. "Not until you say that you want all of me" I say. "No!" she says. "Alright then" I say before going for her sweet spot; her sides. "NIALL!" she laughs, clutching her sides. "Say it!" I laugh. "Fine! I want all of you and I can't resist you!" she admits. I stop and still have my arms wrapped around her waist. "See? Was that so difficult?" I say in her ear. "Yeah, so difficult" she scoffs. "But the thing is, I didn't ask you to say you can't resist me" I say, quirking my eyebrows.

"I just knew that you weren't going to let me go until you also said that" she says confidently. "Ah you know me so much" I chuckle, kissing her ear. "C'mon lets go get Luke and Natalie!" she says, jumping out of bed. I slouch into the bed and hide my face under the pillow. "Niall come on" she giggles. "No!" I pout. "Fine, then you'll just miss out on me changing and then you'll miss your shot too" she says. "What?!" I ask, sitting up within 5 seconds. "You heard me" she says. "Well alright then, change" I say, amused. "Heh, nope!" she chuckles, leaving the room. That little tease!

"Aye! You said!" I yell, going to her. I walk in the twins' rooms and she has both of them in her arms. "I know what I said, now you're up. My work here is done" she smirks. "You are such a tease. You'll pay for it later" I wink. She laughs and hands me Luke. "When are the guys and everyone coming over?" she asks as we went down the stairs. "At 9" I say over my shoulder. "Luke why are you so squirmy?" I ask him as I try to reposition him so that he wouldn't fall out of my arms.

"I think he's wanting to be put down" Kylee says behind me. Once we got to the living room, I set Luke in the playpen as Kylee put Natalie in. "Okay, do you wanna go first?" I ask her. "Sure" she shrugs. I give her all of her presents and she opens them all. "You got me a matching onsie?" she asks, holding up the one I got her that's a replica of mine. "Yeah I know how much you love mine so I thought I'd buy you one" I smile. "Thank you Niall" she smiles, then kissing my cheek lightly. "Okay now it's your turn" she says, handing me my presents.

I open the ones from my family, then the lads, and then I got to Kylee's. It was an envelope that had my name written on it. I look up and see that she's biting her lip. I open it and see that there's a note saying 'Scavenger Hunt!'. "What's this?" I ask her. "Read below it" she says happily. I go back to reading the note and see that she's set up little hints. 'To find your next clue, go to the place where we first told our first I love you's'. I go over to the couch and see a piece of paper sticking out of the cushion. I take it out and it reads 'Yay you found me! Now go to the place where we had the ultimate battle'. I look out the window and see another envelope sticking out of the tree.

I put my jacket on and run outside, opening the letter. 'Great! You're almost there! Now go back inside and find the place where you proposed'. I go back inside and go by the fireplace where another note waited for me. 'One more! Go to the place where I like to relax'. "Where you like to relax?" I ask her. She shrugs and watches me in amusement as I run to the office. Inside was a large box with an envelope on it. Kylee walked in behind me and leaned against the doorframe. I walk over to the box and open the letter. 'You did it! Open this box and look under this letter for your present!' it read. I look underneath the paper and see two front row tickets to the derby match in Ireland.

"Holy crap!" I yell in excitement. "When did you get these? How did you get these? I thought they were-" "Sold out? Yeah but I pulled some strings and was able to get front row tickets for you" she cuts me off, smiling widely. "Thank you so so so much! I love it!" I say, hugging her. "Now open the present!" she says, shooing me towards the large box. I rip the wrapping off of it and it's just a shipping box. I try to pry open the box with my hands but I'm not successful.

"Here, try these, they might help" she giggles, handing me a pair of box cutters. I slice the tape off and open the box. I grab all of the packing peanuts out and cheer in joy once I see what's inside. "You got me a new guitar?" I ask, taking it out and admiring it. "Hehe, yeah I saw that the one you have for work was getting a little worn out, so I got you this one. Now I didn't throw out the old one because I knew how much you love it. So I hung it up on your wall with the others" she smiles.

"Wow thank you so much! I love you!" I say, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her sweetly. "Now lets get back to the kids. I don't want them wandering around" she says. "Honey, they're in a playpen. I doubt they will get out" I chuckle. "Hey, never underestimate a baby, espcially your baby" she says, pointing her finger at me. I laugh and she leads me out of the study. We both decided to grab the kids and relax on the pull out couch. We listened to the cracking of the fireplace and both looked outside the windows for the sunrise.

Luke and Natalie were fast asleep in our arms and I caught Kylee watching them sleep. "You love watching them don't you?" I whisper. "Heh, I know it seems stupid, but yes I do. They just look so peaceful" she whispers back. "Can I tell you something?" I ask. "Yeah" she says. "Thank you for coming into my life" I tell her. She smiles and places her hand on my cheek. "Thank you for letting me in" she smiles. I lean in and rub my nose against hers, then kissing her softly. I feel her smiling into the kiss and I smile too. "Merry Christmas Niall" she says. "Merry Christmas Kylee" I say back.


Nawwwww isn't that adorable??? I'm just imagining all of this acutally happening someday and it's soooo sweet! Haha but here's a long update!!! :D Plot twist coming up in the next chapter!! Lots of love!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!:) xx


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