For you I'd sell my soul (Sebastian Michaelis love story)

I hope...I hope that my worst fear has not happened. Her soul...has been broken. The artifical soul that I made so long ago...if she breaks. Then she never comes back. I couldn't stay. I'd become my true self...the true self that all angels fear. I would become Evera Knight, the Archangel, the right hand of god, the black angel who fell in love with a demon...


4. [hapter 4: Lizzy's Ball

Cassondra p.o.v   

May thou find salvation beyond this tainted world…and may it give you peace for eternity....

        I snapped my eyes awake, my breath was coming out in ragged gasps. Sweat fell down my face, a tear rolled down my cheek. I sat up, running my hand threw my tangled blonde hair. I put my hands in my face, my bracelet dangling from my right hand. Tossing the thick covers off me, I wobbly walked over to the red curtain. I opened it, sun shine streaming in my pale face, blinding me a little. I glanced at my black backpack that sat in a chair beside my bed. Sebastian had told me that he found an 'Odd looking pack.' in the garden. I opened it, rummaging threw my clothes and such until I hit the mother lode! My iPod sat in the bottom of the bag along with my grey phone. The phone most likely wouldn't be of any use, no cell signal. I was glad to see my iPod though I missed that thing, and with that dream that I had... I needed music time. I rummaged threw the pack pulling out a pair of dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a grey and neon green hodie. I slid my iPod in my pocket, opening my bedroom door. "AHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I stepped back as Grell flew pasted me on the tea cart. I shook my head, running groggily down the hall after him. I ran in behind Grell. He was heading right toward Finny! "Move!" I yelled, reaching out to stop the cart. I grabbed the side, having the whole tea pot being dumped on my sweat shirt. I closed my eyes tightly, it stung horribly. I looked up at Grell who was in a daze. "Well, I'm up now." I hissed as I quickly removed my sweatshirt to stop the pain. I pushed the cart off me, folding my sweatshirt carefully. "AH I'M SO SO SORRY! I'LL CLEAN IT UP RIGHT AWAY!" "Grell, no." I sneered, but he ignored me, pulling the table cloth and tipping everything on the table onto the floor. I sighed rubbing my temples. Ceil did the same, I could tell he was agitated as well. "Master? Why did you agree to take on such a useless ijgot?" "Your one to talk Bard. It didn't seem like such a bad idea. I thought Sebastian or Cassondra would be the only ones of convinced. I didn't expect that I would be affected as well." I flattened my shirt, before kneeling down to pick you the broken glass. Mey-Rin, Bardroy, and Finny were looming over Grell as he apoligized. "WHAT! THAT'S IT! THE ONLY THING I CAN DO NOW IS DIE! I SHALL ATONE WITH MY DEATH!" I burst out laughing as Grell put the knife to his throat. "Woah! Calm down a second!" "Umm, should we take the knife away?" "There is no need for that." Grell put the knife down, staring at Sebastian. Sebastian smiled. "Think of the horrible mess you would make. It'd take hours to clean up all of the blood." Grell looked a Sebastian with goggle eyes. "Thank you Sebastian, your so very kind." I rolled my eyes. "If you have anymore thoughts on killing yourself do it outside, ok?" I said cheerfully and Grell nodded. I continued to clean up the mess as Sebastian showed Grell how to make a proper cup of tea. "Master? Are you ready now? It's almost time. I have the carriage waiting for you now." "Fine." I looked up from the broken glass.Where were they going? "As for the rest of you...I want this place absolutely spotless understand?" I sighed. "Don't worry about it. I'll make sure the house isn't in termoil when you get back." I said waving my injured hand at Sebastian. He stared at the blood that fell down the side of my hand. "Cassondra are you alright?" I looked down at my hand. "I'm fine. I just cut my hand on some glass." "WE"LL GO FIND SOME BANDAGES!" Mey-Rin, Finny, and Bardroy said in unison. They rushed out the door with Grell, Ceil following saying that he'd wait in the carriage. I looked at him weirdly. He never went outside without Sebastian...unless he was kidnapped. Sebastian walked over to me, he held my injured hand in his. He was careful not to get any blood on his gloves. He looked at my hand before looking me in the eyes. "I wish you wouldn't do be so reckless." He whispered, putting my hand to his mouth. I blinked, staring at him in shock. What is he doing? Why is he doing this? He ran his toung over my cut, licking up the blood. I felt my face turn red, my heart was pounding faster and faster in my chest, tingles ran down my spine. He pulled my hand away from his mouth, I stared at where he licked, it was almost completely healed. I met his red eyes, my face burning up even more. If I didn't know better, I would've said that Sebastian was slightly blushing too, but that was impossible right? He let go of my hand turning away and walking out the door. I just stood there, starring at my hand. How come he was the only person that sent shivers down my spine? I sighed, shaking my head slightly before returning to work.
"The Phantom company, the maker of toys and confections has grown rapidly in the last three years, and this estate testifies to the companies prosperity. The manor is magnificent, don't you think?" Grell said as he trimmed the trees. "You know it's only been around for two years now."  Bardroy said, smoking a cigarette. "Odd. But it looks so santhy and dignified." "Of corse it does, that was the intention." "Ahhh!" Grell cried. "Look it's the real Tannaka!" "We haven't seen him in months!" I smiled, helping Mey-Rin rake leaves. "This manor was specifically built to be an exact replica of the original. It is identical in every single detail." "Identical?" "The original Phantomhive Manor was burned to the ground. It was a great tragedy." "Oh, oh I see. Forgive me for asking but Master Ceil's parents...?" "Yes, sadly they both perished in the fire." I stopped raking, looking down at the ground, images flashing through my mind. The fire, the smoke, the collapsing roof that trapped me in my room. "How terrible, that poor boy." 'Yes, truly terrible, the poor girl. How can she ever run the company? Wasn't it her fault?' I frowned before continuing. "Ah, oh No Tannaka!" I looked up at the deflated chibi form of Tannaka. "Tannaka's energy levels are lower then a normal person's. He just needs to rest for a while." Grell and I sweat dropped. "Ahhhh!" I looked over at Mey-Rin who was pointing to the trees. I slowly turned my head to see that all of the trees where in the shape of a skull. I twitched my eyebrow, "GRELL!" I roared. "No! Not again! I MADE ANOTHER UNEXCPITAL MISTAKE! I CAN'T GO ON ANY LONGER!!"  Grell ran up a wooden stool under a tree, a noose hanging around a branch. I sweat dropped. How did that get there? I sighed walking away. "I'll go fix it." I said glumly. No one noticed. they were all yelling at Grell at the same time. "So much drama." I muttered. 

Sebastian's p.o.v

        "I'm sure your tired master. I'll prepare tea for you immediately." I said as I opened up the brown door. "AH!" I looked at Ceil, what was he 'AH'-ing about? "What's the matter?" I asked, looking into the house. "AH!" I said looking around. Everything was covered in girly things! I think there was a rainbow in the middle of the room. 0.0' "M-My Mantion!" "What happened to this place? Why, it's a disaster!" "SEBASTIAN!!" Finny, Mey-Rin, and Bardroy said running out of a room. Bardroy grabbed my coat looking at me frantically, Mey-Rin and Finny where hugging my legs. "What is going on here? And why on earth are you all dressed like lunatics? Where's Cassondra?" I asked frantically. "She's crazy! CRAZY!" "Who is Crazy?" There was a strangling noise coming from the sitting room. Ceil and I poked out heads in. "Ah. What are you doing now!?" "I do believe that I'm in the proscess of dieing, Master Ceil." Grell was hanging from the ceiling, an orange bow tied around his head. He swung from side to side, every so often making choking noises. "Get him down Sebastian." "Yes, Sir." I said walking toward Grell. "CIEL!!" A rush of orange came running past me as I was about to cut Grell down. "Ceil! Your back I missed you so much!" Ceil was engulfed in a hug by none other than Elizabeth. "Elizabeth! What a surprise!" "How many times do I have to tell you! Call me Lizzy!" She said pulling Ceil into another hug. "You really are just the cutest thing ever! Aren't you darling boy! I could just eat you up!!" I walked over to Ceil, Grell in my hand. "Hello Elizabeth." I said, saving Ceil from his death hug. "Oh, Hello Sebastian. How are you?" She said curtsying. "Aww, you took him down?" I smiled, "Yes he detracted from the beauty of the room." "Oh. But I made such a lovely decoration out of him." "A decoration?" How could a body be a decoration? "Just look at it all isn't the sitting room so cute now!?!" I looked around the room. Everything was girly and pink. I could tell Ceil was almost having a heart attack. "Ah, my's so pink." "Form now on only the cutest things belong in the Phantomhive Manor!" "Don't you agree Antwanett?" I looked over a Tannaka, he had golden curls on his head. "Oh, and Tannaka." I sighed. "Oh, and I have a present for you too!" Elizabeth said to me. I looked at her. "Here!" She put something on my head. It was a pink bonnet, great. Mey-Rin, Finny, and Bardroy where trying to stop themselves from laughing. I glared at them, shutting them up some. "WHAT THE HELL!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED! I WAS GONE FOR AN HOUR FIXING THE GARDEN AND THIS HAPPENS! WHO THE H-" Cassondra stomped into the room, staring at me. The corners of her mouth curled up, a smug smile on her face. She walked up to me, her eyes filled with amusement. "Awww...It's baby Sebastian." She said, the smug smile was still plastered on her face. I glared at her. She wouldn't back down, she kept that smile on her face until Elizabeth came over, curtsying. "Hello, I don't believe we've met. My name is Elizabeth, but please call me Lizzy. Cassondra looked over at Elizabeth, "My name is Cassondra. It's very nice to meet you Lizzy. By the way," She stuck her thumb out at me. "Great job. It fit's him perfectly." Cassondra and Lizzy giggled. Ceil rolled his eyes. "In any event Lizzy, what are you doing here? Auntie didn't let you come alone." "I sneaked away because I wanted to see you silly." She engulfed Ceil in another hug. "You sneaked away! Don't you think you'll get into trouble?" Cassondra was giggling next to me, I glanced at her, she was still staring at the bonnet on my head. I sighed. "Oh don't be like that! It looks so good on you." She said in a babyish tone. I glared at her, but the small smile on my face ruined any chance that I had for a death glare. When ever that girl smiled, she had the ability to make me smile too. She reached up, grabbing the pink bonnet from my head, she was smiling as she took it off. "Oooh I know! Now that the mannor is decorated so prettly, why don't we have a ball tonight!?" Cassondra's smile faded, she almost looked said, her eyes looked distant like she was remembering something long ago. She blinked a few times shaking her head slightly. I stared at her. She looked up at me giving me a reassuring smile. How did she notice. I looked back over at Ceil and Elizabeth. "You can be my escort and we can dance around all night long!" Lizzy dragged Ceil around in circles. "A BALL?!!?" "You'll ware the clothes I picked out for you! Will you! Please I'd look soo cute on you!" "Lessen I don't want to-" Elizabeth ran up to Cassondra, who was watching her carefully. "Now of coarse I'll be dressed up nice as well! Ahhh come with me! I'm going to make you cuter then you already are!" Elizabeth said pulling Cassondra's hand toward the door. Her eyes widened and her face went white. She looked back at me, mouthing the words, 'Help me...please!' "WAIT I SAID NO BALL!" Ceil yelled as the door slammed shut.
Ceil sighed, his head was in his arms, which laid on his desk.
"I believe the wisest coarse of action is to go along with her plan. I don't think she is going to lessen to reason." "Can't you just give her some tea or something and get her out of here? I don't have time for a stupid ball." I laid his tea before him on his desk. "My Lord, Lady Elizabeth would like a dance, you cannot refuse her." Ceil turned his head away, he held his tea cup just at his chin. I narrowed my eyes at him, “Master?" "What now?" "I know I've never seen you dance before, but I assume that you can." Ceil grabbed some papers off his desk with his free hand, hiding his face. I sighed a little, "Oh I see, well that explains why your always such a wallflower at social engagements." "I have too much work to do, I don't have time to waste on dancing." I grabbed the papers the Ceil held in his hand. "Ah!" I leaned in, peering at him, the plate of cake in my hand. Ceil leaned back in his chair, a little stunned. "With all do respect sir, dancing is a necessary skill for a person in you position to process in your line of work, Master." I said, Ceil looked away. "Social contracts are important to maintain." "Ah.." Ceil was trying his best to look away, his chibi form was sitting in the chair with depression lines all over his face. "The world expects any noble gentlemen to pocess at least rudimentary (basic) dance skills. If you turn down too many dance invitations simply because you cannot dance, your reputation in high sicidoy will suffer greatly." "Fine, I'll do it! Now stop the lecture. Call me in a privet tutor or something, Mrs. Thomis should work well enough." I pulled out my pocket watch, looking at the time. "We haven't sufficient time to call in a privet tutor for you My Lord, there's only one option." I closed my watch, looking up at Ceil. "With your premission, I will be your dance instructor." "Don't be ridiculous! I'm not going to take dance instructions from a MAN! Besides do you even know how to dance?" I smiled, “The Veitnease (sp?) Waltz is my specialty. I was a guest at the Shomebrom (sp?) Palace from time to time." Ceil looked shocked, I stuck my hand out to him. "Now if you would do me the honor, My Lady, may I have this dance?" 

 Cassondra p.o.v
"Oh god, Lizzy what have you done?!"
I said starring at the dress that Lizzy forced me into. She giggled, "I made you even more cute! You look soo pretty Cassie." I stared at myself in the mirror, my long golden blonde hair was tied in a high ponytail that just ended at my shoulder blades, my light naturally pink lips where light red, my eyelashes where darkened making my bright blue eyes stand out more, and the dress that I wore tied everything together.  The dress did look very pretty on me, I fit it perfectly. "Cassie, I'm going down stairs come down in a few minuets ok?" I nodded silently as she left. I don't remember the last time I wore something as gorgeous as this...I sighed, I couldn't go down there...but I didn't want to let Lizzy down. After all she looked so beautiful. "Just leave her alone." I heard Ceil's voice coming form down the stairs. "CEIL!" I heard Lizzy cry. I took a deep breath, "Don't chicken out...just relax and don't think..." I opened the door, walking down the hallway toward the stairs. "YOU LOOK ADOREABLE!!!" I peeked over the railing, Lizzy was swinging Ceil around. I saw Sebastian holding Ceil's walking stick and for some reason I hid behind the corner. I couldn't do this...I heard crying from downstairs. I peeked around the corner, Lizzy was crying, Sebastian was talking to her and Ceil's ring was broken on the floor. I sighed. I’m just being a coward. I walked down the stairs quietly while Ceil and Lizzy talked by the window. Lizzy looked around Ceil and our eyes locked...crap. "CASSIE!!!" Everyone turned to look at me and I froze. I could feel all of the color drain from my face. I glanced around the room, everyone was staring. I sighed, closing my eyes and looking down at my feet. "So? Are you two going to dance or is everyone going to have a 'Let's stare at Cassondra' party?" I said with a nervous laugh. I looked up at Sebastian, he looked shocked. He just stared at me for a few seconds before Ceil held his hand out to Lizzy. Sebastian started to play the violin in his hands. "Wow. Pretty good." I smirked. I looked over at Mey-Rin. "Do we by chance have another Viloin?" She nodded. I smiled, "Can I use it?" She nodded again rushing off. "Ah, I'll join him!" Grell said. He started singing to the music while I hummed. Ceil and Lizzy started dancing, they looked like they were having fun. I knew this song by heart, it was an old one. I forgot the name of it though. Mey-Rin came back with the violin. I grabbed it, Putting it to my chin. I closed my eyes, finding the part Sebastian was at. I started playing along, I played the Harmony. Then Sebastian, Ceil, Lizzy, Grell, and the four other servants stared at me. Again with the staring! I looked up at Lizzy. "I didn't know you knew how to play the Violin!" I grimaced; I was forced to when I was a child. "You never asked?" I said slowly. Lizzy bounced up and down, "Could you play something?" "Ah...ok." I said quietly, I knew just the song.
"Don't worry, I'll make sure she gets home safely. You can count on me!" I looked at Lizzy and smiled, she was pasted out. "Are you sure?" "Indeed I'm more effecent than I appear." "That's the truth." I mumbled. Grell walked over to Sebastian. "Thank you so much Sebastian," Grell took his hand and Sebastian didn't look so amused, "I'm in your debt you've tought me alot about what it means to be a butler! They say that before a person dies, his life flashes before him." I blocked out everything Grell was saying, I was more so angered that I didn't get to dance...oh well. I would've had no one to dance with and who would be playing the music? There are a ton of little details like that. "Huh, interesting that you would say that." I looked over at Sebastian, did he already figure it out? That Grell was well...Grell? I watched as the carriage pulled away. I sighed, looking over at Sebastian. "Are you sure it's ok to let him drive?" Sebastian smirked at me, "It should be fine Cassondra." I nodded, "Right." I muttered before walking back inside. I decided that I'd take a walk in the garden, what harm would it do right? I smiled, looking up at the night sky. The stars glittered and sparkled. "Cassondra? What are you doing up? It's late." I jumped, looking back at Sebastian. "I was just walking. I couldn't sleep." I said. He walked up next to me, as I looked back at the stars. I glanced over at him out of the corner of my eye, he was looking up at the stars as well. The moonlight reflected off his midnight black hair, and his stunning red eyes glinted in the starlight. I pulled my gaze away, struggling to try not to stare. "It's beautiful." I mumbled. "Indeed." Sebastian said, smiling at me. It wasn't his fake smile or half amused smirk. It was his real smile, it was that smile that made my insides melt. He stared into my eyes and I into his, I could help it. He stuck out his hand to me. I looked down at it and then up at him. "May I have this dance?" I stared at him before smiling. "You may." He smiled, I took his hand and we started dancing  in the moonlight. "I had no idea that you could dance." I smiled, "You don't know a lot of things." He chuckled, spinning me around in his arms. He pulled me in closer, are bodies where pressed together and we were slow dancing. Shivers went down my spine again, but all I could think about was how the moon reflected off those dazzling eyes. He started leaning in a little, stopping half way. My brain didn't even have time to catch up. My body was leaning in the rest of the way. I hesitated, my arms slowly finding their way around his warm neck. He hugged me closer, his lips now centimeters away from mine. I could feel his slight breath on my lips. We both paused, staring into each others eyes. My heart was racing and my brain was struggling to keep up. I pulled back at the same time he did. I untangled my arms from around his neck, stepping away. "I...good night, Sebastian." I said, still shocked. "Good night Cassondra." I smiled before walking back to my room.

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