For you I'd sell my soul (Sebastian Michaelis love story)

I hope...I hope that my worst fear has not happened. Her soul...has been broken. The artifical soul that I made so long ago...if she breaks. Then she never comes back. I couldn't stay. I'd become my true self...the true self that all angels fear. I would become Evera Knight, the Archangel, the right hand of god, the black angel who fell in love with a demon...


3. [hapter 3: The epic rescue

Cassondra's P.O.V

"Your tea." "Smells lovely. Tea can be excellent when made well." Sebastian poured the tea while I stood next to Grell. Grell lit up in apparition and I couldn't help but giggle a little. "Grell." "Ah, yes my lady!" Grell tensed, standing straight up like a soldier. "Learn something form Sebastian." "Ah, yes." Grell slouched a little, he looked so sad at Madam Red's comment. I knew that he was acting and yet I wanted to scream out so bad I MUST ATONE FOR MY SINS! Like my friends and I used to do. I sighed sadly thinking about how they'd be so jealous of me now. "Just look at him. I mean, his fiseaque!" I broke out laughing as Madam Red rubbed Sebastian's butt causing the tea cups to jump up. "Mestlation...Even...tea...cups...don't like it." I said in between giggles. I remembered having that on my iPod. "You should quit this country job and come work for me in the city!" Madam Red was still rubbing his butt and I broke out in laughter, Grell giggling a little as well. "Ah-hem, Madam Red." Ceil said coughing into his fist. "Oh, sorry. I couldn't help it. He looked like he needed a physcal. Heh just a doctor’s habit." Ceil had an anger sign on his head and he looked kind of irritated. I stopped laughing as soon as Sebastian glared at me causing me to look away to keep myself from laughing again. "So, do you believe the drug trafficker your after was one of your guests today?" Lau asked as he stood up. "Perhaps." "Why not leave the extermination to Lau?" Lau walked over to stand next to Ciel's chair. "A rat knows best where a rat's nest is doesn't he?" Lau put his hand on Ciel's head looking over at Madam Red. "I'm but a tamed guenny pig dedicated to my lord. If the earl instructs me not to act, I'm bound to do nothing." In a flash Madam Red grabbed Ceil from his chair, holding him around his head. "Watch it! You best keep your filthy paws off my darling nephew." Fire came out of her mouth as she said it. "You wound me, I would never paw him in his own home, dear Madam." Madam red let go of Ceil, he looked weird in his chibi form as he fell to the ground. =.=' I held back a giggle as Madam Red and Lau bickered. Sebastian turned around, looking at me for a second and then looking at Ceil walking toward the door. "Master?" Ceil strolled out of the room as Madam Red and Lau kept fighting in the background. "THEY WENT THAT WAY!" "Oh no." I mumbled walking out into the hallway, going after Ceil with Sebastian behind me. Mey-Rin, Finny, and Bardroy ran past Ceil. Why was Finny in a rat costume? They circled around Ceil and I could tell he had enough. "Master, today’s desert. It's a deep dish pie prepared with fresh apples and raisins. It will be ready soon. Would you like to eat with your guests?" "Bring it to my study. I'm done here." Ceil was maaaaad. "Certainly, my Lord." I started to get irritated with Mey-Rin, Finny, and Bardroy running around and I was getting a headache. "ENOUGH!" I roared causing everyone to stop and look at me, even the mice looked scared of me. Sebastian smiled before swooping the mice up in a net. "That's enough of that. Stop playing and get back to work." Sebastian said as he patted his gloves. My eye brow twitched in irritation. "Yes, Siiirrrr." They all said tiredly. I stood in front of Ciel's study, knocking on the door while Sebastian stood with the cart. "Young Master? We've brought your pie and afternoon tea..." My eyes widened, I remembered this episode. I opened the door, the color draining from my face. Sebastian poked his head in from around the corner. His eyes widened and he let out a small gasp as we looked around Ciel's trashed study. "This is terrible." "Not good." "The refreshments will all be wasted now." I glared at Sebastian, hitting him softly on the head to make him look at me. "Ciel's been kidnapped and all you care about is the refreshments being wasted?" I hissed. He stared at me blankly for a second before smiling softly. 

We walked through the long hallway, Sebastian was caring the pie in his hand and I was walking beside him glancing over at the window every so often. Now that I knew what episode this was I knew what was coming. To tell you the truth I could've told Sebastian that Ceil was at Vennell's house, but I didn't wan't someone to get hurt by that sniper.
"Oh dear this is most troubling where could the master have been taken?" I sighed stopping beside him. "3, 2, 1." I muttered. Sebastian looked at me in surprise as Mey-Rin shouted "Sebastian! Cassie! I just found a letter! Yes I did!" Just as I ended my count down. I sighed again, moving a little closer to the window. I wasn't having Mey-Rin fall on me again, that girl was heavy! "Addressed to whom?" "To the servant of the Earl of Phantomhive!" I snapped my head out the window, starring straight at the sniper. Sebastian glanced out the window, starring at the sniper too. I smiled slowly at the sniper, narrowing my eyes at him. I quickly looked back to see Mey-Rin tripped and was falling on Sebastian. I heard the trigger being pulled and I stood in the same spot directly in the line of the bullet. I smiled again, everything seemed so slow. I grabbed the bullet in between my pointer finger and my middle finger just as it broke the glass. Stopping the bullet inches away from my face. I looked at it for a second, turning the bullet around and flicking it right back at the sniper. It went back through the gun barrel, jamming it. The pie fell back perfectly on Sebastian's platter, with Mey-Rin laying on top of him. "Mey-Rin, the letter please." "Eh? Letter? Oh, YES SIR!" Sebastian red the letter, glancing from the broken glass, to me, and then the wall. He widened his eyes in shock, as I smiled innocently. He went back to reading the letter. "Goodness what a dreadfully written letter." I bonked him on the head again. "Let's go, stop fussing about the stupid letter." He starred at me blankly again, putting the letter in his coat. "Sebastian, Cassie!" "What is going on here?" "Sorry for the noise my Lady. I assure you that nothing is wrong, please don't worry." I said politely. "Oh your soooo cute!!!!" Madam Red said, pulling my cheeks. I saw Grell come up from behind Madam Red, panting. "Everyone, Cassondra and I have business to attend to. Would you mind clean this up?" Sebastian handed the pie to Bardroy and yanking me free of Madam Red's clutches. He pulled me away with me rubbing my cheeks. He picked me up bridal style before he took off in a full sprint and we were gone in two seconds. He ran behind the car with the sniper in it while I glared at him. Why must I be tortured by having him carry me? I sighed softly as my mind finally registered that he was carrying me. WAIT! HE WAS CARRYING ME! I felt blush enter my face, I shook it off. "A bear in the woods." I quietly sneered as I heard someone in the car go "AHH!". I looked up at the physicotic grin on Sebastian’s face. I anime sweat dropped, I think he was enjoying this a little to much. I was dragged out of my thoughts by Sebastian jumping on the car. He set me down next to him as the men cowered. I giggled. They were freaking out. I could hear someone on the other end of the phone. I took it out of one of the guys hands, handing it to Sebastian. "For you." I said sarcastically. He took it bringing it up to his ear. "Hello. Pardon me but I represent the Phantomhive Estate. I was wondering if my master might be available....Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?" 'Woof' I heard from the other line. I started laughing. I couldn't help it. It's not everyday that you get to hear Ceil say 'Woof'. "Very good Young Master. We will come to get you momentarily." Sebastian ended the phone call and I finally stopped laughing. Then I remembered the two men sitting in front of us. "Thanks, much obliged." I found it amusing that we were the only thing from keeping the car from falling off the cliff. "And now, there are a few things I want to ask you if that's alright." "Oh, and I'd answer truthfully, my friend here is very impatient. You wouldn't want to find out how Humpty Dumpty ended up." I said smiling sweetly. Both of them paled, and I found it all quite amusing. "First, We'd like to know who you work for." "Our employer's name is Azuro (sp?) Vennell. He has a hide out in the city. It's at the east end! We just work for him!" I jumped off the car, landing on the road.  "But of coarse, I understand. I'm very sorry to have interrupted your work gentlemen." Sebastian jumped off the car throwing the phone at them. "Have a safe trip!" I yelled as the fell off the cliff. "Oh dear, look at how late it's gotten." Sebastian said looking at his silver pocket watch. An explosion erupted from behind us. 'Cool men don't look at explosions.' I thought as I looked at Sebastian. "If we don't move quickly we shall never have dinner ready." I bonked him on the head again. "REALLY!?! JUST REALLY!?! YOUR WORRIED ABOUT DINNER!?!" I yelled. "But of coarse-" I rolled my eyes again. Not lessening to the rest of what he was going to say. Instead I took off running at full speed, Sebastian right behind me. 'Woah, I'm out running a demon.'

I stopped a little ways from the gate. Holding out my hand to Sebastian.
"Wait. There going to tighten up the security. Let me distract them while you sneak up from behind." He put his hand on his chin. "I guess they would do that now, wouldn't they...alright but be careful." I gave him a cocky smile. "I've distracted far worse, I'll be fine." I walked up to the gate looking at one of the guard innocently. "Excuse me?" I said in a frantic voice, with huge panting in between like I had been running. One of the guards looked me over. If it was humanly possible to have hearts in your eyes then he would've. "A man...He's chasing me. I-I think he's gonna kill me." I let tears come to my eyes and without thinking the man opened the gate. "Come in here. The boys and I'll protect you." He lowered his gun and I staggered in, falling into him arms. "T-thank you." I said like I was about to faint. Being in Drama club helps a lot when you need to distract, con, and getting out of things. It's always worked and I find that men will surcome more often if I play the damsel in distress and bat my eye lashes. I stood up and I heard clapping. Everyone looked to turn toward Sebastian, he looked impressed. I smiled sweetly, flash stepping over to his side. "Boys, it was a pleasure." I said dramatically. 'I wish I had that blue sword in Halo right now...' I thought. Just then, both of my arms got heavier. I looked down, holding two swords in my hands. "Cool!" I mumbled.

I took a fighting stance this was epic beyond belief! Within seconds Sebastian and I had defeated all of the guards outside.
"Pardon us but we're in a hurry." I said, my swords disappearing into dust. "5:34." I broken Sebastian on the head, glaring at him. I didn't even need to say anything. I just burst threw the doors. We walked into the dinning room and I looked around. "Ok...I would really like Cloud's sword right now." I mumbled. Sebastian looked at me oddly before starring down at the huge sword that I held in my hands.

"Oh how I love this!" I cooed. As soon as I said that shots were fired. I lifted up the big ass sword, blocking the bullets. Sebastian and I ran around the table on different sides. I jumped up and on to the balcony, thrusting the sword into the nearest person. "An entire swarm of rat's...we'll get nowhere at this rate." "Then pull out the big guns!" I yelled at him, slicing someone in two as I yelled. I flipped off the balcony, landing on the table gracefully as the sword sliced threw it. "Damn..." I mumbled. Sebastian killed everyone that was remaining with silver ware. =.=' "Now, if I couldn't do this much at least, then what kind of butler would I be?" "A very pathetic one." I answered finally getting the sword free. "Note to self, do not do a huge flip in the air and land on a table with a big ass sword." Sebastian, came down from where he had jumped up to. I sighed letting the sword turn into dust. I looked down at my bracelet, one of the 6 charms were glowing. Weird...

        "Already 5:43." "Sebastian..." I said threw gritted teeth. I wacked him on the back of the head as I moved past him. I saw him smile as I walked over to the door. I opened it to see a silver gun pointed at me. Sebastian stepped in front of me, as if he felt like he had to protect me. He bowed, "We have come to retrieve our master." "Ah! Is this a joke? I was expecting a giant and instead its a scrawny butler and a little girl." "Watch who you call little." I sneered. "Hmph, who are you anyway? There's no way that your just a butler. And there’s no way that your just a girl." "Touché." I said smirking. "You see sir, I'm simply one hell of a butler." My fangirlness was screaming again. -//.//- He grabbed Ciel by his hair causing him to wince. He put a gun to his head. "Your going to wish you never did that." I said in a sing-song voice. "You better have what I asked for." "Yes, I do. It's right here." Sebastian pulled it out of his coat pocket, holding it out. I leapt back just as a bullet went threw Sebastian's head and one wized by me. Ceil's eyes widened and he looked shocked, but I didn't even flinch. The men in the picture frame came out and I flash stepped to the corner they came out of so that they wouldn't see me. I didn't want to get shot in the head. Vennell started to ramble on about price when I started laughing. Vennell looked at me in surprise. "So? Bassy how long are you going to play dead?" I said in my Grell voice. I couldn't help it! I needed to say it or I would die a slow death! What can I say I'm a huge Grell fan! "Not long." He said, as he stood, coughing up the bullets. "But how, how are you-" "He said already didn't he? He's simply one hell of a butler." I said cheerfully. "Guns today are so more efficient then they used to be." I held back a laugh, these guns were nothing compared to the ones back home. "They can shoot so many more bullets now." "Perhaps you'd like these back!" Sebastian threw the bullets back the gunmen, killing them and leaving only Vennell. "Stop! Don't come any closer!" "I'm getting quite tired of this Sebastian." "But if I move any closer he might kill you." "Are you saying that you want to break the contract?" "What!?!" "No, I am forever your faithful servant." Sebastian tilted his head to the side, making him look extremely hot. I sighed, I was already starting to get board. I wanted to shout hurry up and just kill the bastered but that wouldn't be much fun either. I jumped as I heard the gun shot, I spaced out again. I leaned against the door, my arms crossed as I watched Sebastian catch the bullet and yadadayada. I do have to it admit that it was really bad ass... I looked up, Sebastian was snapping the leather straps that bound Ceil. "No wait! Come back, work for me! Be my bodyguard and I will pay you 10x as much as he does! Alright then 20x! You can have all the women-" I laughed, cutting him off from his speech. "Why would he want women when he has me?" I joked. Sebastian chuckled a little. "I'm sorry Mr. Vennell, it's an attractive offer, but I have no interest in materialistic things. You see, I. Am. Simply. One hell of a butler." Sebastian’s eyes glowed and I had an 'aww shit' moment. That was one thing that I had to agree with people about Sebastian looked smexy when his eyes glowed. "Ah right...ok." Black shadow feathers started to fall down. "Oh, this is new." I mumbled looking around. I didn't remember this in the anime. It was probably there I just didn't pay much attention with all the bloody noses in the room from Sebastian's eyes glowing. =.=' We were walking 'home' and the sun was setting. Great I spaced again. I looked over at Sebastian, Ceil in his arms. "Your awake master?" "Master! Welcome home sir!" "Oh dear!" Master Ceil your injured." "I just tripped and fell. Its nothing to worry about. What?!? You don't believe what your master tells you?" "No they do, master, there just gushing over the fact that you look so....cute? Being held in Sebastian's arms." I giggled. Ceil blushed a little and Sebastian looked at Finny, Mey-Rin, and I oddly. "Put. Me. Down!" I started giggling uncontrollably, as Sebastian put Ceil down. "Stop looking at me like that! Cassondra stop giggling! Honestly." "Master, I'm so terribly sorry. How could I ever atone? (First thing that comes to Cassondra's mind 'I MUST ATONE FOR MY SINS!!!') I hang my head in shame, dinner is not ready." I couldn't help it tears were coming to my eyes, I was laughing at his pathetic voice. Although, I was quite worried about the questions Ceil and Sebastian were going to ask me tomorrow.

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