For you I'd sell my soul (Sebastian Michaelis love story)

I hope...I hope that my worst fear has not happened. Her soul...has been broken. The artifical soul that I made so long ago...if she breaks. Then she never comes back. I couldn't stay. I'd become my true self...the true self that all angels fear. I would become Evera Knight, the Archangel, the right hand of god, the black angel who fell in love with a demon...


2. [hapter 2: Black Butler...really?

~Cassondra p.o.v~

I groaned, tossing my head to the right. My head hurt like crazy, and I felt completely weak...I hate feeling weak. I slowly opened my heavy eyes, my head was still pounding. I looked around the room squinting, everything was blurry. I started panicking, looking around the unfrimular room. It was Victorian style room that made me freak out even more. I sat up, groaning in pain. I clutched my side, knowing that I must have had a huge burse there. I threw my legs off the side of the bed. My vision was starting to clear; I stood up stretching a little. I needed to find out where the heck I was. I moved my hand toward the door knob when the door opened. I stared at where the door knob was, chills running down my body as I slowly looked up. A pair of dazzling red eyes met mine. I stared at the guy that opened the door. I felt all of the color drain from my face. What the hell is Sebastian from Black Butler doing here...ok I mean why the hell his he physically here! I glanced around the room again, aw hell. Don't tell me. "Ah, good your up, young master will want to know." I flinched at his accent, stepping back. "Are you alright Miss...?" "Jones...Cassondra Jones." I mumbled my throat was starting to dry up. I stared into his red eyes, my heart was beating into overdrive and tingles were going down my spine. "Yes, I'm fine Se-" I stopped clearing my throat; I didn't want him to know that I already knew his name, that might be weird. "Yes, I'm fine." I repeated. Yep, I'm screwed. He glared at me for a second before turning around. He walked out of the room with me following. I needed to come up with a good excuse of why I was here before Ciel interrogated me. Sebastian opened the door to Ciel's study. "Master, she's awake." Ciel looked up from his papers, as I walked into the room. Everything looked exactly like it did in the anime and that was starting to freak me out. "So, Miss?" "Jones, Cassondra Jones." Ceil nodded slightly, looking at me curiously. "Miss Jones, may I ask why you where lying half dead in the street?" I sighed a little, this was going to be a pain in the ass to explain. "I was visiting family when a accident happened...I was the only survivor...and the next thing I know I woke up in a unfamiliar room." I had decided that the best Corse of action was to play dumb. "Are you by chance from America?" I lifted an eyebrow at him. "Ah, yes?" Ceil shook his head slightly, I could tell he was plotting something. "Well, since you have nowhere to stay, you can stay here and work for me..." There was a huge boom followed by some shouting. I heard Sebastian sighing behind me. I smiled, "I can cook Lord..?" "Phantomhive, Ceil Phantomhive." I bowed slightly, "It would be a pleasure to work for you Lord Phantomhive." "Sebastian, will you please tend to Miss Jones and the three buffoons down stairs." Sebastian chuckled before bowing. "Certainly, My Lord." Sebastian left the room with me following. "I must say, Miss Jones, that it's very unusual that your wearing men’s clothes." I sighed as I looked down at my dark blue skinny jeans and grey hodie. "Yes, well I don't like dresses that much." I saw Sebastian smirk out of the corner of my eye. 'What was this demon thinking?' For some reason it irritated her to know that he was smirking at her clothing choice. There was a crashing of dishes and more yelling. Sebastian and I sighed. He showed me to the room I was staying in before with a maid's dress on the bed. I anime sweat dropped, of coarse they knew I was going to work here. I looked at the dress, it was quite 'cute' but I would not be caught dead in a dress. I was about to protest when Sebastian cut me off. "Miss Jones, we have a guest arriving in 2 and a half hours, so if you would, could you please wear the dress for tonight." "Fine." I mumbled as he walked away smirking. "I don't care if he's a demon, I'm gonna kick his ass if he says anything about this." I huffed, closing the door gently as I got dressed.

-Sebastian p.o.v-

"Now, how exactly did this happen?" I said irritated at the mess in the yard, the broken china, and the burned food. "I thought things would go faster if I used extra weed killer on the garden." Cried Finny. "I was trying to reach the tea set that we use for guests, but I tripped and the cabnet fell!" Wined Mey-Rin. "There was a lot a meat to be cooked for dinner and it was going to take a long time, so I-I used me flame thrower." Bardroy said. I stared at them as they started to shrink into chibi forms. "AH, WE'RE SO SORRY! WE DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT!" Cried Mey-Rin and Finny while Bardory scratched his afro. I put my right hand on my chin, trying to come up with away to clean up their mess. 'Are guess will arrive at 6:00pm,' I pulled out my pocket watch to check the time, 'We have two hours left...not enough time to replace the tea set or find premium cut meat. What should I do..?' "Calm down all of you! Perhaps you should try taking a page out of Tanaka's book so you could start behaving like..." "Well, Sebastian, why don't you use a tea cup like Tanaka's? Isn't there some in storage? We could do a Japanese theme." I turned around toward the voice. Cassondra stood behind me smiling a little. She looked absolutely stunning in a dress. I wondered why she hated them. I felt my heart start to beat faster in my chest, I had no idea why but I couldn't take my eyes off her long blonde hair, her bright stunning blue eyes, and her sarcastic smile. The maid dress fit her perfectly, bringing out all of her curves in all the right places. She was more than stunning, she was gorgeous. She walked forward standing next to me, smiling at Finny, Mey-Rin, and Bardroy. "Hello, My names Cassondra it will be a pleasure to work with all of you." She said in a sweet voice and a wide smile. "Wow, she's pretty, she is!" Mey-Rin exclaimed to Finny as he nodded in agreement. "Everyone lessen closely, and do exactly as I say, understand? We must be quick about this," I said picking up Tanaka's tea cup, "We might save this night yet." 
        In two hours everyone had preformed their jobs almost perfectly and I was very impressed with Cassondra, she didn't mess up like the others. She did her jobs absolutely perfect. She was the best cook in the house besides me. Cassondra and I rushed out of the house as soon as we heard the carriage approaching. The carriage stopped, I opened the door as a man stepped out, and he had blonde hair and blue eyes completed with a black top hat. "Ah, how impressive!" He looked around the Japanese garden that we had put together. Tanaka, Mey-Rin, Finny, Bardroy, and Cassondra stood in a perfect line on a little dock above the garden. "Hello, welcome sir." They all said while bowing. "This is called a stone garden; it is a traditional feature in Japan." I said as I moved away from the carriage. "Ah, perfictioso! It's absolutely wonderful! Truly an elegant garden." "We thought it appropriate to serve dinner outside this evening. Allow me to escorte you inside, until the meal is ready." "Ahahah, I should have expected this from a Phantomhive, I cannot wait to see what else is in store." He followed Tanaka through the door, pausing in front of Cassondra who was standing inside. "Sir, I'll take your coat and hat." Her voice was annoyed and I could tell she was tense. But, why would she be so tense around a man she just met? Odd...

 ~ Cassondra p.o.v~ 

"Sir, I'll take your coat and hat." I said trying to be one of those girly girls that I saw in school. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes. 'Disgusting...I wish I could kick him in the balls, but he'd get what he deserved after dinner.' "My, My how would you like to come work for me? I'd treat you better then these Phantomhive-" "Excuse me sir, but I don't think you could afford me." I said venom lacing my words. That Italian jerk is soo going to get it now. I felt Sebastian glaring at our guest, which I found mildly amusing. He hand me his coat and hat, looking me over one last time before he walked away towards Ciel's study. I scoffed as he turned away, Sebastian standing next to me. "Please tell me he'll get a taste of the Phantomhive hospitality." I sneered. Sebastian chuckled, smirking at me. "Of coarse, our guest deserves the best hospitality we can give him." I giggled. "Oh, this is going to be fun." I hissed under my breath, causing Sebastian to chuckle again. I walked over to the kitchen with Sebastian. "How is it going, Bardroy?" I said looking over at him cutting the meat. "I'm doing it like you said to, this really what you want?" Sebastian and I smiled as he held up the meat. "Yes," "That looks excellent." I finished, as Sebastian smirked at me. Seriously, him and his smirking! "SEBASTIAN! CASSIE! FOUND'EM!HAHA WHA!" I flash-stepped up to her grabbing some of the boxes as they fell from Mey-Rin's hands, Sebastian grabbing the others and letting Mey-Rin fall into his arms. "Honestly, Mey-Rin how many times do I have to tell you not to run inside the Manor." I saw Mey-Rins face turn really red before she scooted out of Sebastian’s arms, falling on me. Everything went into slow motion as I fell toward the hard floor. I closed my eyes tightly waiting for the hard impact that never came. Instead, I felt a warm hand wrap around my waist. I opened my eyes slowly, looking into Sebastian’s beautiful red eyes. I felt my heart beat into overdrive and I couldn't stop the blush that I felt creep into my cheeks. He just stared at me for a few seconds before helping me stand up. "Are you alright Cassondra?" I smiled weakly, "I'm perfectly fine....thank you." I dusted off my dress, picking up the boxes that I had set on the ground as I fell. Sebastian lifted an eyebrow at me, "You where able to set those boxes down as you fell?" He looked at me surprised. I chuckled. Walking off with the boxes, Sebastian following me so that we could set up. "I must say that was pretty fast reflexes human can move that fast." He chuckled amusement entering his eyes as he smiled at me. "I'm simply one Hell of a butler, Cassondra." I smirked at him, "Of coarse you are...Mr. Demon Butler." He looked suprised but, amused at the same time. "Your very observant, Cassondra." He chuckled. "I hope you understand-" I frowned, "My lips are sealed, It's not like anyone would believe me anyway, they'd sent me to a mental hospital." Sebastian chuckled again as we finished setting up dinner.
"On tonight’s menu is a dish of finely sliced raw beef bonburi (sp?) courtesy of our chiefs’, Bardroy and Cassondra." I heard a gasp of surprise from Ciel, he must have felt it odd that the kitchen didn't blow up. I watched Mey-Rin nervously, knowing of coarse that she was going to spill the wine. "A pile of raw beef...and this is dinner?" "Yes, but surely you have heard," "Here we go again." I muttered waiting for Sebastian's proclamation of Japanese food. "This good sir is a traditional Japanese delicacy a dish offered to someone out of gratitude and honor! It is a dish of importance! That is the wonder of Bonburi!" (sp?) "This is a token from our master, to celebrate you hard work with the company. He wants you to know that its much appreciated." I tried to force back my giggles...even if Sebastian made some of the lamest speeches, he made them epic! "Excellent! What an inspired idea! The legendary Phantomhive hospitality in action!" I grinned he hasn't seen anything yet. "The vintage we are pouring tonight was specially selected to compliment the flavor of soy sause; Mey-Rin." "Hmmm." Was all I heard from her. 'Damnit she's spacing out again about Sebastian!' I glared at her. 'Wait why do I care? It's not like I like that annoyingly handsome demon anyway...damnit I just canceled my own argument again. Oh, well I still don't like him.' I was snapped out of my thoughts my Mey-Rin walking wobbly over toward our guest. She was about to pour it on the table cloth! I flash-stepped, holding the glass over the wine. I tilted Mey-Rins bottle up, setting the glass down and dragging her away. Sebastian stared at me as did Ceil. I knew what was going threw there did I just do that and how did I know? I sighed, "Mey-Rin, you need to pay more attention to what's going on around you instead of fantasizing about Sebastian." I whispered in her ear. She nodded quickly. "Yes! Miss Cassondra."
        Sebastian stopped me after dinner was over, his hand was firmly gripping my arm. "Cassondra, would you like to be apart of the 'game'?" He said grinning. I smiled at him. "I would love to." He filled me in on what we were going to do but, of coarse I already knew. Sebastian went up stairs to searve tea. "Let the games begin." I said smiling.

-Sebastian p.o.v-

         "I've brought some tea for you and my lord." I said smiling and the obviously angry Italian. "I'll be right back." He said walking away. I chuckled a little, entering Ciel's study to serve him tea. He brought the cup halfway up to his nose before bringing it back down. "What is this? It smells terribly weak." "Part of consideration for our guest, you see Italians drink more coffee then they do tea, so it's hard to find high quality Italian tea. This particular selection is not to your liking Master?" Ceil stared into the tea looking at his reflection frowning. "No, it is not. I don't like it at all." I narrowed my eyes at him for a second, smiling. "I'll see to the desert perorations with Cassondra." "Good. We must show him every available hospitality, the Phantomhive family is known for its courtesy." "Yes, my young lord." I bowed before walking off to find Cassondra. I was half way down the hall when I heard "Bewitched by the eyes of the dead." I smiled, I knew it was Cassondra but her voice was extremely low and somewhat eerie. I walked faster down the hallway to see her pinned to the wall by our guest. Rage boiled threw me, I had no idea why but I wouldn't let him hurt her. She leaned over to his ear and whispered something. He let her go running the opposite way. She broke out laughing, hugging herself from laughing really hard. I walked up to her and she stopped laughing. "Are you alright?" She looked up at me like I was crazy that I was concerned about her. "Ya, I'm fine. All I had to do was scare him so bad that he took off running." I raised my eye brow. "And how did you manage to do that?" The left side of her lips curled up giving me a cocky smirk. "Bewitched by the eyes of the lose." She said in the most eerie voice possible. It sent shivers down my spine. I heard shouts of are you alright coming from the stairs. Cassondra and I followed the cries to see our guest laying at the bottom of the stairs, his right leg twisted. She sucked in a breath of air, quickly looking away. I glanced at her, her face looked almost green. I went around quickly, blocking his way as he crawled desperately away from the stairs. "Surely you aren't leaving the manor yet sir; we haven't given you the full Phantomhive treatment yet. We still have to serve dessert. You've lost a leg remember? Now you can only move half the number of spaces so why not just relax a bit and make yourself at home." I followed him as he crawled desperately away. I chuckled as he went into the kitchen. He had no idea that Cassondra was in there. I walked slowly making my footsteps louder and more scary. I opened the door, hearing soft murmuring in the oven. I saw Cassondra turn on the oven and open the peep hole. "My, My what an impatient guest we have. Already fingering my deserts before they come out of the oven." She slid away, as he banged on the oven door. "Perhaps the Italians aren't familiar with the different kind of deserts that we have. There’s plum pudding, mince meat pie...there are many traditional deserts in England that make use of meat. I find them all quite tasty." I closed the peep hole as he started to scream. "Your body is burnt by raging flames." Cassondra said in her eerie voice. She looked really pale, like she was about to get sick. She walked out of the room, wincing at his scream for help. “As much as he deserved it..." She trailed off, tears coming to her eyes as she went up the stairs to where her room was. I stared at her as she ran up the steps. At that moment something felt odd about her, I knew she wasn't a demon, but she wasn't human. "Cassondra Jones, who and what exactly are you?" 

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