For you I'd sell my soul (Sebastian Michaelis love story)

I hope...I hope that my worst fear has not happened. Her soul...has been broken. The artifical soul that I made so long ago...if she breaks. Then she never comes back. I couldn't stay. I'd become my true self...the true self that all angels fear. I would become Evera Knight, the Archangel, the right hand of god, the black angel who fell in love with a demon...


1. Chapter 1: Mysterious Girl

A/N: I don’t own Black Butler or its characters. This is purely fan made and the only character I own is Cassondra Jones and Eve.

Cassondra's P.O.V

I boarded the plane to Australia at 11:30 a.m. I'm visiting my cousins who live in Australia who do some big research project there. I lifted my black backpack into the compartment above my seat. I scooted into the blue seat by the window, a young couple sitting down next to me. As the plane started to take off I remembered my last plane ride with my parents. We were going to Canada for vacation; it was one of the last big events that I spent with them. The thought of my parents brought tears streaming down my face. I stared out of the small plane window, trying not to let the people sitting next to me see my tears. I couldn't believe that I was crying, after my parents died...I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry in front of anyone again. After crying for what felt like hours, I fell into a peaceful sleep. 
I was woken up by the screaming of passengers, the yelling of fight attendants, and the plane tilting dramatically to the left. I looked around at the bodies laying in the aisles. Blood was streaming out of their faces and ears. 
You were destined for this...Cassondra, this is your place in the world....
I looked around, I was still trying to process everything around me.
'No one's there? Then who the hell is speaking?' Then the voice said,
"I'm speaking to you. I am your father and you are my this world from it's own chaos."

"What the hell?" I replied in my head.
"No my daughter, heaven."
My eyes widened. Who is this guy?
The plane made a sudden jolt. As my body jolted forward my head bashed into the seat infront of me. Blood streamed down my face and I was starting to get really dizzy. Before I knew what was going on, I saw a white light take my hand. It felt warm and comforting, but the blinding light made it hard to see. I looked around grogly as the white light faded. I was laying on a hard surface, and it was really uncomfortable. I was on the ground across the street from a familiar looking estate before everything went black.

Sebastian's P.O.V

I walked up the stairs to the young master's study. "Honestly, we have 3 hours until the guest arives and he's calling me now?" I sighed, opening the door to Ciel's study. "Yes, my lord?" Ciel looked up from his paperwork, folding his hands under his chin. "I'm a bit hungry; I'd like something sweet to eat." "You shouldn't eat now, master. You don't want to spoil your appitte for dinner with your guest this evening." "I don't care about that, make me a parfe." "I'm sorry sir." Ceil let out a breath of frustration he stood up, "Fine then, about the portrait in the hallway." he said walking over toward the window. "Yes?" I responded, I was interested in what he wanted to do with it. "Take it down." I looked at him surprised that he wanted the painting taken down. I regain my composure, raising an eyebrow at him. "I am Ciel Phantomhive, son of Vincent, and I am the head of the house now." I smiled this was starting to get amusing. I bowed, placing my hand across my stomach. "Considerate it done, my lord." I stood up straight, something chetching my eye outside. I looked out the window of young master's study, trying to see if I could get a better look at it. There was a girl lying in the street. I looked closer, noticing that Ceil had noticed it too. Was that blood? "Young master."
"Yes, Sebastian?"
"There seems to be an injured girl in the street." Ciel walked out of the study and I follow him. We walk out to the girl who was lying in the street, unconscious. Blood was covering the back of her head. Her long blonde hair was tainted with the thick red liquid. Her face was enchanting, she looked no younger than 18. Truly, a beautiful girl. I stared at her, enraptured by her beauty. I was cut from my thoughts by Ciel, "Bring her in, she can stay with us until we find things out." 
I smirked at him.
"What?! You didn't think I have a heart?!"
I chuckled, so the young master does have a heart. "Yes, my lord." I said before picking her up, holding her in my arms. She looked kind of peaceful as I held her, it made me wonder who she was.

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