The HeartBreaker Game

Every year Same group of boys do this game. Who ever breaks the most hearts wins but what they don't now is I might be the new girl in school but we'll see who wins the heartbreaker games ...


3. the deal

Harry's POV-

"What kind of deal Styles?" Louis asked me I looked at him well its obvious she wants us to fall for her

"And we both know were falling for it" He mumbled loud enough for me to hear  

Yeah so How about we play along with it but We have to leave before she does i mean every girl that tried last year got to attached and we have to do it to her the same way.. Louis nodded his head in agreement Okay and here's the deal We each get to spend at least 2 days with her he looked at me and sighed " It sounds like a deal " We shake hands and then after awhile we leave.


Alison's POV-

When i walked out of the lunch room all the girls looked at me and Megan ran up to me and we fist bumped 

''You did ..AMAZING !"

I rolled my eyes and while we were walking a guy walked up to me it was Zayn He leaned on my locker "Hey Beautiful he smiled " Hey Handsome i replied back with a flirty smile "So how about you come hang out at my place later?" Okay i would be up for that i said looking at him he told me where to go and stuff I closed my locker and said See you at 6 Zayn And i gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away with Megan Her mouth was open wide. "HOW DO YOU DO THAT " i giggled magic..


I arrived at Zayns house and he opened the door his house was big..Hi I said as i walked in Hey Beautiful he replied back ugh so 3 hours ago i thought to myself but anyways i mean it was a friday a good one for me but a bad one for zayn i said to myself as me and zayn started to chat.

He has NO idea whats coming ...





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