The HeartBreaker Game

Every year Same group of boys do this game. Who ever breaks the most hearts wins but what they don't now is I might be the new girl in school but we'll see who wins the heartbreaker games ...


4. Next morning

Alison's POV-

I woke up early today and looked at Zayn laying there asleep I giggled to myself as i wrote a note to him and set it on his mini bed table thingy. 

I then quietly walked out When i got back to my house Megan was there Hey i guess you let yourself in i giggled she looked at me "Yeah we were going to Hang out you werent home so i found the spare key " Oh yeah i forgot i'm sorry Megan But guess what !! "What ?" She asked

1 out if 5 are done !!! her eyes went wide and she jumped up Omg thats were you were ! she said i giggled yep now in just need to get 4 more guys Niall...Liam...Louis and the Hardest Harry . I might be good at this but i heard he's a pro or whatever that means Megan nods yeah he always wins the games but i dont think this year he will have a chances she smiles at me.


Zayn's POV-

I woke up and Alison wasn't there i got up and saw a note on my bed stand I read it and i could have punched myself man shes good i would have figured she would have Kept sleeping and i could have just left for at least an hour. That means You have heartbroken a girl and they have to leave its in the rule book I got up and got dress then called Niall he was laughing at me and then he texted the boys and i got phone call after phone call all i wanted to do was crawl under a bus and die. I Had to make sure the boys didn't fall for her traps though Cause all i know is that a girl can't and will never win these games...


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