The HeartBreaker Game

Every year Same group of boys do this game. Who ever breaks the most hearts wins but what they don't now is I might be the new girl in school but we'll see who wins the heartbreaker games ...


5. listening

Alison's POV-

When me and Megan were heading to our class We over heard the boys talking. It was about me and how i couldn't win after i heard enough i told megan to walk pass them then i would follow and whisper to them "Nice plan " me and megan had it all figured out so she walked out. A few seconds later i walk out and stop at them and said "Nice plan" There faces were pale and lips zipped I giggled and kept walking until i caught up with Megan I Gave her a high five you did a nice job "You too Alison she smiles" And we kept walking to our class.


Megan's POV-

After class i walked out so i could get to lunch when a boy stopped me i think it was niall He looked at me and said "Why hello my princess " I laughed Okay nice joke  Niall now i got to go But he just corned me "Were do you think your going " I looked at him with a straight face Lunch.

he laughed And when he was leaning in Someone grabbed his ear causing him to yelp. I looked up and saw Alison there She let go of his ear 

"Okay dream boy leave Megan alone or that ear wont be there next time " All the other boys were along the wall laughing at what Alison had said she just rolled her eyes "Okay lets get to lunch she said walking with me. 


Louis' POV-

I was laughing at Niall's Epic fail and thats all we talked about at lunch. When i looked over at Alison Zayn caught me 

"Louis ...don't look at her don't show her your interested" 

I sighed But shes so pretty He laughed

"Okay Tomo you go on and dream but when you get heartbroken don't come crying.."

He then got up and through his lunch out same with the rest of the boys but Harry 

"We aren't breaking this deal" He said and got up and threw his lunch out and walked away i did the same and followed.

she will be mine ..

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