The HeartBreaker Game

Every year Same group of boys do this game. Who ever breaks the most hearts wins but what they don't now is I might be the new girl in school but we'll see who wins the heartbreaker games ...


2. lets start this

Zayn' POV-

Ok guys so the game is starting today. Now remember the person who had kissed or did something else with  the most girls ...wins i say to the guys Liam ,Niall,Louis and Harry they nod "yeah same as last year piece of cake " Louis said. When they were about to walk out the door i stopped them Oh and watch out for Alison Ride the new girl heard shes a "heartbreaker "  too... i don't want no screw ups boys I eyed them they nodded and walked out.


Alison's POV-

I made a new friend her names Megan she told me everything about this game. When we were talking she poked my arm "there they are " She whispered into my ear i nodded and took my ponytail out and let my hair hit my shoulders. I grabbed my books and walked pass them one of them looked at me up and down i just winked  and walked to class Megan was sitting in her seat when i at down next to her. She looked at me and smiled 

"Guess what ! "

what i asked 

" so i overheard the boys talking about you, you really impressed them today heck if i was a dude you don't want to know what i would do" she giggled 

I rolled my eyes Haha Well thanks for telling me ! we payed attention to the teacher the rest of the class then it was lunch and i was going to get this tarted ...


Harry's POV-

We went to lunch and saw Alison. When we sat down she saw me and i smiled showing off my dimples she gave me a flirty smiled back and looked back to her friend. When some one behind me Said "Dude" I jumped and looked behind me and saw Louis Sup i said trying to act cool he rolled his eyes " Harry were not allowed to flirt with her and besides we all know she would fall for me anyway" 

I looked at him not in a hundred Years Tomlinson we started fighting until some one came over to us "Boys Theres Enough of me for everyone" she then winked and left Me and louis stood there in shock How about we make a deal ? i said 

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