The HeartBreaker Game

Every year Same group of boys do this game. Who ever breaks the most hearts wins but what they don't now is I might be the new girl in school but we'll see who wins the heartbreaker games ...


6. Kissed

Alison's POV-

Megan told me today that Louis was interested in me and i knew how i would act around him the same way i would with Harry when it came to the time. When i was putting my things in my Locker Louis came over to me 
"Hey Alison " 

I looked at him "hi Louis " 

"did anyone ever tell you how pretty your eyes are ? i could look at them all day" 

man what a cheesy pickup line i thought but i smiled no, and you aren't going to look at them all day ...Bye Louis i then walk away And giggled to myself Then all of a sudden he Ran over to me and Kissed me I could have Killed him When i pushed him off I slapped him like 5 times and spit on him And walked off. This isn't Over Tomlinson ,not even close.


Harry's POV-


Yep he smiled proudly" i sighed okay but you better not break this deal... He just rolled his eyes and walked away. 

**at Lunch **

All Louis did was brag about how he kissed Alison ,which Megan Must have heard because when she walked pass us she opened her milk and Dumped it on his head i laughed until she looked over and gave me a glare she then said to Louis 

"Don't talk about how you "Kissed " Alison ...Jerk " 

When she left I looked at Louis He shrugged and got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up We all just laughed When Louis came back Alison came over to Louis and said

" Hope you learned your lesson Tomo " she then patted his back and walked away laughing We all chuckled and Louis Looked at us we all through our lunches away And went to our classes. And this class was with Alison so i could talk to her when i got there i sat down i heard you got kissed i said to Her She sighed and rolled her eyes 

"No, not that i would know since as you can see my lips our on MY FACE !' 

You don't have to be mean i said she just stayed quiet until she said 

" He's Dead just so you know " 


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