The HeartBreaker Game

Every year Same group of boys do this game. Who ever breaks the most hearts wins but what they don't now is I might be the new girl in school but we'll see who wins the heartbreaker games ...


7. Games

***A few weeks later ***

Alison's POV-

Megan's Still shocked that i haven't killed Louis yet and i got to say i am too  guess its because he isnt in my  space  and im not in his. But Megan made this amazing idea how to get harry she might not show it but she could break alot of hearts. well in my opinion. As i was  walking through the halls Megan comes running towards me "He's Coming Ali hes coming get ready !" She hid behind something and i got ready as he walked Toward me i smiled Hi Harry ! "Um Hi Alison "  Whats wrong i asked "Oh nothing just is this a trick cause i heard megan running down the hall yelling "hes coming hes coming " " I laughed No harry this isn't a trick I just wanted to say... Can't tell you i promised... he looked at me weird "who did you promise " Megan we talk about you guys alot!!! I saw Megans plan was working He hated it when i messed with him. "Oh really ...tell me " Nope Never i said He tried and tried until i said ...fine i'll tell you He smiled  we talked about ....i'll tell you the rest when your 60 i laughed as i saw his expression fall he then started chasing me down the hall intill i got to my class. See ya later Styles i then kissed  his cheek and Walked in. 


Megan's POV-

After all that i walked out of where i was Someone then pinned me too the wall I tried to get out of there Grip but failed it was Zayn. I sighed "Hi Megan " What do you want Zayn ?  

" i know what you two are doing and i want you to tell me everything she can't win " 

I got pout of his grip finally and said Why your scared to lose to a girl? 

"No thats not why if you promise not to tell anyone i'll tell you" 

I gulped i knew this was serious You could see the Serious in Zayns eyes i sighed and said ...Okay i promise.

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