The HeartBreaker Game

Every year Same group of boys do this game. Who ever breaks the most hearts wins but what they don't now is I might be the new girl in school but we'll see who wins the heartbreaker games ...


9. Decisions

Alison's POV-

I was at my last class and thats when i made the decision that I was going to win this no matter what. I didn't care anymore And i really Didn't Care If any of them Wanted to Protect me I don't trust people and i think  more people  should try it Cause no one is Trustworthy these days. When the bell rung i grabbed My coat and bag. When i was walking out of school on my way home I feel Someone Tap my shoulder. I stop and see Niall There He smiles Brightly at me Uh Hi there Niall. 

"Hey Alison " he says in his thick Irish Accent 

So whatcha need ? 

"Nothing I was just wondering If you Wanted to hang out today?" 

I sigh Um Sure... I can't believe i said that 

"He smiles Okay i'll pick you up at 5" He then Starts to walk away 

I sigh And keep on walking to my house When i finally get there I get inside and close the door as i look at the time 3:30 already. I went up stair and got changed into This...


After i was finished It was already 5 And Right on time i heard my doorbell ring. I slid down The stairs And See my mom already got to the door i moaned As I walked over to her...Hey Mom I see you met Niall...

"Yes Honey He's Quite the gentleman And A keeper !" 

i laugh So hard M-mom Were Not dating he's My friend I manage To get out They just looked at me. Alright Then Niall Lets Go... He nods And smiles

"Nice meeting you Ms.White !" He says 

"You too Niall!" 

As we get into his Car He smiles At me I look at him and laugh What are you smiling About ? He stops and laughs

"I don't know Really"

He starts Driving after awhile I ask so were are Going ? 

"Were Going to Go get Pizza And Then to the movies! " 

I Smile Sounds good to me ! 

"Of course it i cause were getting PIZZA!" 

I laugh as we pull into the pizza place. We go in and Order And then after a loong wait we finally Get our food and Niall digs in I laugh At him and He just rolls his Eyes And Says 

"I love Food." 

I can see i say picking up my pizza to eat it


"What Movie do you want to watch ?" 

I look around at the Movies and Point to  the movie Frozen 

He Laughs "Thats A kid Movie  "

Cm'on niall it'll Be fun He sighs as he gets the tickets 

We get our popcorn And go get our seats.


the movie was funny at parts. but the most funniest thing was Niall's Face at some parts We then Go to my house. And when We get there I wave bye to him and thank him. When I get inside I seey mom Smiling I roll my eyes And Say "Your not right" As i sit down...Tonight was pretty fun i have to say... 


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