Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


9. Chapter 9

Songs for this chapter:

Little White Lies-One Direction 

Last Friday Night-Katy Perry


Camille P.O.V


"Nana?Oh my God guys help her please"-I squeal when Diana passed out.She´s completely drunk and she was crying when she arrived.She said a few words and passed out.

"What we do?"-Louis said in panic.

"I don´t know!You´re guys,you have hangovers and you HAVE TO KNOW WHAT TO DO!"

"Babe calm down,we just have to put her in her bed and take care of her tomorrow,she´ll be with a freaking headache"-He said and chuckle.

"This is true,she´ll be absolutely sick tomorrow"-Zayn remark rubbing the back of his neck.

"Can you please help me,she´s too heavy!"-I said and they laugh.-"C´mon Peter you´re in the football team!"-I said and he chuckle,I like to say this because he´s a really good football player.

"Okay sorry babe"-He said and wink,making me blush.This is just so funny because I know Peter a long time ago and yesterday I was pissed with him but he come here today and said all his feelings,all that he really feels and explained why sometimes he was a jerk and mean with me,he was just trying to understand what he was feeling.We´re in a little mess right now but I have to control myself and don´t put so much effort in this relationship,I´m really afraid of break my heart again.

"Okay so now she just new to sleep and we need some medicine"-Peter said.

"I think I have aspirin here,just a second"-I walked to the bathroom leaving the boys alone with Diana.


Zayn POV

What the hell I´m doing here?I should´ve leaved with Liam.Is not that I don´t want to help but the girls is pretty fine now and I´m tired,me and the lads are doing this for Niall,but she have a boyfriend now,he have to moving on!

"Mates I´m tired,I´ll take a taxi and go"-I said.

"Yea I´m going with you"-Harry said rubbing his eye.

"Me too"-Louis said standing up. Niall looked disappointed but would be really awkward if just him stay,in the end he agreed to come with us.

"Thank you guys for the help,Camille don´t have a lot of friends and you guys are her idols,sorry for bother you"-Peter said rubbing the back of his neck.

"It´s okay buddy,we had fun"-Harry said smiling.Camille walked back with a bottle of water and some medicine in her hand.

"Are you guys leaving?"-She asked sad and we nod.

"We have some things to do tomorrow,sorry Camille"-Niall said.

"It´s okay,thank you so much guys"-She said hugging us.

"Call me someday,we can hangout together when Diana gets better"-Niall said and I almost punch him,she have a freaking boyfriend now.Noticing that what he said was wrong he blush heavily.

"G´night guys,see ya"-Harry said breaking the tension.

"Nanite"-Camille said closing the door behing us.I can´t stop think of Perrie,I miss her so much.A couple weeks ago we were planing some things to our wedding.The lads think is too soon to get married but they don´t know the love that I feel for Perrie,she´s just so special to me,she´s my everything.

"Hey mate are you fine?"-Louis asked to Niall.

"Yea man"-He said but his totally heartbroken.

"Don´t worry Niall,you´ll move on sooner or later"-Harry said.

"I don´t know...She´s very special"-He said.

"What about Barbara?/Your model friend!Have some rumors that you two are together"-I said trying to make things better.

"Me and Barbara are good friends,just good friends"-He said.The rest of the walk was silent,just a few crazy teens drinking and other ones cleaning the frat houses.Finally we reach the van,Louis decided to write.I turn up the volume of the radio so we can avoid a awkward conversation.


When we arrived at the hotel Niall decided to go to the cafe in the lobby that stays open 24/7. Louis,Harry and I step in the elevator.

"This was a crazy night huh"-Louis said and we chuckle.

"True mate,was insane"-I said.

"We deserve to drink something"-Harry suggest.

"Nah,I´m fine"-I said,I know Perrie made a show today and I really want to call her to tell what happened and listen how excited was the show.I know is late but sometimes we have this late calls,I think all the couples have this.

"I accept,but you pay"-Louis said.

"Deal"-Harry said.I get out of the elevator and the guys come back to the lobby,to the hotel´s bar.I want to know how Liam is,he was pissed the last time I saw him in the campus,but I always warned him that Sophia isn´t good enough for him.I decided to knock on his door,maybe he answer me and let me help him.


Liam POV

I leave that hell that people call college and went to the hotel.Why Niall had to put me in this mess?I decided to call Sophia while I´m waiting on the backseat of the taxi.


"C´mon Sophia,answer me"-I whispered nervous.


"What?I already said is over,say what you want for your fans,say that I didn´t handle the pressure!I HATE YOU LIAM!"-She said.I can hear her heavy breath and I can tell she was crying.

"Sophia come here"-I listened a male voice on the background.

"Who´s with Sophia?"-I asked.My heart is beating fast and I can´t handle Sophia with another man.

"Err a...friend"-She said embarrassed

"Really?A friend?So this jealous thing was a excuse for you to break up with me and stay with another guy?Sophia you´re disgusting!"-I said the tears almost falling.

"What??No Liam!So now I´m the one who tweeted about another guy and I´m on his college trying to find him?!You´re pathetic"-She said and I roll my eyes.

"Oh sorry but I´m the guy who´s with another girl in my bed and I´m not going back to my hotel right now because I´m pissed.Now I´m the one who don´t want you anymore Sophia,the lads and my fans warn me but I didn´t listen because I had a damn crush on you!"-I said getting more angry.

"Liam..I´m sorry okay?But I´m pissed too!"-She said calming down,I hear a door closing.

"He leaved?"-I ask trying to calm down too,she nod.

"Good"-I said.After an awkward silence she start to speak again.

"He just kissed me,nothing happened"

"I don´t care,you´re not my girlfriend anymore"-I said.

"Sorry"-She said starting to cry.

"Don´t cry,don´t make drama.Is over,you started this"

"Liam please,I love you and I´m a little drunk,just forgive me"-She said and sob.

"No"-I firmly said to her,is true I don´t want her anymore,she´s disgusting.

"Please"-She beg.

"Bye Sophia"-I said in the same tone.

"You´re making a huge mistake"-She said

"I don´t think so"-I said and hung up.I´m in shock,if she really love me she would trust me!She wouldn´t kiss another guy!She´s completely wrong and this is driving me insane.I rub my temples trying to calm down and do my best to don´t cry.When the taxi park in front of the hotel I take a deep breathe and give him the money.Have some paps,just a few that I can handle.I put my best fake smile and get out of the taxi walking confident to the lobby.

"Liam why you´re arriving so late?"

"Liam where are the other boys?"

"Diana is your new girlfriend?What happened to Sophia"-I just keep smiling and walking to the lobby,this question make the pain in my chest grow but I´m strong enough to handle.The flashes just make my headache worse and the paps screaming just make me more nervous.But I keep smiling.

"Liam can I take a photo?"-A girl,about 14,asks and I nod.After the photo she ask for a autograph and I quickly sign it,give her a hug and finally entered in the lobby.I walk to the elevator,luckily is empty.

"Diana let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes,you´ve been lonely,you don´t even know me but I can feel you crying...Diana"-I sang,funny how the lyrics fits in the Diana that I know,the Diana that made all this mess.I can´t believe I discussed with her,she was drunk and crying,I should´ve helped her.I walked to my room slowly opening the door,I jump in the bed.I like Diana.

WHAT?Yes Liam you like Diana,just admit it.

Ok I like Diana 

I smile when the thoughts of her talking to me the whole afternoon about random things start to come back in my mind.The way she giggled and smiled,she´s so smart but she don´t like the band, she make this clear when she finished the interview,Camille confirmed.She can´t be using me for fame or money,she don´t even like me!

"You don´t even know me but I can feel you crying"-I sang other part of the lyrics.Today I realize she´s fragile but she defend herself even drunk and pissed!This girl is  amazing...


"Yea I don´t like her,I´m just pissed"-I said and lie on the bed picking my phone.I log in twitter,Sophia unfollowed me...She´s such a child,I know is stupid but I did the same.

*Good night for everyone :)*

I tweeted,stupid I know but I really wish everybody have a better night than mine...My eyes start to close,I put my phone on my pocket and let the tears fall,non stop.Suddenly I hear steps and a knock on the door,I groan and stand up,is probably one of the boys.I opened the door and Zayn is standing,he give me a smile.

"Hey mate"-He said in a comfort voice.

"Hi"-I said weak.

"Can I come in?"-He asked

"No,I´m fine"-I said,I don´t want Zayn seeing me crying.

"C´mon Liam,let me help you"-He said and I roll my eyes.

"Fine"-I said and walk back to the bed,Zayn followed me and sit next to me.

"What happened?"-He said after a comfort silence.

"Sophia was with another guy...I call her and she was with him"-I said.


"We fight and I said she´s disgusting and I didn´t want her anymore"-I said and Zayn nod.

"You´re right mate,what she did is wrong"-He said

"But what drive me insane is because you and the lads warned me,the fans warned me but I keep going,but you guys were right"-I said running my hand throw my hair.After a long silence I started to speak again.

"Diana is fine?"-I asked.

"She passed out,she was completely drunk when she arrived at the dorm"-He said playing with his fingers.

"I discussed with her,she was crying and drunk but I screamed with her"-I admit.

"What?"-Zayn said surprised.

"Yea,I was a jerk"-I said.

"You should visit her tomorrow to say sorry"-He suggest-"Niall and Louis are going to the campus tomorrow to see if she´s fine"-He finished.

"Maybe I go with them,but I´m tired now to think"-I admit.

"I´ll go to my room,call me if you need help okay?"-He said walking to the door.

"Thanks mate"-I said hugging him.

"Its nothing"-He said and close the door.I locked and lay on the bed,after some time my eyes start to close and my dreams are consumed by a girl with black hair and a cute giggle.



Diana POV


I opened my eyes slowly but quickly close them,the sunlight hurt my eyes.I groan and try to sit down but all my bones are screaming in pain.What happened?

"Good morning"-Camille´s sweet voice said closing the curtains,I slowly open my eyes and put my hand on my head,is hurting so bad.

"What the hell happened?"-I asked while she help me to sit down.

"Long story,you need to eat something.Here have some medicine,will help with your headache"-She said and place a tray full of food in front of me.

"I´m not hungry"-I said.Wait this is really weird.Camille chuckle.

"Just eat"-She said and roll her eyes.I forced myself to eat a pancake and a glass of milk.Suddenly I feel a pain in my stomach,I think I´ll vomit.I run to the bathroom ignoring the pain on my body and I hear Camille laughing.I hate hangovers.

"Are you okay?"-Camille asked while I stand up and make my way to the sink.

"I dont know"-I said and start to brush my teeth.She laugh and I roll my eyes.I  wash my face and brush my hair,trying to ignore the pain on my head.I slowly walk to the closet and change to slowly put some jeans and a random tank top,trying to don´t pay attention on the pain in my bones.

"You look better"-Camille said when I walk out of the closet

"Thanks"-I said sarcastically and she giggled.I walk to the bed and sit down,rubbing my temples trying to remember what happened last night.Nothing,just dark.I groaned and suddenly I hear a knock on the door.





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