Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


8. Chapter 8

The songs for this chapter are:


Without the love-Demi Lovato 

Bleeding out-Imagine Dragons

Kiss me-Ed Sheeran 

Drunk-Ed Sheeran

(Sorry but I love Ed)

Hope you enjoy :)


Liam P.O.V

What that guy did to Diana?Why he ruined her life?I need answers now.We decided to wait some time,Camille need to calm down.I decided to check my phone.

Oh no...

Ten missed calls from Sophia Smith<3

One new message from Sophia Smith<3

Dammit.We fight and then I don't answer her calls.I ruined everything and don't answer her message.Can someone give me the worst boyfriend award?I just can't believe I was so stupid.I checked the message before I call her trying to explain.She'll be freaking mad to know I'm helping Camille to find Diana,I don't know what to do.She just don't deserve me.


From:Sophia Smith<3

I'm done.You just ruined everything we had.Bye Liam


No no no no no no no.I have to call her and try to explain everything,I can't believe I ruined everything.I quickly typed her number and went to voicemail.I called again.


"I'm done Liam,I don't want to talk"-She said.

"Wait please!Can I explain myself?"-I beg.

"You have thirty seconds"-She said and I roll my eyes.

"Okay,so today Nialler called Camille,our friend and she said Diana,who is our friend too,was missed.She was too worry to call the cops so Niall said we could help and now I'm here at the LAU campus trying to find her"-I said and took a deep breath when I finished.

"I.Can't.Believe"-She said.

"Babe you have to understand me please,Niall put me and the lads into this and I need to help! She's missed!"

"So basically you forgot our discussion and didn't told me anything and now you decided to be a C.S.I character?Really Liam?"-She said and I can almost see her rolling her eyes.

"You have to believe babe"-I beg one more time.I can't lose her,not now.

"No Liam,is more easy to say you like this girl"

"I don't like her!"-Or I do?

"Liam don't lie to me please,do you notice the way you talk about her,your voice is full of passion"- She said disappointed. 

"I met her once,I can't have a crush on her!I like you Sophia!"-I said.

"Liam stop.We're dating for months and you didn't said me you love me!"-What?Why she have to be so sentimental.

"You know I don't believe in love"-I said remembering that day when I explained everything for her.

"Because any girl made you feel like this and now Diana do!Really Liam I know she'll make you happy,and I deserve to be happy too"-No,she can't broke up with me!

"Sophia please-"I  started to beg again but she cut me.

"No Liam,I just want to be happy and you deserve to be happy too.We had a nice time together and we can be friends ok?"-She calmly said.

"Sophia no"

"Bye Liam,good luck"-She said and hung up.Why Niall put me into this?Why I ask to hang out with her?Why we even accepted to make that damn interview?I just can't even breath right now,I'm angry and confused and so frustrated.Why this have to happen to me?


"What happened mate?"-Zayn asked and I realize I'm angry.I'm not sad or heartbroken,I'm just really angry about this girl,she messed everything.

"Nothing"-I lie.

"Who was on the phone?"-He asked.


"You two argued again?"-Zayn always know when Sophia and I discuss.

"She broke up,she said I was in love with Diana and she deserve to be happy"-I said and started to get more angry.I just don't like Diana,why is so complicated  to understand this?

"I'm sorry mate but I have to agree with her,when someone say Diana name your eyes wide open, I think you have a crush on her"-He said and chuckle.


"Calm down mate,sorry."-Zayn said.

"Was a mistake to come here,I'll call a taxi and come back"-I said and Zayn nod.



Camille P.O.V

Peter said I have to calm down.We come back to my dorm but Liam didn't come back,he's in the hall with Zayn and he was pissed.After thirty minutes Zayn entered in the room and I'm finally  calm.

"Where's Liam?"-Harry asked.

"He wasn't feeling good so he come back to the hotel"-Zayn said.

"Oh"-Harry said.

"So is everybody here?We can continue to search for her?"-I asked standing up,the boys nod.

"Where we're going now?"-Louis asked.Is already midnight.

"Hmmm...Have a place,in the other side of the campus.Have a forest and a lake there..."-I said.

"We didn't checked there.How do you know about that side of the campus?"-Peter asked.

"Well Jorge and I used to go there..."-I said embarrassed and Peter groan.

"Let's go"-I said and we walked out of the room.Was cold and I was freezing.Peter bored me his coat and we're walking in silence,everyone too worried to start a conversation.Finally we arrive at the lake.

"Is here"-I said trying hard not remember the moments that I had with Jorge here.

"Is a beautiful place..."-Niall said and I nod.

"Well let's find her!"-Louis said and we started to walk around.


Diana P.O.V

I decided to come back,I was getting bored in that lake.I'm more sober now and I'm walking slowly and carefully,letting the tears fall down.He's here,he's coming back.I always thought that he'll leave me alone after all but a small part of me,a really small part of me,knew he will come back to have his revenge.I stopped in the bar one more time and drink some water,my head is killing me and I need some medicine now.I was walking and walking and I don't even know where I'm going,this thoughts are consuming me and I can't think straight.Suddenly I bumped in someone.

"S-sorry"-I said and the pain on my head is growing,but nothing compare to the pain on my chest.

"It's okay"-The male voice said and I looked up.

"Liam?"-I ask rubbing my eyes to see if I'm seeing straight.

"Err hi Diana"-He said and a tear is rolling down his cheek.

"Wha-what happened Li?"-I asked calling him the nickname that I remember that made him blush.

"Don't call me Li"-He said serious.

"Sorry"-I said confused.Why he's mad?

"Are you okay?"-I asked worried.Liam is so sweet and kind,and now he's so mean and rude.

"Nothing,you just ruined my relationship with Sophia"-He said angrily.What?

"Excuse me?"-I said shocked and angry.

"Sorry is not your fault,I'm just pissed"-He said embarrassed.

"Just say what happened"-I said and we sat on a bench.

"Sophia and I argue today and she was jealous because of you,and I don't know why.After some time Niall called Camille and she asked for help to find you so the lads and I come here to help but Sophia called me and I didn't answer,so I explained everything for her but she said she deserve to be happy and broke up"-He said embaressed.

"Oh"-Oh?Really?His girlfriend broke up with him because of me and I need to comfort him.But why she would be jealous of me?Liam and I just talked to a few hours...But I have to admit I was thinking a lot about him this days,I just don't know why.

"You like me Liam?"-This is the stupidest question I could ask right now,I'm just not in the mood to comfort someone.

"Errr no,I mean we just talked to a few hours and I'm confused"-He said and I don't know why but his words hurt me.

"I-I know"-I said and walk on step closer.What the hell I'm doing? 

"Diana..."-He softly said and our breaths are getting harder.Suddenly I feel my lips touching his soft sweet lips.I'm kissing Liam Payne.For a moment I forget of everything:the pain on my head and chest,Matt coming back,his revenge.For a moment this does doesn't matter,is just me and Liam. After some time our kiss is turning harder and we're snogging.I just have to remember he don't like me,I don't really know who kissed who but I know he's confused.His girlfriend just broke up with him and I understand his head is a mess and he just need some time and I'm here kissing him.After some time we apart and we both are searching for air.

"Wow"-I said.His face is confused. 

"Wow"-He repeat my words and I giggled.

"I'm sorry"-I apologize.

"It's okay but this can't happen again.Sorry but t-this is crazy"-He said and started to run away. Ouch.His words and attitude really hurt me.I know his head is a mess but he can't kiss me and leave.I don't know if I was the one who kissed first but he didn't apart,and for a moment seems like he liked it.I think I like Liam Payne.


Niall P.O.V

This Peter guy is really annoying me.He's winks and kiss Camille everytime and he's always whispering something on her ear making her blush.This is just driving me crazy.Me and Louis are walking around trying to find Diana but she's nowhere.Camille is with Peter and Zayn is with Harry. 

"GUYS"-Peter yelled.Me and Louis run for where he was.

"We have to come back,Camille is exhausted and we can't find Diana.Have a dorm next to Camille's that you can stay or you can come back,but I think is too late"-He said carrying a asleep Camille on his arms.She's so peaceful and I just want to take her in my arms and run away.

"Yeah is too late,we should stay here"-Louis said and we nod.

"So let's go"-He said and started to walk with Camille in his arms.This is just so cute that I want to vomit.

"Mate you should be tired of carry her"-Harry said and I roll my eyes.

"Oh no,I play in the college football team and the guys from the other teams are so much heavier than her"-He said and both chuckle.Awesome,the guy is on the football team.After some time we arrived and he talked to a woman who gave him the key for the dorm next to the Camille's.


"You can stay here for the night,thank you for the help"-He said.Suddenly a half drunk Diana with red eyes appeared.

"Diana!"-Louis hugged her tight.

"Hi Lou Lou"-She said and giggled.

"You're drunk"-Harry said helping her to stand on her feet.

"I just drink some vodka,nothing to worry about"-She said giggling.

"Come here Diana"-Peter said.

"Wud are you doing here Peter?"-She asked confused.

"Well...Camille is my girlfriend now"-He said and blush.Ugh.

"Cool"-She said and passed out.Wait?So they started this relationship today?HAHA.She's just desperate for be loved,she don't like him.HAHAHA.Niall Horan have a change.Watch out.

Oh wait,Diana passed out,I need to help.


(A/N) Hello!First of all I wanted to say sorry for the Sophiam shippers but I needed some drama so please don't hate me :3

Second:What do you think about the songs?Did you like it?Pls comment :)

Third:I wrote this quickly bc I'm a little busy.I'll edit when I have time.

Tysm for read.Xx

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