Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


7. Chapter 7

(A/N) Hey guys,so I noticed some people suggest to their readers listen some songs while they read the chapter,and this is a brilliant idea,really!So I decided to do this and hope you like my songs and most important:the chapter :)

The songs for this chapters are:

Therapy-All time Low

I'm Still Breathing-Katy Perry (old song but is perf for this chapter)

Does he know?-One Direction

Enjoy :) xx



Diana P.O.V

You know what?This is so funny...He destroyed my life and said he hate me and now,after two years, he ask me if I remember him.Maybe he hit his head and lost his memory,this would be sooooo funny.

I started to giggled like a maniac because I really want to hit his head on a wall and then he'll die.I started to laugh.

Wait...why I'm laughing?Oh yes hitting his head.HAHA.I found a bar  and drink some vodka.Dammit.And yes I didn't come back to the dorm,Camille is freaking out and I cant call her because the battery of my phone died.I think I'll sleep here,in the middle of the trees.I giggled.

"Nice trees"-What the hell I'm saying?I'm pissed and drunk.Things can't get worse!

Forget what I said,is raining.I screamed,letting all the anger out.But it  doesn't work,why my worst fear is back?I know I did a lot of mistakes but he's the biggest mistake of my life,the guy that no woman deserve.He deserves to die...

"WHY THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME?WHY ME?I KNOW I WAS WRONG BUT HE PLAYED WITH ME!WHY?"-I screamed and started to cry again.The alcohol just made the things worse and the pain in my chest grow,I stopped to drink two years ago and now,because of him,I'm drinking again like a freaking stupid heartbroken girl.But he did more then 'just' break my heart,he destroyed everything  I had,everything I was.


Liam P.O.V

The lads and I are driving to the campus where Camille and Diana study,I'm really worried because no one knows what happened,and sad because Camille and Diana don't have friends they can trust,just us.I can say they're our friends because they stayed four hours in a hotel room with us.Niall is worried too but I can see in his eyes that he's excited to see Camille,and this was so cliche.I just stopped to believe in real love,I don't know why but I just think people can respect and care about each other and have physically attraction,but they don't love each other. I think the only love that I believe is the love that you feel for your family,and this lads are my family too.Some people will understand me.

"Guys I think we should call the police"-Zayn said.

"Of course not!We are better than Interpol!"-Louis said and we chuckle.

"Shut up mate,this is serious!"- I protest and he fake cried on Niall's shoulder.

"You destroyed his dreams Li!"-Niall said and I roll my eyes.

"We're here!What we're going to do first?A party on a frat house?'-Harry joke.

"Let's go find Diana"-Zayn said opening the door.Niall called Camille asking where's her dorm and we walked in silence.We walked in front of a house and people were drinking and snogging and the music was loud.That really annoyed me,but Harry and Louis really liked it.

"I think is here"-Zayn said pointing to the small building.We step inside and serach for the dorm,which was on the first floor.

"HERE!ROOM 108!"-Harry said.We knocked but no one answered.We decided to knock again. Nothing.

"Hey guys,isn't locked"-Louis said opening the door.We step in and in that moment I could feel Niall freezing and sadness on his eyes.



Camille P.O.V

"Someone is knocking"-Peter said.I know he's stupid but he declared his love for me and I'm so emotive that I accepted to date him,yes now he's my boyfriend.I broke up with Jorge one month ago,I'm ready to move on 

"Can be Diana!"-He said standing up but I pull him back,laying my head on his chest.I have to say this is comfortable and I think I like him.I know him for a long time ago and he's always nice with me,just sometimes when he's drunk that he's annoying.

"No,she never knock and she have the key"-I said.Oh no,I forgot the boys will come,maybe is them!Someone knocked again but I'm too worry to say to Peter that I know the One Direction boys,he already know but I don't want to talk about it.Peter is comforting me,I'm crying so hard and I just want to know where Diana is.

He entered in my room thirty minutes ago and I explained everything for him and started to cry,he kissed me and said he waited for this for a long time and he loves me.I know is cliche but at the same time was so cute that I can't resist.So now we're dating.The tears keep rolling down and he was saying comfort words to me.

Suddenly the door open reveling five guys,shocked.The blonde was hurt.

"What the hell?"-Peter said looking for me shocked.

"WE CAME TO HELP!"-Lou said.

"I didn't know you'll come and they'll help me to find Diana!I called them before you came in"-I said and to Pet and he nod.

" Okay babe"-He said kissing forehead.

"So let's find her,I was just comforting my babe.I'm Peter"-He said to the boys and I blush because he called me babe.

"Hi,I'm Liam and these are Zayn,Louis,Niall and Harry"-He said still shocked.

"Yea I know,you're everywhere on my girlfriend room"-He said pointing to my posters.

"Shut up!"-I giggled,was really weird because I'm crying and giggling and I end making a strange noise.We walked out of the dorms building.

"So where do you think she can be?"-Liam asked,I can see he's worried.

"I don't have idea..."-I confess.We decided to walk around and see if we see her or someone who knows where she's.





Diana P.O.V  

I walked to the bar and finally founded a charger to my phone.After thirty minutes I think,I come back to the middle of the trees and turn on my phone.Have some miss calls from the boys and Camille and a message from a unknown number.


*Hey princess do you miss me?Well now I know your number and I'm in the college!Happy?        Miss you,Matt*


What?No this is not possible.He's here?He founded me?He already destroyed my life once,now he wants to destroy again?I have to run away,never come back.I'm not strong enough to look at his face,to look at his eyes.I hate him.





Camille P.O.V


"Really,Noah don't get tired to make parties?"-I said to Peter and he chuckle.

"A little party never killed nobody"-Harry sang and I roll my eyes.We came for one of the frat houses to find Diana because Peter think maybe someone gave her something to drink and bring her here.The boys stayed outside and me and Peter went find her.

"Oh my-"-I shock when Susan and Jorge were snogging and Susan was just with a little skirt and bra.

"I'll kill him"-Peter said.

"No,just don't."-I said and walked to Rebecca.

"Diana is here?"-I ask.This loud music is giving me a headache.

"Who's Diana?"-She said,thank God she's sober.

"My bestfriend,she lives with me"-I said.

"Ohhhh no she isn't here sorry"-Rebecca said.

"Thanks"-I said and leave the house.I need a moment to breath,this house is full of drunk teenager and the smell of alcohol is everywhere.I'm intoxicated.This house brings me so many memories, so many mistakes.The boys were standing a few steps when Peter grab my wrist.

"What?"-I said still angry to see Jorge and worry about Diana.


"Peter calm down


"I don't like him,he disgust me"-I said and put my hand on his face trying to calm him.

"I just don't want to see you hurt and he's-"-I kiss him.

"I don't love him okay?"-I said and he gave me a confused look.

"Let's find Nana now"-I said and grab his hand.




Niall P.O.V

Dammit.Why I have to fall in love with her?I have all the girls that I want but the girl that I really want is taken.Her boyfriend is good looking and strong and he's too protective,always calling her babe. That was suppose to be me,she told me she was single.And we talked a lot since that day in the hotel,I know everything about her,everything that he don't know.She kissed her right in front of me and I feel so weak right now.

"Are you okay mate?"-Louis whispered and I nod.He was yelling at her saying he was going to beat some guy who played with her feelings,and I think I'll help him,no one plays with Camille feelings,but she ended kissing him to calm him.That should be me!I can almost taste her soft pink lips on mine saying she loves me.

"Lets find Nana now"-She said and hold his hand.

"Sorry guys"-Peter apologize.

"Is okay mate"-Zayn said.

"Are you kidding me?This is the worst day of my life!"-She said after we walked some steps.

"Hey!"-Peter looked at her.

"Shhh Peter,that guy is the guy who ruined Nana life!"-She said pointing to a guy with black hair and cover with tattoos,more than Zayn.He turned around and smirked when he saw Camille.

"Camille I missed you love!"-He said smirking


"C'mon was just a game"-He said and chuckle.


"I heard she's fine now"-He said and Camille slapped him.

"Babe!"-Peter run and pull her to his chest,protecting her.Freaking stupid.

"Ouch,still strong huh?And Diana is inside?I'll talk to her"-He said and winked.

"DON'T SAY HER NAME OR MENTION HER!NO WOMAN DESERVE YOU!I THOUGHT YOU WAS IN THE JAIL!"-She said and Peter is with his arms around her waist trying to stop her.

"Yeah I was but now I'm free.If you see Diana say for her that I miss her"-He said and walked inside.

"Who's him?"- Peter softly asked when Camille calmed down.

"The boy who destroyed Diana's life,the boy that I thought that I would never see again"



(A/N) Hi!Omg I'm doing so much suspense hehehe but next chapter I'll end with this mystery of the "guy who any women deserve".So I hope you liked this chapter and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to my new family :) I'm not an orphan anymore YAAAY.Tysm for read.Xxx

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