Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


6. Chapter 6

Camille P.O.V


My dreams are consumed by blue and blue/green eyes,both saying they need me but I can't do nothing to help and then they disappear and I wake up,sweating.I sit down and look around the room.Everything is black.


"Nana?"-No one answered.I stand up and open the windows.I groaned and looked around again.Diana is not here.I open the bathroom door but she isn't there too. I sleepy walked in the bathroom and took a warm shower.I started to wake up and remember the things that happened yesterday.I met One Direction.I stayed hours with them.I went to a party.Peter annoyed me.Niall Horan called me.I saw Susan and Jorge making out.That hurts.I decided to go to a bar near to my dorm.I met some nice guys who performed yesterday.One of them gave me a ride and I gave him my number.And Diana is not here.

She even leave a note or told me she went to a walk.Wait what?Everytime she goes to these walks and don't say to me is because something-

"Oh no"-I whispered and tried to call her TEN TIMES BUT SHE DIDN'T ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE AND I HATE THAT FREAKING VOICEMAIL.Let me explain,everytime she go to this walks is because something really bad happened,she don't like to cry in front of people,she always is the strong one who isn't afraid of anything and have everything on control.So she go to a secret place on campus,THAT I DON'T KNOW WHERE IS,and stay there until she's better.The last time she did this was in the beginning of the year,when her grandpa died.Oh no someone died?  ANSWER THE PHONE DIANA.Ugh I have to be a superman now and try to find her.DIANA HOLD ON I'M COMING TO SAVE YOU!How can I joke right now?This wasn't even funny!I'll just find her...


Liam P.O.V


"Niall c'mon let's practice this song one more time"-I said to Niall but he was too busy debating if he calls or not Camille.He said she's funny and cool but the boys said he have a crush on her.I don't think so because he met her yesterday,how he can fancy her?It's impossible. 

Niall shook his head and I feel someone put a hand on my shoulder.I turned around,is Zayn.

"Mate let's have a break,just one hour"-He said and I cross my arms.

"No,of course not!"-I said 

"Pleaseeee"-Louis fake cried and I roll my eyes.

"Fine just one hour"-I said walking to the other side of the room sitting on the small sofa.Zayn and Niall sat next to me discussing.

"You fancy her Niall,I'm sure about it!"-Zayn said.

"No she's just a friend,well I met her yesterday so I don't think she's even my friend!"-He said blushing.

"What do you think Payno?"-Zayn asked.

"I don't know,he met her yesterday,he can't fancy someone he just met"-I said.

"HA"-Niall said and I chuckle.

"Mate one:I never met Megan Fox and I fancy her and two:the first time I saw Perrie I had sure she was special"-Zayn said.

"Okay maybe I facy her..."-Niall whispered and Zayn and I laugh.Louis and Harry sat next to us and looked at us like we're E.Ts.

"What happened?"-Harry asked.

"Niall finally admitted he have a crush on Camille"-I said and Niall blushed.

"Aww our little Niall is growing up"-Louis said.Wait I had something really important to do but I don't remember what it is.Crush,fancy,girlfriend...SOPHIA I said to her that I'll call her today,she'll be mad with me because this is not the first time that this happen.Dammit.

"Guys I have to call to someone"-I said and stand up.

"Sophia hmm"-Harry tease me.

"Yea she'll be mad with me,I promised her that I would call her  hours ago"-I said.

"Good luck"-They said and I chuckle.I searched for my phone on my pocket and call her,after a few rings she answered.

"I don't want to talk"-She said.

"Wait!I-I'm sorry Sophia I didn't forget I had to call you"-I lied.

"Oh really?"-She said angry.

"Yea I was busy with the album,me and the boys were practicing"-I said,I hate lie to her but if I say the true she would be freaking mad.But I was busy practicing with the boys,this is true.

"You was so busy that your forgot your girlfriend!"-She yelled.

"No Sophia I already said I didn't forgot you!"-I didn't forgot her,I forgot to call her,is different!

"Listen Liam I just had a stressful day and I don't want to argue with you okay?I just miss you"-She said calming down.I miss her too...Wait I miss?She's my girlfriend I have to miss her,right?

"Me too"-I finally said and I can almost see her grinning,I grin too.

"I don't think so"-She said and my grin fades.

"What?"-What she's talking about?

"Diana let's hang out someday with the lads and Camille,call me"-She said annoyed.I almost laugh,she's jealous of Diana?She don't have to be jealous of her.Right?Why I'm asking so many questions to myself and overthinking everything?

"Diana is just a friend Sophia!"-I said

"Fine Liam we talk about it later"-She said and I heard some voice on the background.

"Who's with you?"-I asked and she gulp.

"Is just the TV Liam"-She said.

"Okay..."-I said more to myself.

"LIAM COME HERE!"-Niall called me.

"Sorry"-I said embarrassed.

"I can't believe"-She said...disgusted? 

"I-I'm sorry"-I said again.

"Don't Liam"-She said and hung up.I can feel her angry face screaming at me.But I don't really  care,I'm just wondering why she's jealous of Camille?She's pretty,smart,cute and I have to admit I love her laugh.

Better than Sophia

My stupid subconscious said.


Camille P.O.V

It's already evening and she's not back.I'm on a cafe drinking tea and trying to not freak out.I have to think.Suddenly my phone rings and my hear start to beat fast.Is Diana?No,it's Niall.Days ago I would be jumping and fangriling but now I'm too worried to think.

"Hi Niall"-I said.

"What happened?"- He asked.How he knows something happened?

"What?Nothing"-I lied

"I know something happened,I spend four hours with you and one hour talking to you on the phone"-He said and I almost chuckle.

"Fine,I can't find Diana"-I said and a tear roll down my face.

"What?"-He asked and I explained everything to him.Twenty minutes later I finished and took a deep breath.

"I'll help you"-He said a few moments after

"What?No Niall I know you're busy!"-I said in shock.

"Me and the boys will help you we're going to the campus now"-He said firmly.

"Thank Niall"-I said.

"It's nothing,I'll call the boys.See you soon"-He said.

"Bye"-I said and hung up.He's such a gentleman,I think he was calling me to invite me and Nana to go out or something but I put them in trouble.I feel a little bad to bother them but I don't know what to do,she never took this long.I'm really worried.

I finished my tea and pay the old woman.I walked back to my dorm and waited the boys arrive.I tried to call Nana a few more times but she didn't answered.Where's she?




Niall P.O.V


"JUST A MOMENT!"-Liam yelled back.I'm really worried now,she leaved in the morning and it's already evening,where is Diana?I'm more worried with Camille,I have to admit I feel something for her but I'm not sure what it is.I just want to help.

"What happened?"-Liam asked for us.

"Diana..."-Zayn started to say.

"W-what happened to her?"-He asked  panicking.I think Liam feel something for Diana but he's taken so I'm not sure.

"No one knows where she's.She leaved this morning and it's already evening and Camille don't find her"-He said.

"No no no what?"-He said and I explain the whole story while we drive to the campus.I'm a little nervous to see Camille but I don't think she feels the same.You're probably like:You're Niall Horan every girl in the world is nervous when you're around! But I'm not too secure now.Camille is stunning and she told me about the parties that she go and etc.We just need to find Diana.


(A/N) Ik this chapter is short but I wrote on my phone,sorry for the grammar and etc.Anyway what did you think about the Sophiam moment?I have to admit I miss Payzer but if he's happy I'm fine,this sound so cliche Ik.Who watched 1D DAY?MEEEEE!I watched everything and I love it!Was perf!Anyway tysm for read.Xx




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