Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


5. Chapter 5

I have to be strong.I hate myself so much because I keep remembering about things that I want to regret,but I decided to make that mistakes that I can´t forget. I took a deep breath and walk back to my room.

"Hey"-I said to Mille but she´s to busy with the damn TV.I sit in my bed and open my laptop again.There's one of the most important emails of my life.

"Mille..CAMILLE PHILLIPS TURN OFF THIS TV NOW!"-I scream and she quickly stand up.

"What?I can`t even watch Sponge Bob?"-She snap back.

"Shut up!Now you can´t because professor answered us"-I said and she sat quietly on the bed.

"Sorry"-She whispered. This damn internet is too slow,I´m freaking mad now.After a few minutes of silence the internet finally works and the email connected,I click on the professor email and waited nervously. Mille and I read it in silence.First he critiqued the interview too much and said we had a lot to learn but...he said was quite good in the end and he accepted.In a few days our interview will be in the university newspaper.Mille and I finished to read at the same time,and we share proud looks.

"Congrats Nana"-She said and hugged me tight.

"Congrats Mille"-I said hugging her back.

"Don´t say thank you for me,you worked so hard and I didn´t worked that much"-She said when we apart.

"Shut up!"-I said and we both laugh.

"Now can I watch TV?"-She asked and I nod grinning.I´m so happy right now,I' smiling like a dumbass but I don´t care,the worst professor of the world said my interview was good enough to be in his newspaper.I´m so proud of my work,Mille is right,I did all the hard work but I don´t want to admit this to her,she helped me when I needed and she´s a good girl and reporter.I lie on my bed thinking about the long day that I had.I met a famous boyband and we sort of had fun,now I have their numbers and...I HAVE THEIR NUMBERS AND I NEED TO CALL THEM.I think I´ll call Liam just to say thank you.Oh no he´s doing a show.Maybe just send a message?But his voice is so soft...WHAT?No,Diana you have to focus.I´ll call him tomorrow to thank him and the boys,anyway he said he wanted to hang out sometime,I´m free tomorrow.Again I can´t understand why I´m always over thinking about what to do or say when I´m talking about Liam.This is crazy,I think I´m just tired and is almost ten,I have to go to bed. I took quickly shower and changed to my pjs,I put my earphones and minutes later I was consumed by the music and I fell asleep.

Camille P.O.V

I´m so happy about the interview,I met my favorite boyband and that elephant accepted the interview.Well who did everything was Nana thought,and she just don't want to admit this because she's my  friend,my sister. I´m here watching Sponge Bob like a big child,but I don´t care because this cartoon is awesome,really I love it.Suddenly my phone rings and I groan,why someone is calling me? It´s almost ten!

"Hello?"-I said annoyed without checking the ID.

"Camille!"-Someone squeak.Few moments I recognize that annoying voice,Susan,the girl that use to party with me.

"What?"-I said don´t paying attention.

 "Everybody here is missing you!Have two weeks you don´t come to party!Want to go to one today?"-She ask too excited.I roll my eyes when she said 'everybody missed you'.They don´t miss me,they just like me because my dad is damn rich.Yea my dad is a famous doctor and he have his own hospital,but years ago we were poor and my life was miserable.Some people bullied me when I was twelve because I didn´t wear the coolest clothes or had the coolest toys,I just used to sit in the end of the class alone,that year I met Diana.She was popular but she wasn´t a idiot like the others,she talked to me and in two weeks we were best friends.She wasn´t rich too,but her parents had a cafe and she always is nice to everyone,everybody loves her.A year after my mom died in a car accident and my dad had depression,he lost he´s job and Diana family helped us.Diana shared her clothes with me and in a few months I became popular too,but I didn´t care,Diana didn´t care too.Two years later my dad was better and he had a job in the supermarket,one day he lucky changed and he won on the lottery,literally won.He payed he´s medicine university,he became a famous doctor and he started to receive a lot of money so he bought he´s own hospital and now we´re rich.But like I said,I don´t care.This people don´t like me,they like my money but I´m not stupid.

"Yea I think I´ll go"-I said.

"OH.MY.GOD THIS IS AWESOME!You need a ride?"-She said excited and I nod.  

"Okay I´ll be there at ten"-She said,I nod again and hung up.I check the clock,9:30 pm.I took a quickly shower and put my new fabric black dress,yellow high heels and purse,I curl my hair and the moment I finished Susan said she arrived.I wrote a note to Nana in case she wake up and leave.  

"Camille you´re stunning!"-She said.  

"Thanks"-I said practically ignoring her.Her pink lipstick is giving me headache. A few minutes pass and we didn´t arrive at the house where the parties happen.  

"Where´s the party?"-I asked worried.

"Do you remember where was the bonfire?"-She asked and I nod.How can I forget?

"Will be there.Peter and Lilly said would be funny have a party decent party there"-She said and chuckle.After that we didn´t talk,I just stare at the window and minutes later we arrive.

"Let´s have fuuuun"-Susan squeal putting her arms in the air.

"Sure"-I said and roll my eyes.When we get out of the car I realize was a bad idea come here,I feel nauseous with the toughs about weeks ago.

"C´mon!"-Susan said grabbing my arm and pushing me to the entrance.A lot of people looked at me when I arrive.

"CAMILLE!"-Tiffany and Carla squeal and hug me.

"Hi"-I said when we apart.

"Gurl we missed you so much!"-Carla said.

"Yea now I´m here"-I said forcing a smile.They forced me to dance and drink but I refuse.I don´t drink alcohol because the idea of get drunk don´t make me feel okay,and I´m not in the mood of dance so I just sit in a table and eat some pizza.I checked my phone and log on twitter.I have a thousand of new followers and a lot of notifications.I´m trying to discover why a lot of people started to follow me when something really really weird chocked me.

*@NiallOfficial:Having fun with my future wife @Camille_Phillipsxxxx93 our friend @DianaPetersenxoxo92 and the lads.Haha nice day*

I smile when I finished to read the tweet.Niall is crazy,now everybody thinks we´re engagement!I read some comments,and they´re basically NIALL DON´T MARRY HER YOU´RE MINE!!!YOU´RE OUR IRISH BABY,Congrats Niall hope you´re happy together and some people saying horrible and hurtful things about me.I have to explain this or tomorrow this will be in the news.

*Guys this future wife thing is just a joke between me and @NiallOfficial  ,we're just friends haha.Anyway had good day with my girl and the lads :D*

I tweeted and in seconds a lot of people started to comment something like:Good is just a joke,stay away for him and you and Niall are so cute together!I ship #nille Wow they already match our names.Days ago I would be fangirling and jumping around like a fool but I met the boys and I realize they´re normal guys...well sort of normal.

"Wow Mille"-Someone interrupt my thoughts.

"What?Oh hi Peter"-I said looking back to my phone.

"Hey look at me!You´re hot tonight"-He smirk.

"Thanks now leave"-I said rolling my eyes.

"Calm down!Ii know what happened and I think Jorge is a-"He starts but I interrupt him

"Don´t.I know he´s your friend.Thanks for inviting me but I think is time to go"-I said and suddenly my phone rings but before I can think Peter quickly take it from my hand.

"Who the hell is Niall?You moved on so fast!"

-He said giving the phone back to me.

"No,he´s just a friend"-Why Niall is calling me?

"He´s the One Direction guy!"-He said

"Yea he´s,bye Peter."-I said and walked away.He tried to catch my wrist but I'm faster than him.After some steps I decided to answer Niall.

"Hello?"-I said pretending I don´t know who´s calling.

"Hey Camille,its me Niall!"

"Oh hi Niall"-I said.

"Sorry to call you so late,I just finished a show"

"Its okay,I´m at a party"-I said checking the time,one in the morning.

"Oh okay have fun"-He said and almost hung up.

"Not really,I just checked your tweet,now some people think we´re engagement"-I said and he laugh.                                                                                                               

 "Was a good day...We should hang out someday,I mean you,Diana and the boys

"This would be fun,I call you someday"-I said.

"Okay,I´ll stay the month here in LA"-He said and I smile,one month with Niall Horan...I could write a fanfic about this.

"Cool,I´ll call you.Good night my future husband"-I joke and we laugh.

"Good night"-He said and hung up.I decided to not tell Niall the interview was a success because I know how excited Diana is to say this to the boys.I took a taxi,I don't know where to go I just want to get out of here.I really don't want to go home so I decided to go to a bar near to my house.I just want to end this awesome day in a good way.I arrived at the bar and walked in,some guys were performing on the small stage in the end of the bar.I order a hamburger and watched the boys,they sang some songs by The Neighbourhood,One Republic,Parachute(A/N If you never listened this bands LISTEN RIGHT NOW and if you already listen you have sweg lol) and now they're singing Best Song Ever.I found myself enjoying the three boys singing and playing.I have to admit they're cute,very cute.Two are blond and one is brunette,but all of them have the same green/blue beautiful eyes.After more two songs they ended the show and sat on a table next to mine.I decided talk to them because I think I was the only one paying attention at their performance.

"Hi guys I watched your performance and was really great."-I said and they smile.

"Thank you!I think you was the only one who was watching"-One of the blonds said.

"Nah the others just don't have a good taste of music"-I said and they chuckle.

"Maybe...Anyway I'm Rick and these are my brothers Conor and Ed"-He said and the others waved.

"I'm Camille"-I said grinning.

"Hey you and Niall are engagement right?'-The other blond,Conor,said.

"No!This was a joke,I met Niall today,well I interviewed him and the boys for the college newspaper"-I said proud. 

"Oh but everybody thinks you two will get married"-The brunette said,Ed.

"Yea I already made everything clear.That boys are really crazy"-I said and chuckle.After the boys order their foods we started to talk again.

"You were singing a One Direction song right?"-I asked. 

"Yes,we really like their music"-Conor said and the others nod.

"I have to admit I'm a huge fan...I had a heart attack when I met them early"-I said and they laugh.

"We have to say we're fans too"-Ed said.

"Dammit is almost two in the morning!Sorry guys but I have to go"-I said standing up.

"Hey do you have a car or something?'-Rick asked.

"No I'll just walk"-I said picking my purse.

"Can I give you a ride?'-He asked.

"You're not a criminal or something like that right?'-I tease him.

"Yea of course I'm"-He said and we laugh walking out of the bar.Twenty minutes later I arrive.

"Thank you Rick"-I said when he opened the car's door to me.

"You're welcome.Errrr c-can I have your...Never mind"-He said shyly.

"Here.Call me someday I want to watch  you and you brothers performing again"-I said grinning and he blush.

"O-okay thanks.Good night"-He said and leave.I chuckle.

When I arrived at the room I notice Diana is aseep so I try to be quiet.I took off my shoes,dress and make up and put my pjs.I lay down and in a few minutes I fall asleep.Was a good day...

Diana P.O.V

I woke up at eight noticing Mille is asleep.Her dress and shoes are on the floor and have a note in the desk saying she went to a party.I don´t want to make noise so I just open the mini fridge and grab apple juice and decided to open my laptop.I checked Twitter,I have thousand of many followers because Niall tweeted something about me and Mille and the boys started following me. Well now that I have some followers I decided to tweet something,stupid like always.

*Good morning guys!Yea had a nice day yesterday interviewing the boys,they're crazy!!!I think I was the only one normal in that hotel room hahaha Anyway had an awesome time with the boys and my girls.Xxx*


I said that was stupid...Few moments later Liam reply me.Why he just don't call me?I don't like Twitter.1 

*@DaianaPetersenxoxo92 Hey I'm normal too okay!!!Anyway we should hang out,the lads,Camille you and me.What do you thinkICall me!!!Anyway how's everyone morning afternoon/night?*


I decided to call him later.I log in on Facebook and everyone was publishing the same boring things.Suddenly someone send me something on chat.

Matt Williams:Hey!Do you remember me?


Of course I remember you!You is the guy who ruined my damn life,who made everyone hates me and destroyed everything that I had!How I can forget a monster like him?My biggest fear is back: my past.


(A/N)Woooo suspense!Guys Idk if this Twitters exist ok?!?Please comment if you ship Nille or Camiall?Or you ship her with another charterer?Tysm for read.Xoxo

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