Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


4. Chapter 4

I don't think is a good idea Mille"-I said.

"Of course it is!Is quite boring here"-Niall said

"C'mon Nana,just be a bad girl aga..."-She said joking.

"Don't"-I said serious cutting her and she nod.

"So what do you want to do?"-Harry asked breaking the tension.

"I don't know.What do you want to do?"-Mille asked with a smirk.Flirty like always.

"He stay at twitter the whole day"-Liam said and we laugh.

"Shut up!I just don't have nothing to do!And it's good to know what the fans are posting"-He said and Mille immediately blush.Muahahaha revenge.

"So I think you listened about the fanpage that Camille have"-I said smirking.

"SHUT UP DAIANA!"-She said covering my mouth.

"Awwww she have a fanpage for us"-Louis said and we laugh.

"Is just a page that I use when I don't have nothing to do"-She said blushing.

"Really?You check Twitter every second because your page is famous"-I said and she roll her eyes, why we do this all the time?

"What's the username?Let me check!"-Zayn said opening his laptop.

"DAIANA DONT YOU DARE-"-She said but it's too late.

"1derland91!"-(A/N It's the username of my tumbrl,if you have time please check :3)-I screamed and he quickly typed.

"Here I founded"-He said few moments later.

"No Zayn!Stop!"-Camille said but Niall stop her, hugging her from behind.Aw so sweet.

"No babe,we have to discuss about our marriage"-He said and we laugh.

Louis and Harry sat next to Zayn,and they're focus on the screen.Liam is in the other side of the room reading some papers.

"Look at this post:OMG HARRY'S BIG HANDS GIVE ME MASSIVE FEELS"-Louis said and we laugh.Ops.

"Babe how could you do this to me?"-Niall said joking.

"Shut up!And Nana I really hate you"-She said blushing.

I walked to the other side of the room and sit down next to Liam.

"Hi"-I said smiling.

"Hey"-he said focused on the papers.

"What are this papers?"-I asked.

"Nothing special,just the dates of the shows and interviews"-He said sitting down and finally looking at me.

"This is important!"-I said and he chuckle.

"Yea I think so.Are you having fun?"-He asked

"Yes,your band mates are a little crazy"-I giggled

"They're really weirdo"-He said and we start to laugh.He's so sweet and kind.But I have to keep my promise:never start a new relationship again. He have beautiful brown eyes.Liam have muscles,I can see his strong arms.Why I'm staring at his arms?And his perfect brown eyes?

After a comfort silence I started to talk again.

"I saw the new music video"-I said for him.

"Story of my life?"-He asked.

"No Einstein!-I said and he laugh

"Do you like it?"

"It's better than a lot of stupid music videos that I've watched,it's cute"-I said and he chuckle.

"Thank you!"-He said and I grin.I didn't notice but we're here for about one hour and the fans are still screaming outside.The boys are joking and talking with Camille and she's having a good time,I'm talking about random things with Liam: music,sports,university,his career,X factor,etc.

"Was really crazy when they put us on a group, Louis was quiet!"-He said and we laugh.More two out pass and the fans finally come back home.

"Of course Reese's is better than Kit Kat!"-I argue.

"No Kit Kat is so much better"-Liam answer defending his precious chocolate.

"No guys!M&M is the best chocolate of the world!"-Camille said entering in our discussion of which chocolate is better.We're 19 and 20 years old and we're discussing this.I just can't believe how ridiculous this discussion sounds.

The door flys open and Paul smile.

"Girls,you're free to go"-Paul said and Niall fake cried.

"No my bride can't leave me!"-He said and Camille swat his arm playfully.

"Just give your phone to us,we have some weeks for a brake so we could hang out someday"-Liam said smiling and I nod.After putting my cellphone and Camille's on their phones and theirs on mine we leave.

"Was a funny morning"-I said.

"But it's already afternoon and I'm hungry"- Camille said and I realize I'm starving.

"Yea me too,let's go to McDonalds?"

"YAAAAY I WANT TWO HAPPY MEALS!"-Camille said and I roll my eyes because she's not joking, every time we go to McDonalds she order two happy meals.She's a big child.


"Finally at home"-Camille said taking of her high heels and laying on her bed.

"Stand up lazy butt!We have to edit this interview and send to professor elephant"-I said and she groan.

"No I'm too tired and my feet are killing me"-She said and I roll my eyes,I have to stop doing this!

I picked my laptop and started to edit the interview,just correct my grammar mistakes and this king of stuff.I'm not this kind of journalist who puts lies to make the interview more interesting,after some time people who read will find the true.

My phone starts to ring.

"Your phone is ringing"-Camille said focus on the TV.

"Really?"-I said with sarcasm.

I save the interview and close my laptop.I pick my phone and look who's calling,Liam.Wow.

"Hello?"-I said pretending that I don't know who's calling.

"Hi Daiana!Its Liam.Do you remember me?"-He said and I chuckle.

"Sorry but I don't remember you"-I said joking and I can listen his soft laugh.

"So how are you?"-He asked,good way to start a conversation.

"Good,a little tired.And you?"-I said trying to figure why he's calling me.

"Tired too,I have a show on a few hours"-He said and I can hear some other voices in the background

"Really?Good luck!"-I said

"Thank you,I'm just bored...What are you doing?" -He asked trying to continue out conversation.

"Just making some edit on the interview, correcting my grammar mistakes"-I said.

"Oh sorry for bother you"-He apologize.

"No problem!I'm finishing and I'm quite bored too"-I said and mean it.Camille is too busy watching TV.

"Where's Camille?"-Liam asked.

"Watching stupid TV shows"-I saId and we chuckle.

"I gotta go,the show will start in one hour,I have to get ready.So just called to ask if you and Camille don't want to go to the mall with us at the weekend?"-He said

"It's a good idea,have a good show."

"Thanks babe,bye"-He said and I hung up smiling.He called me babe?Oh this is a British thing.But sounded so sweet.Why I'm with a stupid smile on my face and thinking about him calling me babe?Daiana you have to remember what happened in you last relationship,you have to keep your promise.

"Who was on the phone?"-Camille asked.

"Liam"-I said and grin.What?.

"Awww he's so sweet"-Se joke.

"Shut up,I'll take a shower"-I said and I again guess what?I roll my eyes!

After the shower I send the interview to my professor and waited for his answer.This interview is so damn important and I'm freaking out!My phone ring.

"Hello?"-I said noticing that I don't know who's calling.

"Hi Daiana!Its the chancellor"-He said and I take a deep breath.

"Can you give me one minute?"-I ask and he nod.

"Where are you going?"-Mille said when I reach the door.

"Just take some fresh air"-I said.

"Okay bye"-She said turning her attention to the TV.

"Sorry chancellor"-I said standing on the hAll.

"It's okay,how was the interview?"-He asked.Oh of course he wanted to know if paps took photos of me and one of the boys.

"Actually good,I just send it to my professor"-I said proud of my job.

"But nothing happened?"-He said pressing me.

"Sorry but no"-I said fake disappointed.

"Oh"-He simply said.

"I have to go,finish some homework"-I lie.

"Okay,good evening Daiana"-He said.

"For you too,bye"-I said and hung up.How did he know the number of my phone?Duh he's the damn chancellor!I take a deep breath and suddenly the tears start to roll down my face.Why me?The images of my past, my wild past,come to my mind.The mistakes and the crazy thing I did.I hate feel vulnerable.What I'm going to do?


(A/N)Tysm for the reads and a lovely girl who commented :) Can you please comment who you ship with Camille?Ily

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