Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


3. Chapter 3

>Three weeks later<

Daiana P.O.V

I have to sleep.You did the right choice.Don't worry.The chancellor is happy.Is better for you. Keep calm.

This words are spinning in my head.I'm in my bed staring at the ceiling and reminding myself to breath,just breath.I told to the chancellor that I accept date one of the boys for publicity.I know it's wrong but my family need this damn money and I told to the chancellor that I'll try but I don't know if will work.I'm nervous.

I didn't tell this to Mille,she would freak out and hate me.She's fine now,Jorge is with his blondes and Mille is dreaming to have a chance with one of the One Direction guys.She's not in this publicity thing but she's a directioner and she freaking love them.

Just breath.

I read one more time the questions that I'll do for them.My life in this past three weeks was google them,create a anonymous tumbrl and twitter to know what the fans say about them and listen their new songs,Best Song Ever and Story of My Life,and they're good.

Just breath,breath.I finally fall asleep.

Camille P.O.V

Nana thinks I'm asleep but I'm freaking out.I can't believe I'll interview ONE DIRECTION OH MY GOD.

Tomorrow will be the best day of my life!

I'm better now,last week was quite good,I started to forget Jorge and now I don't think about him every second,I just remember him and our good moment at night,before I fall asleep.But today I don't have time to think about a stupid boy,I'll meet One Direction tomorrow!

I just need to breath,keep breathing.I'm staring at the wall next to me,and I'm bored.But my mind is racing,full of questions that I can make for them and how will be my reaction.I'll keep cool and act normal...HAHAHAHA OF COURSE NOT!I'll freak out and jump in their arms and ask them to marry me.

Just breath,and finally I fall asleep.

>Next Day<

Daiana P.O.V

I turn off my alarm and groan,is seven in the morning and it's Saturday!Why I'm awak...IT'S TODAY!THE INTERVIEW IS TODAY.

"MILLE WAKE UP!WE HAVE TO GET READY!"-I scream walking to her bed.

"You think I'm asleep?"-She said standing in front of the bathroom door.We laugh.

"I need to take a shower"-I said sleepy.

"I'm done here,you can come"-She said getting out of the bathroom and walking to her wardrobe.

"I can't believe I'm awake at seven in the morning on a Saturday"-I said and Mille roll her eyes.

"Shut up and go get ready!"-She said pointing to the bathroom,I chuckle.

I took a long shower and wash my hair.Bad idea I know,I don't have time,the interview is at ten and it's eight thirty.The drive to their hotel will take thirty minutes.Damn.I quickly dry my hair and did curls,put my black jeans and a Hollister t-shirt. This interview won't be at the TV,is just for the university newspaper and for my class so I don't need to dress like a model.I put my gray high heels and light make up.

"Let's go Mille!"-I said getting out of the bathroom.

"Oh my God I'm freaking out"-She said putting perfume.

"You're pretty now let's go!"-I said pushing her out of the room.I pick my purse and walked to the taxi.Mille was wearing a jeans skirt and a cute purple sweater with black high heels.Her hairs was in a pointy nail and she put light make up.

Thirty minutes later we arrived,was the longest ride of my life.The cabby didn't stop talking about his damn life and was so annoying!Ugh

Oh I forgot that this boys are rich and they're at the most expensive hotel of LA.

Camille and I gasp when we enter.The lobby have an old fancy decoration,with big sofas and a beautiful carpet.Why I'm looking at the carpet?

"This place is so fancy"-I whisper to her.

"Just act like you're rich"-She said and we chuckle.

"I can't act like I'm rich when I'm wearing jeans!"- I said.

"Just act"-She said.

"Good morning"-I said to the receptionist.

"What do you want?"-Ouch,why she's so arrogant?

"We'll interview One Direction so just say which room they're"-Camille said in the same tone.

The woman laugh.

"Listen girls,a lot of other teenagers said that since this boys arrive so just come back home"- She said.

"Listen we're from LAU so just call them and ask"-Camille said.

"Okay but I hope you're telling the true"-The woman with long nails said picking the telephone.

"Hi Mr.Styles good morning.Have two girls here for LAU and they said you have a interview with them"-She said and nod a few times.She hung up the phone.

"You can go,they're waiting for you.This is their room"-She said annoyed giving us a paper with the number.

"Thank you"-Camille said with a smirk.

We walked to the elevator,both to nervous to have a conversation.Few moments later we knock on their door,in the end of the hall.Liam Payne opened the door.Oh.

"Hi Mr.Payne I'm Daiana and she's Camille and we're from LAU"-I said smiling.He have beautiful brown eyes.

"Oh hi!Nice to meet you!And just call me Liam"-He said smiling and I nod.He gesture us to come in and the other boys are on the sofa talking.

"Boys these are Daiana and Camille from LAU"- He said and the boys stop to talk.

"Hey"-They say in union.Weird.

Camille is in shock,I'm trying hard not to laugh but her face is just...incredible funny.I know she wants to jump on Niall feet and ask him to marry her.

"Please sit and we can start"-Zayn said pointing to the chairs.

"Oh thank you"-I said and push Camille to sit on the chair.

"Your friend is fine?"-Louis ask and I almost laugh.

"No,she's just a huge fan and she just want to ask Niall to marry her"-I said and they laugh.

"Hey"-Camille finally said.

"Hey Camille right?"-Niall said and she nod.

"Do you want to marry me?"-He said joking and she blush.

"No,Daiana is just joking"-She said embarrassed.

"But I'm a huge fan"-She said smiling.

"Thank you!"-They said.

"So let's start boys,this interview is for the LAU newspaper okay?We'll ask a few ques-"I said but Camille cut me.

"The boring questions that everyone ask to you"- She said and they laugh.

"You're stupid!"-I said to her.

"That's why you love me"-She said.

"You two are hilarious"-Harry said laughing.

"Thanks!"-We both said.

This interview is going well.I asked "the same boring questions" and they answer calmly and sometimes they made jokes and etc.Is the last question.

"So what do you want to the future guys?"-I asked.

"Marry Camille"-Niall said and she cover her face.

"Shut up Irish!"-She said and we laugh.

"We want to be happy and make more music"-Liam said and I smile.

"Thank you so much guys"-I said standing up.

"OH.MY.GOD"-Camille said pointing to the window.

"What?"-I said and when I turned around I saw the thousand fans that are in the front of the hotel.

"Wow this is crazy!"-Camille gasp.

"You can't go there girls,is too dangerous!"-Liam said.

Suddenly the door open and a man enter.

"Boys sorry but no one in this building can't get in or get out"-He said to the boys.

"What?!?"-I said.

"Oh you're the girls from LAU right?Sorry girls I'm Paul,the guard security.You'll have to stay here for a few hours"-He said closing the door.

"Dammit"-I said closing my laptop.

"Girls you can stay here!"-Louis said

"Really?Thank you Louis"-Camille said. *facepalm*

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