Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


2. Chapter 2

"So bring the journal tomorrow,have a good evening,bye"

Mr.Dennis said.He's cool and young,he's the best professor...OKAY HE'S CUTE.

I put my book on my bag and made my way to my scooter.

"D-daiana excuse me but chancellor w-wants to talk with y-you tomorrow in the e-end of the class"-The nerd said to me.No I don't bully him and I think the guys who bully him are idiots.But he never said he's name,he never say nothing.

"Thanks..."-I said waiting him tell me his name.

"Matt and you're w-welcome"-He said cleaning his glasses.

"Beautiful name"-I said grinning.I feel bad for him being bullied,he's just shy.

"T-thanks"-He said and I walk to my scooter"

What the hell the chancellor wants to talk with me?I didn't do nothing wrong and my grades are one of the bests.What I did?Ugh.

"Hey Nana lets go!You have to help me to choose something to wear!"-Camille said.She calls me Nana and I call her Mille,it's our nicknames since we met in school.Its out cute best friends thing.

"Okay.Mille chancellor wants to talk with me"-I said worried.

"You finally did something wrong?"-She asked with sarcasm.I roll my eyes and climb in my scooter.I'm not one of the nerds or an angel who don't have social I'm just...normal.In high school I did huge mistakes,I don't even know how they accept me in the university!So I decided to change,be a better person with no crazy ideas and no crazy parties.I was just tired to see people disappointed with me,so I changed for better.Camille didn't change,she make mistakes all the time,but not worsts than mine.

"Go faster Nana because I'm a little late!"-She screams climbing on her scooter.

When we arrive we walk to our room in silence. I'm thinking about what chancellor want to talk with me and Mille is thinking about her damn boyfriend.

"I don't know if I wear the purple or the red,oh my God this is so frustrating!"-She said when we enter in the room.I sit in my bed and chuckle.

"Can you show me the dresses?"-I said and she opened the wardrobe.

"Hey don't break our wardrobe"-I said joking and she roll her eyes.

"This is the purple and this is the red"-She said showing me the dresses.The purple is cute and the red is sexy.

"I prefer the purple"-I finally said.

"Me too...BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SHOES?"-She said.

"You're a drama queen"-I said and we laugh.

"I'm just freaking nervous"-She said picking to pairs of black high heels.

"Which one?"

"This one"-I said pointing to the left.

"And my make up?"-She said starting to freak out again.

"Your make up...I can do it"-I said because I know I do a better make up than her.

"Thank you!I'll take a quickly shower and then I call you to do my make up"-She said and I nod.

I lay on my bed and start to wonder why the chancellor wants to talk with me?I didn't do nothing wrong!This is ridiculous,I have to relax. I turn on the TV and put on cartoons,basically Sponge Bob.Thirty minutes later Mille called me.

"I'm coming!"-I said rushing to the bathroom.

"Hurry up please,I'm late!"-She said when I opened the door.

"Fine,I'll do my best."-I said rolling me eyes

"So what do you want?"-I said impatient.

"Light purple shadow,blush,eyeliner and gloss"- She said checking the clock.

"Okay"-I said and start.Fifteen minutes after I finished and she smile.

"Thank you so much Nana!"-She said hugging me and I laugh.

"Is just a make up!"-I said.

"I know but you know Jorge is important to me"-She said and her cheeks blushed.I don't like him but he makes her happy and is the only thing that matters.

"Go put your dress and get ready"-I said and she laugh.

I lay down again in my bed and for my lucky Doctor Who started.I can't understand how Matt Smith can be so hot.

"I'm ready!"-Mille said getting out of the bathroom.

"They grow so fast"-I said fake crying.

"You're stupid!"-She said laughing.

"You're stunning!"-I said and hug her.Moments later someone knock on the door.

"Is him oh my freaking God"-She said nervous. I opened the door and look serious to him.

"I want her here at 11"-I said and we laugh.

"Shut up Nana"-Mille said app ring behind me.

"Wow"-Jorge said and I chuckle.

"Take care of my girl"-I said and close the door.

Camille P.O.V

"Daiana is crazy"-Jorge said and we laugh.

"I know"

"Let's go,I have a surprise"-He said smirking.

"I hate surprises and you know this"

"You will like this one"-He said and wink.I can believe how much I love him.Me?The crazy and insane Camille,who just go to parties and get drunk in love with this boy,this is funny.

We enter in his car and after thirty minutes we arrived.The drive was calm,we just said a few things an sometimes I catch him staring at me.

"We're here"-He said turning off the car.

"Where we are?"

"A bonfire"-He said happily and I smile in reply. This is so cute,I'm not a big fan of bonfires but he's so sweet and I go everywhere with him.

"Let's go,the music started"-He said holding my hand,this few acts that he do make my cheeks flush and I feel special.

"Okay,and I'm hungry"-I said an she laugh.

One hour later and I'm eating hot dog,have a guy playing the guitar and Jorge is next to me enjoying the song.

"You're liking the bonfire?"-He asked nervous.

"Nah,nothing special"-I joke.

"W-what?"-He said in shock

"I'm joking!This is the best date ever!"-I said and he kiss me.

"JORGE IS YOU BABE!"-A blonde said hugging him.What?

"Errr hi"-He said nervous.

"Who is her?One more girl who you want to have fun?"-She asked and I start get angry.

"WHAT?"-I said to the fake blond.

"You know he just use girls right?Sleep with them and in the other day don't remember their names.But of coarse he remember mine because we slept together yesterday"-She said and wink to him.Oh this hurts.

"Shut up!You're drunk Rebecca!"-He said.


"She's lying!"-He said pointing to her.She laughs.

"I'm lying?Have other girls that slept to you here okay?JENNIFER,KIMBERLY,CAROLINE COME HERE"-She yelled to other fake blinds with mini skirts.

"What?HEY JORGE!"-One of them said FREAKING KISSING HIM.

"What the...YOU KNOW WHAT JORGE?I'M DONE!DONT LOOK AT MY FACE ANYMORE AND HAVE FUN"-I said and turn around.He follow me screaming and crying.


"I don't care!I loved you but now you're nothing for me"-I said and start to walk again.

"Please Camille,they're nothing compared to you"

"I know,I'm so damn better then this fake blondes,but you don't deserve me!I have you,you disgust me!"-I said and start to run.He doesn't follow me.Luckily a taxi was in front of the exit of the bonfire.

"Good evening ma'am"

"Hi,to the girls building next to the campus"-I said and he nod.I press my face in the window and start to cry.I hate him and I will never fall in love again.I can't believe he did this to me!I hate him so much.

"Good night ma'am"-The old guy said smiling.

"How much is it?"-I said opening my purse.

"Nothing,you can go."-He said and I started to protest but he stopped me.

"No problem,I hope you get better"-He said smiling.

"Thank you"-I said and get out of the car.I run to my room.Damn I forgot the keys.

"NANA OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE!NANA!"-I call we hoping she's not asleep.

"Hi,how was your da-"She stopped when she looked at me.

"What happened,what he did?"-She asked putting her arm around my shoulder.I sat on my bed and take a deep breath.

"He c-cheated me"-I said starting to cry again.

"Oh he didn't"-She said angry and I nod.

"I'll kill that stupid-"I stop her.

"No,he just deserve that fake blond girls"-I said and start to explain the story.

"Just take a shower and let's sleep"-She said and I nod.

After a long hot shower I put my favorite pajamas and lay on my bed,Nana is already sleeping.Oh tomorrow she'll talk to the chancellor!What she did wrong?Before that I realize I fall asleep, crying.

>Next Day<

Daiana P.O.V

Today I don't have class just yoga in the afternoon,so I decided to get ready and visit the chancellor.I'm still furious about Jorge but I have to solve this problem.I'm freaking nervous. I put my usual jeans an a T-shirt and walked to my scooter.

I arrived at the building of the chancellor,and I'm freaking nervous.I enter I'm the elevator and waited,my hands are shaking.When I arrived at the last floor the receptionist smiled.

"Excuse me,chancellor said he wants to talk with me"-I said to the woman and she nod.She pick the phone and called the chancellor,who's in the next room.

"Mr.Danny have a girl here saying she wants to talk to her"-She said and nod a few times.

"What's your name sweetie?"-She asked covering the phone.

"Daiana Petersen"-I said.She repeated to the phone,nodded a few more times and hung up.

"Mr.Danny is waiting for you"-She said smiling

"Thank you"-I said and made my way to the chancellor room.I knock.I'm nervous.I'm freaking out.Oh no.What the hell I'm doing here?

"Come in!"-He said and I opened the door.For one moment I thought I would pass out,I just need to breath,is what I do everyday,every second,just breath.

"Hi Mr.Danny,good evening"-I said awkwardly standing in front of the door.

"Hi Daiana!Just call me Michael!Please sit."-He said smiling.He's polite and sweet and this is good,but I can feel the tense in the air.

"So Daiana,one of your professor gave you a "homework"-He said.

"Mr-Michael,you're talking about the interview thing?"

"Yes,with the boyband!"-He said smiling.He doesn't look like a chancellor,he looks like a golf player or an old model,but he's not so old,I think he have forty five maybe.

"I'll interview them with my friend,Camille Phillips"-I said trying to figure what's going on.

"So my daughter is a huge fan and she's going with you,I don't think I could go so I'll be glad if you take care of her"-He said smiling.

"Oh of coarse!I love children"-I said politely smiling.I just want to get out of here.I know interview a big boyband is important but the fact that I'm in the chancellor room don't make me comfort.

"Good!So your professor said you're one of the bests,that's why he indicated you.You don't know how difficult was to arrange this interview"

"I know...But why professor indicated Camille to do this work with me?"-The words fall out of my mouth.

"Because you're a little shy so your friend could help you"

"Oh"-Was all that I could say.I can't believe professor indicated Camille just because she's not shy,just to help me.I know she's rebel and crazy but she's a good reporter!Her grades are good and she's awesome,how they could do this to her?!I don't know how to tell this for her.

After a awkward silence the chancellor finally start to speak again.

"I think you're wondering if I call you here just to wish good luck but have one more thing..."-He said and take a drink of his coffee.

"Oh sorry,do you want coffee or water?"-He asked politely.

"No thanks"-I said.What he want more?I'll this freaking interview for his daughter and he want more?

"So I'll ask you to do a favor to me"-He said and I nod.

"You'll do this interview in three weeks and I think you know the university have some finance problems,so this interview will be good,but if someone date one of this guys,would be awesome you know?A lot of girls will ask for their parents to study here and their jealous boyfriends will come too!"-He said and I shock.

"Camille just broke up with her boyfriend"-Was all that I said.

"Good!So both of you can date them!I don't want you to have a perfect relationship,I just want you to date and take some photos!They'll stay here in LA for some weeks,they have a break after the show here"-He said

"This is insane"-I whispered.He looked at me and smirk.

"No of coarse not.You'll have a temporary boyfriend and 70% of discount on the university" -He said.This man in front of me is crazy,insane!


"70% of discount"-He said with a damn smirk on the face.

My family is not poor but we aren't rich.My parents have a cafe shop near to our house,that pay our bills,my old brother is DJ and my little sister sells lemonade.So 70% of discount will help.

"You can think,I'll give you time,just call me when you have a answer"-He said giving me a card with his number.

"O-okay,thank you Mr.Danny"-I said and leave.


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