Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


16. Chapter 16

Songs for this chapter

Going Nowhere-Little Mix

You Found Me-The Fray


Diana POV


"What the hell are you doing here?"-I asked furious.

"Is nice to see you too pretty face"-He said with his famous smirk.

"How did you found me?"

"If you come with me I´ll tell you everything love"-He said and try to hold my hand.

"Don´t touch me.I can´t go now"-I said rolling my eyes,bad habit I know.I try to act normal,but inside I´m freaking out,how he found me?

"Oh babe c`mon is just a minute,but I think you´ll want to stay more"-He winked.I wish Mille was awake,she could call the boys and they could help me. 

"Get out of here Matthew"

"Don´"-He said and I freeze,I shouldn´t had called him Matthew,he was already angry but now I see in his eyes that he´s furious.



Liam POV


Diana is leaving,laughing at me and holding that Matt guy hand.I´m screaming that I need her but she just laugh at me.I can´t be without you,I beg but she just keep laughing.

Suddenly I wake up,was just a bad dream,Diana is on the other room waiting for me,I know she´s. And it hits me:I wake up,I literally woke up,my eyes are scanning the white walls of the hospital room and I can move my fingers,is good to know that I have a chance,I may survive.Then I listen the beeps getting faster,is awesome to hear my heartbeats,that are a bit faster but I don´t care I just want to get out of here.

The door flies open and the doctor and a nurse come in.

"Hey Liam,welcome back"-He smiles for me and I chuckle.

"Hi"-the nurse say and I almost roll my eyes,is the same nurse that said that horrible things about Diana.

"Well Ms.Jackson will stay with you and make a few things to check if  you´re better,you just have to calm down and try to relax"-He said and I nod.He leaved and Ms.Jackson start to write something.

"Where´s Diana?And the boys?"-I asked nervous 

"I don´t know where Denise is-"-She said angrily.

"Is Diana"-I correct her and she roll her eyes.

"Whatever.And your friends are at the hospital cafe,they can come in when I finish"-She said and I groan.

"Something wrong,something is hurting?"-She asked nervous checking the computers.

"No,nothing.I just want to see them soon"-I explain but she didn´t answer.After a few minutes she ends and look at me.

"How can you like her?"

"I´m searching for the answer"-I truly said and she give me a small smile.

"Good luck Liam"-She said and leave.I feel guilty but I don´t know why,that woman liked me?But I don´t even know her!But now I really don´t care,I just want to see my mates and say for everybody that everything is fine.




Louis POV


"Oh gosh Louis what is your problem?"-Zayn asked with tears on his eyes,Perrie is holding his hand trying to calm him down.

"We didn´t want to ruin your date mate"-Niall explain.

"Liam is in coma!You two know he´s more important than a date"-He said and Perrie looked down.

"Sorry mate"-I finally gave up and he nod."We can´t argue now,we have to stay strong and hope that Liam wake up soon"-I said and they all agreed.

"Sorry guys but I have to go,management is calling.If something happens to Liam please call me, the girls are worry too,Jade was thinking about come here but I said was better not"-She gave us a weak smile and a quick kiss on Zayn. 

"He´ll be fine,he´s strong"-She comfort us and leave.He´ll be fine,he have to!Without Liam our life would be boring,no stupid jokes,no one to be a little bit more mature.We come back to the waiting room and had a little surprise.The guy that Diana hated,her ex,was holding her wrist and forcing her to stand up,with the other hand he covered her mouth forcing her to be quiet.In the other side of the room Camille was in a deep sleep.

"What the hell man?"-I said and stare at the scene,I just don´t know what to do.

"Get out of here or I swear your little friend here will never talk to you again"-He said and she stop to try and stand up.

"Good girl,my beautiful girl is finally getting back to normal"-He said and kiss her cheek.She make a disgusted face and he finally let her speak.

"Don´t worry guys,I´ll be back tonight.If something happen to Liam try to call me"-She said holding her tears.

"Oh Liam your stupid boyfriend,where´s he to help you?"-He asks smirking.

"In coma"-She whispered and a tear fall from her eyes.

"Say it louder"-He whisper in her ear.

"In c-coma"-She say a bit louder and start to cry.Suddenly I see something move in the other side of the room.Camille.She stare at the scene and almost gasp but Niall gesture to her call the security.Matt is too busy annoying Diana  so he didn´t see.

"So I think is time to go my babe"-He said and she roll her eyes."Don´t play the difficult one Diana, you never were,people don´t change and I thought you knew it"-He said holding her hand,wipe her tears and kiss her cheek again,like a normal couple would do,this make my body shakes in anger,Diana is an awesome girl and she deserves better,she deserves Liam,not this  guy,that she keep saying that destroyed her life.I hear the door open behind me and two security guys walk in.

"This guy is bothering you?"-He asked pointing to Matt.

"No,no.We were already leaving"-Diana gave a weak smile for the man and he no.Matt´s phone start to ring as the security leaves.He whispered something really angry,no one could hear and hung up.

"I´m sorry Diana I can´t stay and take you to the surprise that I prepared to you today,tomorrow I swear we´ll go out together"-He said and Diana nodded,and I see her taking a deep breath calming down.He kisses her forehead and leave giving us a death glare.Seconds later Camille come back breathing heavily and sit down.

"He leaved"-Niall said sitting down next to her.

"Good"-She simply answer.I stare to Diana trying to understand why she defend him.She´s walking around the room rubbing her temples,too worry to cry or care about everyone in the room staring at her.

"Diana!"-Camille finally said firmly making Diana stop.She look for Camille waiting for her speak.

"He came back,your brother came back,why don´t you call your parents?!Why you don´t let anyone help?"

"They´re dangerous,I can´t put you or my parents in this mess again,I´m sorry"-She said and sit down.The silence consume the room,everyone too worried to speak.



Liam POV


I feel everything spinning again and the nurse come back running.

"Another coma doctor,he just had a few minutes awake but he´s in coma again"-The nurse say,the last thing that I listened.


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