Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


15. Chapter 15

Song for the chapter:

You and I-One DIrection


Louis POV


We´re in this hospital for hours,is already evening and I´m starving,I look to Niall and see that he´s hungry too.

"Mate let´s get something to eat?"-I whispered and he nod.Camille fell asleep in the small sofa,Peter leaved and Diana is staring to the floor,like a maniac,she don´t move.We walk to the small cafe a few halls after the waiting room when my phone start to ring.

"Hello?"-I asked without checking the ID.

"Man Kendall is my girlfriend"-Harry voice sounds desperate making me chuckle.

"Congrats"-I joke and I can almost see him rolling his eyes.

"I´m at the hotel but I can´t find you or the other guys,I know Zayn is with Perrie but you Liam and Niall are partying hard without me huh"-He said making me feel nervous,how can I tell for him that his best mate is in coma?

"Errr yea"-I awkwardly said.

"You´re lying"-He coldly reply and I freeze.

"W-why you´re saying that?"

"Because I know you Lou"-He said in a duh tone.

"Ok I´ll tell you but please don´t be mad with me and Niall we just don´t wanted to ruin your  date"

"What you two did?Does Liam know?"-He asked getting nervous

"Well Liam got in a car accident and he´s is coma"-I said holding the tears,Niall looked to me wide eyes and I shrug.

"What?How?When?Where´s the  hospital?"-He panicked.

"Calm down,the doctor said he´ll be fine.I´ll call to the cab and  he´ll pick you up"

"Ok"-He hung up.I sat on the small chair of the cafe.Niall looked to me and I rubble my temples, best break ever...(note the sarcasm).

"He´s coming"-I simply say and start to read the menu.





Diana POV


He didn´t listen anything I said.He didn´t felt what I did.And I won´t be brave enough to do this again. My heart beats faster than the usual and I just can´t stop to think about it,Liam.Suddenly the door flies open and someone got in,probably Louis or Niall.I just keep staring to the floor trying to think and calm down when I feel a hand in my shoulder.

"What are you doing here?"-I asked in panic.



Liam POV


I just need to wake up now,I have to run to Diana arms and say that I feel the same for her but I can´t because of this.

She´s pretty and she loves you..."-I hear the nurse that talked to Diana early say.I want to scream  HELL YEA SO GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WAKE UP AND I´LL RUN FOR HER AND SAY THIS FOR HER!But I can´t...

"But you´re too good looking and famous for her,you deserve something better"-WHAT?

"Yea Liam Payne when you wake up we´ll have to talk,if you wake up"-She said and I feel her lips in my cheek.She´s flirting with me?Really?

I feel something on my arm,she´s probably collecting my blood and then another kiss in the other cheek.That´s disgusting,she´s kissing a half dead body... but Diana did the same.Diana loves me this nurse just want my fame obviously.

"Wake up so we can talk"-She whispered and I hear the door close.That was weird,pretty weird. She was really sweet with Diana and for a moment I thought that she was an old lady.I really don´t deserve this.

But what I´ll do when I wake up,if I wake up?I´ll walk to Diana and say that I heard everything and make her feel embarrassed,I know her she´ll blush and run away,I´ll ruin everything. 

I never felt like this before I just don´t know what to do.


Suddenly it hits me,my family knows about this?I hope no because I´m feeling that I´ll get better,I just need to rest.I feel all the bad thoughts leave and come back to sleep.I hope the boys and my family are ok.


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