Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


14. Chapter 14

Song for the chapter

Fix you-Coldplay


Liam POV


I wake up listening people talk,but I can open my eyes,they´re too heavy..I try to move my hand but the pain hit me hard,I don´t remember what happened,maybe this is just a dream.I just remember a loud noise then some nurses screaming and white walls.The people next to me suddenly say my name, I would recognize this accent everywhere,Niall probably with Camille,what they are doing here?Diana called me!She said she needs my help,I need to go meet her.


"What happened to him Ni?"-Camille asked worried.What happened to me?Nothing I´m just laying on the hotel´s bed trying to wake up.

"Fans start to stalk him when he leaved the hotel,the guy who was driving near to Liam panicked when a girl run in front of his car and end up crashing Liam´s car,now he´s in coma"-Niall said really worried.This must be a dream,I don´t even leave the hotel-

I leaved the hotel,the flashes come to my mind making my head hurt.The paps,the fans and the loud noise...I`M IN COMA WHAT THE HELL.Suddenly I hear the door fly open.

"He´s fine?H-he´s alive?"-Diana sweet voice ask worried she´s here that´s mean she cares about me!I need to wake up now!We need to talk.

"He´s in coma"-A weird voice,probably the doctor,said.-"Guys he need to rest,just one person can stay in the room for now"

"Please guys,let me stay"-Diana cry and after say a sweet thank you,She cares about me,she wants to stay with me!I hear everyone leave and start to get nervous,the last time me and Diana stayed alone at a room we end up arguing.Something stop my negative thoughts,her soft fingers intertwining with mines making me relax.

"I know you can´t hear me Liam,but please wake up,I`m feeling so stupid,how could I be so selfish?I know your ex broke up with you because of me,I know you´re feeling so low because of me and if it wasn´t me you wouldn´t be in coma,that´s all my fault!Damn Liam wake up,can´t you see that I like you?!I know we just met for a week I think but that´s what love means,just happen,you don´t need to know a person to love.But it feels like I know you for so long,we talked a lot the day we met remember?Was a pretty funny day"-She said and chuckle.So she fancy me,the most beautiful and wonderful girl likes me.I try my best to open my eyes but seems impossible.



Niall POV


I´m really worried,Liam is covered with bruises and he doesn´t give a sign to wake up.Cami is pretty worried too,she didn´t told me why she was so mad and why she didn´t spoke to Diana but I think that´s not the best moment to talk about it.

"Niall?"-She softly asks.


"Do you think Liam will wake up?He´ll be able to sing again?"-She asked what I most feared.

"Yes,of course.He´s a strong guy he already get throw a lot of things,I´m sure he´ll get better"-I fake smile.I hate lying for her but I don´t want to make her more worry,she´s our friend but we´re also her idols.

Louis sit next to me and drink his coffee.

"Want some?"-He asked but I shake my head,even Louis  who always joke and makes everything better don´t know what to do,we´re all lost.Zayn and Harry don´t know what happened,we decided don´t say nothing for them because both are on dates.What Im supposed to do?I´m lost complete lost. Suddenly the person that I didn´t one to see beams into the room.Peter.

"Hey babe what happened?He´s better?"-He ask hugging Cami.Ugh they make me sick.

"He´s in come Peter"-She cries on his shoulder.

"Shhh I know he´ll be fine"´-He comfort her.-"Hey guys"-He said still hugging her.

"Hey mate"-Louis said and I give him a little wave.

"Camille told me what happened...Oh gosh I don´t know what to do or say for you guys"-He said rubbing the back of his neck.Suddenly his phone start to ring.-"Sorry is important"-He said letting Cami hand go and walk out of the room.Cami try to clean the mascara that´s ruined but fail getting her fingers dirty.Is funny how I can be so addicted to this girl,and pay attention on her every second.

"Err Ni do you know where´s the bathroom?"-She asked shyly showing her dirty fingers.

"I think is on the next room"-I said pointing to the door where few moments ago Peter got out talking on the phone"

"Thanks I come back in a minute"-She gave me a weak smile and I nod.



Camille POV

I really need a shower Im covered in tears,my make up is ruined.This is the worst day of my life,I argued with my best friend and now my friend/idol is in coma.Really why this have to happen?I wish I was strong enough to go there and say sorry to Nana,I know she wasn´t thinking straight when she said that awful things for me,she need someone now and I want to help her.Hot tears start to run down my cheeks again,where´s the damn bathroom?Suddenly I hear Peter voice.

"Yea he´s in coma,she´s with him...I don´t know!We talk later,bye"-He said and turn around.

"Hey babe"-He said trying to don´t show his shock.

"Hey I was going to the bathroom"-I said trying to ignore what I listened a few moments ago.

"Yea is in the end of the hall"-He smiles and I nod.

"Peter?Who were you talking with?"-I asked hoping a good answer.

"My roommate Josh,he asked me why I´m not there"-He said and I almost facepalm myself

"Oh okay,I´ll meet you later"-I said and he nod.

"Babe you need to wash your face"-He shyly said.I blush.

"I know..."-I said and he gave me a quickly kiss walking away.Well that was really weird.I run throw the empty hall and found the bathroom.

"Oh my-"I can´t believe how awful I´m.I quickly wash my face and made a messy bun.Everything is going wrong,why this is happening to me and Diana?We already got throw a huge storm and nothing really good came after,when I thought everything was going to be ok this happen.I run my fingers throw my hair and rubble my temples trying to calm down,I wash my face for the last time and make sure I´m make up free.

I start to walk back to the room where me and the other boys were waiting,I wonder why Zayn and Harry didn´t arrive...


Diana POV

Tears don´t stop to fall and I´m shaking,I can´t believe how stupid I was.That´s just not fair!Why everything in my life goes wrong,The damn headache keep coming back and worst,sometimes I need to take deep breath because of the pain.But right now the pain on my chest is worst,I can´t think straight I´m just telling Liam all the truth,although he can´t hear me.

"Liam I love you"-The words fall out of my mouth and I tense,what the hell did I just said?I don´t know what I´m doing but is something in my mind say for me is what I want to do.I lean closer and closer until our noses touch.

"I don´t know if I´ll have the chance of doing this again"-I slowly said holding my tears.-"I love you Liam"-I repeat and weakly smile,is so good to say this.I let my feelings do what they wanted to and kiss Liam,is weird because he doesn´t do nothing but I can hear the beeps getting faster.I put my hand on his face and smile.

"Please Liam wake up"-I beg.A nurse come in and smile for me.

"Sorry but we need to check somethings to see if he´s getting better so you´ll have to leave,but after you can come back"-She said kindly and I nod.

"I love you,wake up for me please"-I whispered on his ear.

"Sorry for ask,this is non of my business but he´s your boyfriend?"-She asked checking something on the computers.

"Well no...but maybe one day"-I blush looking down at him.

"You and him would be a cute couple"-She smile for me.

"I hope so"-I said and close the door.



Liam POV

What the hell happened?I need to wake up now!




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