Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


13. Chapter 13

Songs for this chapter:

In a world like this-Backstreet Boys 

The Neighbourhood-Afraid



Liam POV

As I walk to the elevator my heart starts to beat faster,each step and the weird feeling on my chest grow,my hands start to sweat.I´m going to see Diana,the girl that broke my heart in little pieces and make me feel horrible,made me act like a jerk and made me fall in love.Why I´m  doing this? I already said!Because I´m in love.

I step in the small place and press the lobby button.A little girl is looking at me wide eyes and I try to grin but fail miserably.She´s alone here and I can´t help but think why her mother let her walk around alone in this huge hotel.

''Hi,what´s your name?''-I asked noticing that she don´t stop to stare at me.

''Mommy said I can´t talk to strangers but you´re covering my sister bedroom,so you´re not a stranger...My name is Mary''-She said and I chuckle

''I´m Liam.,nice to meet you.How old are you Mary?''-I asked noticing that she´s young,really young.

''Four!But mommy said I´m a big girl now''-She said and crossed her small arms.

''Of course you´re sweetie!And what´s the name of your sister?''

''Lilian!She´s 15,and you´re her favorite''-She said and I smile.

''Really?That´s cool!Do you have a favorite?''-I asked as the elevator go down slowly.

''Niall,he´s funny.But I like you too Liam''-She said.

''Thanks Mary,I like you too''-I said as the doors open.

''Can you say hi to my sister?She´s waiting for me right there''-She said pointing to a small sofa.

''Sure,but have to be really quickly,I have some things to do''-I said and she nod.She run to the sofa as I walk behind her.

''Hey Mary let´s scare her!I´ll stand behind the sofa and you say for her to turn around ok?"-I ask and she nod starting to run again.

''Lily!Lily!''-She said excited.

''Oh Mary why you took so long?''-She asked and Mary giggled.

''I met someone!He wants to meet you too''-She said


''I know!But he´s not a stranger''-She said pointing to me.

''Bu!"-I said and Mary start to laugh.I almost laugh too,the girl expression is shocked,her brown eyes are wide open and her mouth is open.

''L-Liam Pay-yne''

'That´s me''-I said and chuckle.

''Oh my gosh Liam I love you''-She said and hug me tight.

''Thanks!Your sister said I´m your favorite''-I joke.

''Is true tho,I don´t know what to say,I love you so much''-She said and a tear fall of her eyes.

''Thanks!You and your sister are lovely girls''-I said and she hug me one more time.

''C-can I take a photo?''-She asked shyly.

''Sure!''-She search for her phone and we took some photos,one with her,another with Mary and one with the two girls.

''Thanks Liam,I love you''-She said and give me one last hug.

''Bye Liam,you´re cool''-Mary said and I chuckle.

''You´re cool too,bye girls was awesome to meet you guys''-I said and walk out of the lobby.The second I step out of the hotels flashes hit me.

''Damn''-I whispered and fake smiled to the paps.



''LIAM WHO´S DIANA?SHE INSPIRED YOUR NEW SONG?''-the last questions hit me hard.I just keep walking,ignoring the paps and fake smiling.Seems easy,was easy weeks ago,but now this questions are hitting me and my feelings.I regret that interview so much.I hush and enter on the car taking a deep breath,that guys are crazy,they don´t leave me and the lads alone for a second! Suddenly I start to wonder why I'm going to Diana's dorm,I know she need my help but she broke my heart,and my hope too.But have somethings,something inside my chest that´s telling me to go,telling me to help her and see whats happening.

I don't bother to turn on the radio,I just concentrate on the road and admire LA,the beach and the warm weather,people talking and laughing,I would be on the beach,that was my plan weeks ago, bring Sophia with me and stay on the beach with her,but look how I ended:stuck on this car going to a college,awesome break don´t you think?

That´s funny you know...weeks ago I would be chilling with the lads,messaging my ex girlfriend,thinking about the tour,with no worries.But now,my life is a completely mess,nothing seems right,and its Diana fault,is all her fault but she doesn´t admit it,she´s always talking about how her damn life is a mess and how she have a difficult past,always making people that love her have a heart attack but she don't care,she don´t care about them or me,she don't care about what I'm feeling and what she did to me,is all about her.And whats the most frustrating thing is because I let her do this,I don't tell for her what I'm really feeling,I didn't told her the whole true yesterday,she just talked about her feelings and I run away,its all that I do,run away. This thoughts start to make my blood boil,I run my hand throw my hair trying to calm down and the next thing that happened was a crash and everything went black.


Camille POV

I walk to Susan dorm holding my tears,I can´t believe Diana said that hurtful things for me,I handle her for so many years,I helped her and I was her best friend and that's what she did to me!Call me a big mouth and yell at me,and the worst is because I cant be a 100% mad at her because I love her, shes my sister,the sister that I never had.

I arrived at Susan s dorm and knock,is too hard to hold the tears,I can feel them burning in my eyes.

''I ALREADY TOLD YOU LOGAN THAT I-oh hi Camille,I thought that was huh another person''-She said blushing.

''Its okay,errr can I stay here for a few days?''-I ask uncomfortable,I don't like Susan,and I don't want to ask a favor for her,but I don't have choice,Diana doesn't give me a choice!

''Yea sure come in''-She said and let me in.-''So what happened?You and Diana argue?''-She asked and I freeze.

''Dont.Say.Her.Name''-I harshly said.

''Okay okay,sorry.But I told you she wasn´t a good friend''-She said and sat on her bed.I took a deep breath and just stay there.

''Oh my roommate leaved so you can stay in her bed''-She said and start to type on her phone.

I put my backpack in the bed,this dorm is really smaller than my older one,Diana was right when she said that one was the biggest,what my rich father can do...I lay on my new bed and rubble my temples trying to understand what happened,I really want to cry but I can´t let Susan see me.I stand up but soon I remember this dorm don't  have a bathroom.I just need to get out of here,I want to run but my feet are fixed on the ground,I want to cry but the tears refuse to fall down,I want to forget everything but my brain just keep recording me about what happened.

Suddenly my phone starts to ring.

''What Niall?''

''Its Liam''-He said worried.

''W-what happened''-I asked worried and he let a sob.



Diana POV


''What are you doing here?''-I coldly ask.

''Visiting you my little sister,I thought you wold be happy,I know you miss me''-He said opening his arms.

''Don´t.I don't miss you now get out of here''-I said and try to close the door but hes too strong and open it again.

''Come here,give a hug on your bro''-He said with a stupid smirk crossing his face.

''Just say what you want and leave''-I roll my eyes,bad habit I know.

''I want to spend a day with my little sister''-He sarcastically said.

''I´m busy,you better leave Rory''

''Oh I know you have a famous boyfriend now,I always thought that boyband guys were gays''-He chuckle.

''He´s not my boyfriend and he´s not gay''-I said trying to close the door.-"And he´s probably arriving"-I finished and he laugh.

"Oh I want to meet him!He´s your future boyfriend and I need to talk to him"-He sarcastically said.

"Get out of here,I´m not having a good day"-I said making my best to close the door.

"Why you don´t want me here"-He asked smirking.He knows exactly why I don´t want him here.

"YOU´RE THE WORST BROTHER EVER,THAT´S WHY MY PARENTS DON´T TALK TO YOU ANYMORE AND THAT´S WHY YOU WENT TO JAIL WITH THAT JERK!I HATE YOU AND HIM!"- I yelled and finally closed the door.He doesn´t try to get in he don´t even knock,I just hear him laugh as he walk throw the empty halls.I sit on the edge of my bed and start to wonder why so much is happening?Why is happening to me?And the most important,why Liam is taking so long?I called him a hour ago.I try to call him but no one answer,his voicemail is driving me crazy,I know he´s mad with me and he don´t want to look at my face but he´s too good to refuse to help me.Maybe he changed his mind,maybe he gave up on me and just thought would be funny to let me waiting him as he have fun laughing about me.This thoughts scare me as the voicemail start to speak again. Frustrated I throw my phone away and start to cry,I let all my pain,all the angry,all the sadness take control of me,I just let it go.I don´t like to feel weak,this room seems smaller,maybe all my worries had filled it.Maybe he never come back,maybe Camille never come back,maybe my parents never forgive me,maybe everyone still laughing on my face,maybe nothing change,I´m that scared teenager who was too worried about the party that would happen that tonight,I´m the teenager who let everyone take advantage of and who doesn´t cared about nothing,but what anyone knew,even her bestfriend,that she was scared,about the future,what other people think about her, what would happen next,if she was really loved.The end of this story?Is me,I´m the end and I don´t know if I can continue my own story,my own life.Everything is so messed up.As I try to calm down the tears slow down and I lay down.Suddenly everything seems calm,the tears fade and I´m feeling better,but the memories of that night,the night when ´the love of my life`and my brother were arrested,I was caught,the horror on my parents face.Everything comes back.

"I CAN´T LIVE LIKE THIS"-I scream when someone knocked on the door.I stand up really angry,I swear I´ll slap Rory.

"What?"-I said trying to mask my feelings.

"It´s Liam"-Louis surprise me.

"What are you doing here?What the hell happened?"-I asked worried,the tears coming back.

"Come with me"-He said gently grabbing my wrist,I followed him and don´t protest,luckily the halls are empty.

"What happened Louis?"-We´re running now.

"He´s at the hospital,explain everything in the way to the hospital,Camille is going with Niall"-He said and I nod trying run faster.


(A/N)Tysm guys for 200 reads,I´m so happy!!!!Love you all

Follow your dreams ;) xx

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