Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


12. Chapter 12

Harry POV

I´m at my hotel room,freaking bored,trying to find something to watch on the TV.Zayn said he would stay with me but Perrie message him,saying she was visiting the city,and he run like a little dog to hang out with her.Now I´m here alone,waiting for the other lads come back,and I hope nothing wrong happen,because I´m not in mood to comfort no one.Other thing that´s annoying me is Kendall, she don´t stop to call me but I´m tired about this rumors and all the fans freaking out and saying bad things about her,she´s just a friend,nothing more.I just don´t want more pics of us on the internet and this stupid rumors,but I don´t want to say this for her because she´ll say this is stupid,she don´t understand me...She´s nice but not my type,I don´t want to date her.Days ago I went ski with her and everybody freaked out asking if I´m dating her,I admit she flirt with me but I just ignore.My fans are my girls,I don´t need a girlfriend right now.

Suddenly I hear footsteps coming and I thank God that the boys come back,the door fly open and I stand up.

''C´mon Liam what happened mate?''-Niall asked.Please I don´t want more drama.

"Nothing!I just want to be alone"-He said getting out of the room,Niall closed the door and sit next to Louis.

''What the hell?''-I said and Louis chuckle.

''Liam talked to Diana and now he´s mad and he don´t want to talk about it''-Niall explained

''Again?He have to admit he fancy her!"-I roll my eyes and sit next to them,grabbing my bottle of water .

''That´s what we think he did...But she rejected him''-Louis said and I look at him with a 'that´s not possible' look.

''But he´s Liam Payne!No one reject him,or one of us!"-I said in a 'duh' tone and they chuckle.

''But she don´t like the band,actually she didn´t know who we were before the interview''-Louis said and Niall nod.After some minutes Niall start to speak again.

''Where´s Zayn?''-He asked confused.

''Why everybody ask this?''-I joke-''He´s with Perrie,she´s visiting the city''-I explain

''That´s why we´re single Haz''-Niall high five me and Louis roll his eyes.

''I have to call El''-He said and get out of the room.I finally find a good channel on the TV and lay down on my bed,Niall is messaging someone with an worried expression.

''What´s up mate?''-I asked.

''Is Cami''-He simply said.

''Cami?''-I chuckle.

''Shut up!''-He said blushing-''She´s saying that Diana is mad with Liam but she don´t know why...''-He explained running his fingers throw his hands,I roll my eyes and lay down again,this guys have to admit they like each other,I don´t handle more drama!

An hour later Niall´s phone buzzed again and he get out of the room.

''That´s why I don´t fall in love''-I said and turn the volume of the TV up.




Diana POV


I can´t believe Liam actually like me,he was yelling and blaming me last night because Sophia broke up with him and today he said he want to be my boyfriend.I don´t even know him!He´s really crazy!He´s eyes were full of hope but when I said that I don´t fancy him his eyes turn red,full of hate.But I´m not the only one who´s wrong he was a completely jerk with me.The pain of my chest is worse than the pain in my head,the hangover is not helping me,this is one of the worst days of my life.I really don´t deserve this!


''Diana,are you ok?Open the door!"-Mille said knocking.She was comforting me but she started to ask me too many questions so I said her to leave,I can´t trust her anymore,she´ll tell everything for Niall or Peter.I still can´t believe Peter and her are together,he´s been a jerk since me and Mille met him and now he said he acted like that because he loved her?If he treats someone he loves that way I don´t want to know what he do when he´s with someone he hates.

''I´m fine,now leave''-I said rubbing my temples.Is so much going on:Matt come back,Liam said he fancy me,the exams week are coming and I can´t trust in Mille.This can be worse?Well the last time I made this question things got worse,really worse.Camille locked the window so I can´t run away and if I try to escape she´ll see and stop me.I´m claustrophobic and this bedroom is getting smaller every minute,sooner I´ll have to get out of here and take some air.

''Talk to me Nana,please!'-Mille beg.

''I can´t''-I simply said and I hear her sob.

''Please!You know you can trust me!''-She yelled and her fist met the door making a loud noise.

''I thought that I could''-I answer coldly.Hurt so bad treat Mille in this way,I always trusted her,we always share secrets without worry,we´re each others journal.But now is different,she fell in love.

''What are you talking about?Of course you can trust me''-She said confused.


''SO YOU REALLY THINK I´LL RUN AND SAY EVERYTHING FOR THEM?YOU FORGOT THAT I KNOW ALL YOUR SECRETS!AND IS JUST ME!''-She yelled back and I can her running away. I quickly open the door and grab her wrist.

''So now you want to talk to the big mouth?''-She said angry.Her eyes are bloodshot and she´s shaking a little,her breath is heavy and her mascara is ruined,covering the bags under her eyes.I know she stayed awake the whole night taking care of me and my damn hangover.

''You know I´m not in the mood to argue with you Mille,I´m sorry ok,my head is hurting and have so much going on''-I explain and let her wrist go.

''You know what Diana?I don´t care!I´m always here trying to help but you don´t give a damn about me,you just yell and blame me.I´m tired of your sick game,I´ll always be grateful for your family help but this is the future,I don´t need to handle your stupids freak outs anymore,you´re just snobby,you always had everything you want until Matt destroyed everything and I was the fool who stayed by your side .You know what?I´m done''-She said throwing her hands in the air.

''Done?What are you talking about Camille?''-I said holding the tears.

''I´ll come back tomorrow to pack my things and move to a new dorm,goodbye Diana''-She said turning around.

''But this is the best dorm of the campus!"

''I don´t care about the dorm,you was my only friend but now I´m alone again,and you´re alone too''-She said facing me for the last time then close the door.I tried to run after her but I´m paralyzed,I can´t move.Camille know I change,she was describing the old me,the one who used to party hard every day and night and who used to get drunk all the time,the one who let a stupid boy called Matthew destroy her life with drugs and then when she rejected him,he told everything to her parents,my parents.That´s my past,that´s the old me and that was my mistake.Cocaine.




Zayn POV


''Hey babe I missed you''-Perrie said wrapping her hands around my neck.We´re in a lovely Italian restaurant and I can´t tell how much I missed her,her beautiful smile,the way she wears her hear in a messy bun and the way she look at me,full of passion.

''I missed you too sweetheart''-I said and put my hands on her hips.I peck her on her lips and she grin.We sat on a small table in the end of the cafe,I don´t want paps ruining this moment

''How´s your break?Having fun?''-She asked excited.

''Yeah,the boys get in some trouble,like always,but I´m fine''-I said grinning.

''What happened now?''-She asked rolling her eyes.

''Two girls went interview us a week ago,and they get stuck in our hotel room for hours,they´re nice but Niall fell in love with one of them and Liam broke up with Sophia because of the other girl''-I said and chuckle.

''Wow.But my boy is not interested in one of this interviewers huh?''-She asked joking,I love when she call me ´my boy`,is cute.

'Humm let me think...Of course not babe,you know I love you!That´s why I´ll get married with you!"-I said and she giggled.

''Talking about the wedding,I´m searching for a dress and I already have some in mind''-She said making me smile.I can imagine Perrie with a beautiful white dress saying 'I do' to me.

''What?I want to see it!''-I said surprised.

''Of course not!You can´t see me in my wedding dress remember?''-She said in a 'duh' tone.

''That bad luck thing?''-I chuckle and she nod,soon our orders arrive and we started to eat and talk about how excited she´s about 'Salute'.I really love this woman,she´s the woman of my life.




Liam POV


I thought that I couldn´t be more stupid,really what I did early was such a fail.

''I don´t even know you!"

Diana´s voice keep repeating on my head as the hot water fall over my shoulders.That´s really not like the movies,where the guy look to the girl and they fall in love and fall into each others arms and end with a happy ending.But happy ends don´t exist,I was stupid to believe that Diana liked me,she don´t even knew me before the interview.

I wrap the towel around me and walk to my closet to pick my boxers.I´ll stay the whole day stuck on this hotel room,watching TV and maybe eating ice cream,sad I know.Suddenly my phone starts to ring and I groan,if is not my mother I´ll ignore.


Is her ID on the screen.Are you kidding me?When I was to throw my cellphone away I press the green button and her desperate voice start to speak.

''Listen Liam I´m wrong,you acted like a jerk too but I really need your help,and I really want to be your friend,just please listen to me''-She beg,her breath is heavy and I can tell she was crying.Friends.I have a lot of friends,I don´t need another one.I took a deep breath and she continued to speak.

''I have to admit I have strong feelings for you,I just don´t know what they´re okay,I´m really confused.But Camille and I had a discussion and she said she´ll be moving to another dorm tomorrow and now she don´t want to listen to me,I don´t have friends Liam so can you please talk to her?''-So she yell with me this morning and now she say she have feeling for me and want my help?She must me joking!Of course I´ll say no,I can´t help her,she destroyed all my feelings,and I hate-

''Okay''-I said and I can almost see her grin.What the hell?What I did?Someone give me the fool crown because I´m the king of the fools.

''Please come here,we can talk and you can help me''-She said a little more calm.

''Fine''-I give up.Everytime I try to forget her she come back and I can´t stay away,is impossible.







Niall POV


Camille:I just can´t understand her,she´s so emotional this days.

You:Maybe she´s in one of,you know...those days

Camille:I don´t think so.I bet is because Matthew is back,and the discussion with Liam was something serious,she´s locked on her room crying

You:I wish Liam tell me what happened,but he´s locked on his room too :(

Camille:I´ll try to talk to her.Wait a sec

You:Ok,good luck :)

And she stopped to answer me.I hope things with Cami and Diana are getting better because Cami is really worried about her friend,but I have to see on the bright side,she´s talking to me and we´re knowing each other.She´s really funny and like the same things as me,and what´s really good is because she´s a fan,so I don´t have to spend hours talking about me,is just her,she´s all that I want to know.

One hour has gone and she didn´t message me,now I´m really worried but I don´t want to sound desperate,but that´s what I´m right now,I just want to see Cami happy,that´s al that matters right now, years trying to find the perfect girl and she´s here,but the only problem is that she´s taken.


You:Are you ok?She talked to you

I press the send and wait impatient for her to answer,one minute later she finally reply.

Camille:I don´t want to look at her face!I don´t want to talk about her!Can you come over?Peter is not here and you´re my only true friend now :(

You:Sure but what happened? 

Camille:I already said I don´t want to talk about it,I already changed for a new dorm,the number is 223 

You:I´m in my way 

Camille:Thanks Ni,xx 

You:Nothing :) xx



Diana POV


I try to look better taking a shower and putting some make up but my head still hurt,forcing me to take another medicine.I try to entertain myself watching the TV but doesn´t work,I´m so confused and everything is going so wrong.Why this have to happen to me?Why me?I made this questions a lot of times in my whole life,probably the question that I will never know the answer.

Suddenly I hear a knock on the door,is Liam.I straight my hair and run to the door.But when I open the door I had a horrible surprise making me ask the same old question that I´ll never know the answer:why me?

'What?''-I simply said while my eyes and brain refuse to understand what´s happening.



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