Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


11. Chapter 11

Songs for this chapter:

Kiss me slowly-Parachute

Love like a war-All Time Low






Liam POV


I can´t believe I said those things to her,she´s probably thinking I´m a fool.I cover my face with my hands and took a deep breath.I feel Diana stand up and took a deep breath too.

''Liam look at me''-She instruct and I slowly let my hands fall over my knees,she´s confused,her eyes are scanning mine trying to find what I´m feeling,my hands are sweating and I don´t know what to say.I´m feeling weak and I want to run away from here.

"What are you trying to say for me?"-She asked slowly trying to don´t sound desperate.

"I don't know!Is just this weird feeling on my chest and every time I think of you I smile like a fool,I don´t know what´s happening but I don´t like this feelings"-I said running my hands through my hair.She sit down next to me and put an arm over my shoulder,making my body relax.

"I felt this 'weird feeling' once,maybe you´re in-''-She stopped and I´m afraid she was going to say the word that I´m always worried about.

"That´s impossible"-I whispered.

"Love is not impossible,love is one of the most beautiful feeling that someone can feel''-She said and I rub my temples trying to organize my thoughts.-''And for a while I thought that I would never be in love again,but you Liam,you´re different"-She finished and put her small hand in  my chin,forcing me look at her.

"What I´m supposed to do Diana?"-I asked confused.

 "Kiss me"-She whispered getting closer.I can´t be in love.Not now,and not with her,but it feels so right when I lean closer to her,it feel so good.When suddenly someone knock on the door.

"Are you kidding me?"-I groan and she smile.

"Just a second"-She said and walk to the door.I watch every step she takes,she´s pretty and I can feel she´s special.I stay there sitting on her bed trying to focus on what is happening,the adrenaline that I felt when I almost kiss her is still running through my veins and my breath is heavy.Her face smiling stayed in my mind for a long time but I suddenly woke up from my dream.Why she didn´t come back,maybe she regret everything she said this scares me.I force myself to stand up and I slowly walk to the door,scare that she might run away and regret everything.That´s why I don´t believe in love,because people regret.

As I walked to the door I listened some loud noises,Diana.She´s screaming and crying.I see a tattooed guy.with a brown hair and green eyes,he´s smirking for Diana while she screams for him to get out.Suddenly she stops when she realize my presence.

"Your new boyfriend babe?"-He asked scanning me,she didn´t answer,she just look at me with her eyes full of tears.I put an arms over her shoulder and she rest her head on my chest,this feel so good,so magical.

"Who´s him?What he did?''-I asked but I´m so happy that she didn´t regret,she´s here with me.

''No one,he´s just someone that I have to forget''-She said and I start to worry.What this guy did for her?

''You must go man''-I said and close the door,Diana look at me,her eyes are red and her mascara is ruined but she still look pretty.

''Who´s him?''-I asked

''I already said he´s no one''-She said  walking o the bathroom.

''If we´ll start a relationship we have to be honest"-I said and she looked at me confused.

''A relationship?''-She asked and I nod.-''Liam I don´t know you,we are not even friends!''-She said and wash her face.Reality hits me hard.

''What?You were going to kiss me five minutes ago''-I said

''I know!But this doesn´t mean I fancy you!''-She said facing me.She looks beautiful without makeup.

''I can´t believe''-I said to myself.-''I´m a completely fool!Man that´s why I don´t believe in love or true relationships!-I scream making Diana take a step back.

''Liam that´s not what I mean.I said that we need to know each other and then we can try something''-She explained and I roll my eyes.

''No,I don´t want to see you anymore Diana''-The moment I said this I regret,of course I want to see her every single day of my life.I walk to the door frustrated,trying to hold my tears.

''Liam please!"-She said and grab my arm.

''I hate you!I despite you!"-I said and almost slap myself.Why I´m saying this hurtful things for her? She´s right and I´m being so mean,I´m a completely jerk.She let me go and I run and run until I found the car.I stayed here praying for the boys come back soon.


Niall POV


I want to know who this guy is.Peter is confronting him and Camille is trying to stop them,but this Blake guy seems younger and he´s weaker than Peter,he can kill this guy.Camille look for me and Louis asking for help but I don´t know what to do,I can´t come back to the hotel with a black eye, management would kill me.

''Peter,he´s just a friend,his mother worked with mine and his dad used to go to a bar near to my house with my dadWe´re friends since we´re four,Diana know him too.Stop to be jealous''-She said with a hand on Peter chest,trying to stop him.

''Mate she´s just my friend,she´s like my sister''-Blake explain and she nod.

''See?You don´t have to be jealous babe''-She said and Peter seems to calm down

''Fine''-He roll his eyes and give Camille a kiss to show she´s his girlfriend.She giggled and whispered something on his ear.What the hell?I´m freaking out right now.Louis look at me and mouth 'are you okay?' and I nod.She come back to our table and sit down.

''Sorry guys,but this is the college life''-She said and we chuckle.We eat and talk,I always have an awesome time with her,she´s funny and smart,more than that girl that everyone knows like the popular and snobby girl.She´s fantastic.After a hour we decided to go back to her dorm and see if everything is ok with Diana and Liam.Her boyfriend and his little crew stayed at the cafe.When we arrived at her dorm Camille run to her room and I can hear Diana cry.Louis and I stayed at the door while Camille sit next to Diana and hug her.

''What the hell happened?''-Camille asked.

''JUST TELL T YOUR FRIEND THAT HE´S A JERK AND I HATE HIM TOO,TELL HIM TO NEVER COME BACK!"-She yelled for me and Louis and run to the bathroom,her eyes a bloodshot and she´s shaking.What Liam did this time?I swear if he broke her heart I´ll break his nose.

''Guys I think you should go now,sorry she´s just tired and have hangover''-Camille said.We said our goodbyes.Louis and I walked to the car in silence when he suddenly start to speak.

''Thank God we´re not at the college''-Louis said and we chuckle.

''Yea mate,this is crazy''-I said opening the door´s car,I was unlocking my phone to call Liam when I hear him cry.

''What happened mate?"-Louis ask and Liam quickly whip his tears.

''Nothing,I´m just tired''-He said and we stayed in silence.Why everything have to be so complicated?


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