Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


10. Chapter 10

Songs for this chapter:

Change my mind-One Direction

Heartbreak girl-5 secons of summer

Diana P.O.V

"Are you kidding me?"-I cried when I hear the knock on the door.My head is hurting so bad,and I really don´t want one of Camille´s friends squealing and dancing around in our dorm,they just ignore me and talk to Camille like she´s the center of the world.I was like her one day,but I regret this days, I was this girl who everyone wanted to be,popular and pretty,the boys always asking you for a date and the girls always saying how your manicure nails are awesome.I was this girl one day,now I´m just a ordinary girl.

"I open the door"-Camille said standing up,I can see in her eyes that she don´t want none of those girls squealing on her ears,I´m her only friend,and she´s mine only friend.I lay on my bed and start to rubble my temple,trying to make the pain fade when I listened the click of the door opening and loud boys greeting Mille.

"Where´s Diana?"-One of them coldly asks.Liam.

I sit on my bed and try to fix my hair,I look awful and the pain over my body is just growing.This is what happen when you drink everyday,then you don´t drink for one year and in one day you decided to drink all the alcohol in the bar.

"She´s on her bed,hangover"-She said and the other boys chuckle.

'Can I talk to her?"-He asked in the same tone.No no no no,no you can´t!The flashes of Liam blaming me about the end of his relationship yesterday come in my mind and immediately the anger that I was feeling last night come back,but I just stayed here sitting in my bed.

"Hi"-He said looking to the floor.

"Look at me"-I instruct him.He slowly turns his face for me,his eyes full of sadness and embarrassment.

"Why you´re here?"-I ask in the same cold tone as him.

"I'm sorry okay,is not your fault tat Sophia is jealous,but now is over,she´s with another guy"-He said and I can tell he´s fighting for his tears don´t fall.

"Okay,I accept your apologize"-I said a little bit more comfort.

"I´m so confuse"-He said but regret his words.-"I mean...I´m-I don´t know okay,this is just madness"

"What?"-I asked confused.

"YOU AND YOUR STUPID GRIN,AND THE WAY YOUR FALL ON YOUR EYE"-He said and run his hand through his hair.

"Liam ?"-I call him after a moment,he´s covering his face with his hands.I don´t know where Mille and the other boys are,maybe they went to the cafe to let us talk.

"I´m sorry,why I´m always yelling with you?"-He asked frustrated.

"I don´t know,why don´t you answer this for us?"-I said trying to comfort him.

"Is just this thing in my chest and in my stomach,this weird feeling that comes when I´m near to you, I tried to ignore it but is just impossible"

Impossible.Such a strong word.Some people say that nothing is impossible,others say that just  a weak  have the ideal of impossible.Me?I think that the craziest people have the craziest ideas,so society say that idea is impossible.Makes sense huh?

"Impossible?"-I whisper in the middle of my thoughts.

"Yea impossible"-He said sitting next to me.

"So is like I´m the Impossible Girl from Doctor Who?"-I said and giggled.

"What?"-He asked confused.

"Nothing,is just a TV program"



Niall P.O.V


I listened to Liam yelling and I immediately look for Louis.

"I think we should let them talk alone"-Camille said.-"I´m hungry,we should go to the cafe"-She continued and push us towards the hall.She´s pretty today,with her blond hair falling on her shoulders and her cute pink tank top written 'kiss me if you´re an unicorn'.Well I can be a unicorn...

"Peter is coming,he´s just finishing the football training with his mates"-She said when we arrived  at the small cafe.Don´t have a lot of people in the cafe,just one or two couples sitting in the back.

"No one knows about this cafe,just a few people,that´s why I like it"-She said walking to a table.

"Do you know what happened to Liam and Diana?"-Louis asked worried.

"No,she wake up this morning,took a shower and come back to the bed,then you guys arrived"- She said.We start to talk about the new album and the tour when I saw Peter and other guys coming.

"Hey babe"-He said putting his hands on her shoulder and giving her a kiss on the neck.What the hell?

"Hey guys,good to see you again"-He said grinning.

"You bring the whole time?"-She said when some sweating mans start to fill the small cafe.

"Oh yea,we have a game tomorrow and we need to discuss somethings"-He said and she smile smile.-"You and your band mates should come and watch the game"-He suggest.

"That would be nice"-Louis said and I almost slap him.

"Diana is better now?"-He asked.

"Yea,she´s talking to Liam right now,that´s why I´m here"-She explained and he chuckle.

"Hey sweetheart we know Peter is all in love with you but we need our best player now"-One guy said a little loud.

"Shut up Luke!"-She said and they laugh.

"Sorry babe,give me a sec"-He said and give her a quickly kiss.

"This guys,I don´t deserve them"-She joke and we chuckle.Suddenly a brunette come to pick our orders.

"What you guys will have?''-She said trying to flirt with me.

''Three coffees,one donuts and two brownies"-Camille ordered for us.We continued our conversation about the new album.After some time,a guy come with a tray with our food.

"Cami?"-The guy said after he put the tray on our table.

"Blake?What are you doing here?"-She ask standing up and hugging him.

"I´m studying here!But I have to work..."-He said when they apart.

"Oh God,baby I missed you"-She said putting her arm around his shoulder.He´s emo,with a dyed black hair and a piercing on his mouth and some tattoos.

"You changed so much!Where´s the little baby that used to wear polos and trousers?You´re a little rebel now!"-She said and the chuckle.

"Yea,I´m trying to be a lawyer and you?"

"Journalism"-She said proudly.He hugged her again and whispered something in his ear and she laugh.

"I need to come back to work"-He said and she give a kiss on his cheek.

"Who the hell is you man?"-Peter stand up and said to the Blaker guy.

"Peter no"-Camille said worry.Oh no.I turn around to pick my bag when suddenly I hear a noise behind me,Camille gasp.What the hell?


(A/N)Today is my bday YAAAY,I´m so old :(

And you guys gave me an awesome present:this story have more than 120 reads.TYSM  

Sorry for my grammar mistakes,I wrote quickly bc I´ll go out with my friends and I don´t have a lot of time.



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