A Twist in Time: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

You know the story, Voldemort came to kill the one born at the end of July, how Lily and James Potter died for their son, but what if they didn't die? What if they had a plan? What would happen when Lily and James become the same age as their son?


4. The Hogwarts Express

A/N: Before we start I would just like to apologize for this chapter, I really don't like it and I feel it is irrelevant. Sorry for it coming so late but I have been having new ideas, more homework, and I just don't get inspiration for when they're on the train. Well, I'll try to update soon with a more inspired chapter. Here it is: The Hogwarts Express.

James and Harry sat down on different sides. Harry began their conversation as the large group of redheads who helped him get onto the platform passed.

"Do you know who they are? They helped me get on the platform."

"Oh yes those are the Weasleys, a rather charming family, purebloods, all of them, seven kids I believe, five are at Hogwarts, of course I only really know Ron, but I've met the twins a few times, you might want to avoid them, they like pranks, Fred and George."

At that moment the compartment opened to reveal two girls. Lily asked, "Can we sit here? It's rather full and we would rather not sit with the blond boy down the hall, he's quite rude."

"Of course you can sit here, Harry, this is Lily and Hermione Granger, and Lily, Hermione, this is Harry Potter."

Lily suddenly looked a bit worried as her sister's eyes widened to the size of bowling balls.

Hermione stared at Harry for a minute before she started speaking, now no one could really hear what Hermione had said because she was talking faster than a snitch could fly, but Harry caught a few parts of it, "HARRY POTTER?! I have read all about you! ..... He-who-must-not-be-named ........ Godric's Hollow.... Dumbledore-" "That's quite enough Hermione, I think Harry knows enough about his own life." Lily said to stop her sister.

Harry noticed that they looked very different, Lily had green eyes like him and red hair like the Weasleys that was, for the most part, flat, while Hermione had brown bushy hair and brown eyes, they didn't exactly look like sisters in Harry's opinion.

The girls sat down and they had a rather long chat together about what was awaiting them at Hogwarts, James stayed out of this conversation mostly because he was a pureblood and knew what would happen, he also just didn't want to ruin their excitement. So he just sat there with a smug, knowing smile.

What he didn't know was that Lily wasn't as excited as she seemed, sure she knew she would love Hogwarts, but it didn't seem new at all, more like a land from a past life, in which it was.

Then they began to talk about houses, and where they wanted to be, James wouldn't accept anything but Gryfinndor, especially not Slytherin, or Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw for that matter. He easily discarded each of those houses saying, "Slytherins are evil, Hufflepuffs are softies, and Ravenclaws are stuck up."

"Stuck up, did you say? Sounds like it would be perfect for you." Lily replied quickly, she was getting tired of James' rants about Gryfinndor, and he hadn't even started Hogwarts yet!

"No Lily," Hermione interjected, " you have to have a brain to get into Ravenclaw, I think Gryfinndor will suit him best, I on the other hand, will take anything but Slytherin, but I do prefer Ravenclaw."

"I'll take any house other than Slytherin," Harry said.

"Me two, " Lily said, though she would be devestated if she got anything but Gryfinndor.

Finally the train stopped and the conversation ended.

The four of them gathered their bags and left the train. The castle was the most amazing sight as they rode the boats towards it, pointing at the stars, the castle, and the tentacle rising out of the lake, only to sink back down once a student yelled out.

Once they reached the shore Hagrid, a giant man with a large, scratchy beard, helped them out of their boats and into the castle, where he lead them to an empty corridor. There, they waited.

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