A Twist in Time: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

You know the story, Voldemort came to kill the one born at the end of July, how Lily and James Potter died for their son, but what if they didn't die? What if they had a plan? What would happen when Lily and James become the same age as their son?


6. Sev, the Potions Master

The next day, Harry was the first to wake, used to cooking breakfast at the Dursley's. He got up quickly and went to James' bed, attempting to wake him. James let out a loud, startling moan that made someone else in the room quickly sit up, rustling their bed hangings.

"What's goin on?" said a voice, Harry recognized the voice as that of Ron Weasley. "Come on, get up James!" Harry whispered in James' ear, not wanting to speak to Ron. James let out another moan, a quieter one, and got up, struggling to remember his dream. It had not been a normal dream, it was a dream about them. Throughout James' life, every once in a while, he had a dream about them. Them, the three teenagers, the pale boy with light brown hair and scars across his face, the one with long, lustrous, black hair, striking grey eyes, and an air of casual elegance, and the chubby boy with grubby skin, small watery eyes, mousy brown hair, and a pointed nose. Never had James heard them speak, for the 'dreams', as he called them, were always silent.

But this one hadn't been, no, this time, he heard their names. Sirius, Remus, and Peter. But there was another name they mentioned, James' name, they addressed him, they were his friends, and he was the leader, he was Prongs. The dream had been short, and was fading from his memory fast. All he remembered was them talking to each other in a small tunnel. And when they came out, they were in a dull room with destroyed furniture, but they weren't scared, not at all. Then, the one called Sirius changed, and in his place was a large, black dog. Peter was a rat, but Remus was not seen.

Then, James turned to a long mirror leaning against the broken wall, and instead of seeing himself, he saw a majestic stag. The dream was ending and the picture was blurring in his mind as Harry woke him up, he turned to a lump in the corner that wasn't moving. Then, very rapidly, the lump stuck out a snout of sorts and let out a long, painful howl.

Harry watched Ron's bed as the hangings opened, and then looked away, as if he hadn't been watching. Ron looked around and saw Harry go to his trunk to get his robes, James was getting up and Ron went to get dressed himself.

The first week was absolutely amazing, every class as interesting as the one before (with the exception of History of Magic). So far, James' best subject was Transfiguration (though the teacher wouldn't come near their group) along with Hermione. Harry couldn't decide and Lily's best was Charms. Soon enough, it was Friday and all the Gryfinndor first years knew what that meant, Double Potions with the Slytherins. They had heard Snape was the worst teacher of them all, that he hated Gryffindors, and that he favored those of his house, Slytherin.

"Sounds like a downright git to me," James said as they walked down to the dungeons. He had become less polite now that he was at school, but this new personality seemed to suit him better. "We haven't even met him yet," Lily said, not completely liking the new James.

They waited in the cold dungeons for about ten minutes and class was about to start when Snape opened the door. "In," he said simply, and they obeyed, having heard what he's like when he's angry. Lily looked over Snape curiously, he seemed so familiar....

Snape began class by taking roll call, he paused at Lily's name, right after Hermione's.

"Lily Granger," Snape called, spitting out the last name as if it was a booger flavored Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean.

"Excuse me professor, but what is wrong with my last name?" Lily asked, trying to sound curious instead of angry.

Snape looked at Lily, he almost stared, and said, "Oh, nothing, you'd understand if you knew what I know." Lily and Hermione glanced at each other curiously.

"Today we will be making a simple potion to cure boils," Snape said after finishing role call. (He went over Harry and James quickly, wanting to make a good 'first impression' on Lily) "Get out your supplies!" Snape snapped at the slow first-years, he couldn't act too out of character.

After a while, Snape went around the classroom, looking in cauldrons, and snapping and sneering at the new students. Eventually, he came to Harry's table (Which included Lily, James, and Hermione as well). He looked into James' cauldron first, which was a burnt up black color. "Pot-Simon!" Snape sneered, "I can't even tell where you went wrong! Clean out your cauldron, you will receive a zero for this assignment."

Harry's potion was near the requirements and Hermione's was almost perfect, though Snape would never praise them. Next was Lily, who smiled up at Snape, showing him her cauldron. "Why Lily! It's perfect! Better than mine, what did you do?" Snape exclaimed, smiling at Lily, he put his hand on her arm. Lily fell forward and blacked out. Memories swam into her mind........memories of him, the boy she had been dreaming about all her life, Sev.

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