A Twist in Time: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

You know the story, Voldemort came to kill the one born at the end of July, how Lily and James Potter died for their son, but what if they didn't die? What if they had a plan? What would happen when Lily and James become the same age as their son?


2. Platform 9 and 3/4

   Ten years had passed since the incident at the Potter residence. Word had spread quickly and now everyone in the wizarding world knew the name, Harry Potter. 
   James Simon approached the barrier between platforms nine and ten with confidence. He looked around and ran toward the barrier, and like that he was gone. James appeared at platform nine and three quarters. 

   He looked around and walked towards two girls who seemed amazed at the train. James knew immediately that they were muggle-borns. James wasn't like some  pure-bloods, he did not think of muggle-borns as being worthless because he was raised by kind wizards.
   James approached the two girls, he stuck out a hand and greeted them kindly, "Hello, my name is James Simon, nice to meet you." The girls giggled and the one with dark red hair took his hand and returned his kind greeting, "Hello James, I am Lily Granger and this is my sister Hermione." The witch next to Lily looked up kindly as she pushed her hair out of her face and spoke, "Nice to meet you James, we were very surprised when we got here, but you seem to have been here before?" 

   James smiled back at her and said politely, "Yes, I have been here before, my family is all wizard and my mother took me here when I was young, and again a few weeks ago." Hermione's eyes widened at these words and she spoke very excitedly, "REALLY? I was quite surprised when I got my letter, though Lily didn't see to share my excitement,"

   Lily interjected at mention of herself, "Now Hermione I was just as surprised as you when I got my Hogwarts letter, I just took it in quickly." 

    James sensed this was a lie but did not press on the matter as many people had begun to arrive. "Well, I better get going, I hope to see you two on the train," James then walked away to find a compartment. 

   A boy who looked very much like James was outside of a compartment and seemed to be struggling with his trunk. James went to the boy and asked him if he needed help and then they loaded the large trunk into the luggage rack. 
   James then turned to the boy and for the first time noticed his appearance, he had untidy black hair that stuck up everywhere just like James' hair and reminded him much of himself other than two details, the boy had vibrant green eyes as James had hazel ones and had a lightning shaped scar on his forehead that caused James to recognize who he was. 

   James knew better than to yell his name so he introduced himself a bit more enthusiastically than he had with the girls, "Hi my name is James, James Simon, I am a pure blood and I of course know who you are." The boy replied, "So everyone knows don't they, well, I'm Harry Potter, and I would say nice to meet you but you look familiar, have I seen you before?" 

    James was sure he had never seen Harry before but deep inside he felt that he had, in fact, met him before. "Maybe we have seen each other before, I just can't be sure, would you mind if I sat down?" James asked without hesitation, he felt comfortable around Harry as if he had known him for a long time. The feeling was mutual and Harry sat down in the compartment with James

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