A Twist in Time: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

You know the story, Voldemort came to kill the one born at the end of July, how Lily and James Potter died for their son, but what if they didn't die? What if they had a plan? What would happen when Lily and James become the same age as their son?


8. As Green As A Fresh Pickled Toad

"Lily!" Hermione exclaimed, climbing into the common room. Lily glanced over towards the small group of three coming to her table. She had been sitting in the back of the common room, attempting to read a favorite book of hers, Hogwarts: A History. But she hadn't been able to focus, she kept thinking about her dream, about James Potter and more importantly, Sev. Was it possible that her dreams were reality? Why had Professor Snape reacted like that if they weren't?

"We were so worried, did they let you out of your classes?" Harry asked as they reached the table, snapping Lily out of her daze completely. "Yeah, Dumbledore said I needed rest after I blacked out like that." Lily replied, trying to keep from the subject of why she had blacked out.

"Soooo, why did you black out?" James asked, fully aware that she was trying to avoid telling them. "I'm not really sure, all I know is that Snape put his hand on my shoulder and I blacked out." she hesitated, unsure of whether or not to tell her friends about her dream. She would talk to Harry later. "You don't think he was trying to hurt me, right?" Lily said quietly. Harry snorted, "Hurt you? Oh Lily, you didn't see him afterwards, he looked horrified, I was sure he was going to hyperventilate. He wasn't any better when he got back, James tried to ask what happened and he just gave him the most evil glare I have ever seen and gave him detention for the rest of the week."

"I was going to argue but that glare was terrifying, I'm gonna have nightmares." James said, shuttering. The group laughed. Lily waited patiently until everyone went to bed before she pulled Harry aside.

"Hey, Harry?" Lily began, putting on her sweetest voice.

"Yeah?" Harry asked.

"Do you know anyone named James Potter? I assumed you might because it sounded like they might be related to you." Lily asked, trying to act curious.

"My father's name was James Potter. But he's dead." Harry said blankly.


"Why'd you ask?" Harry asked.

"Um," Lily struggled for an excuse, but she then realized she probably couldn't make Harry believe a fake story, "Well, he was in this dream I had when I blacked out and me and Sev were talking about him."

"Sev?" Harry asked, giving her a look.

"Professor Snape, we were both kids in the dream and I guess that was a nickname of his, he kind of freaked out when I said it to him when I woke up though." Lily clarified, slightly angry at herself for revealing that Snape was in the dream.

"So, what were you saying about my dad?" Harry asked, if the name Sev from the dream was real, maybe something else was too.

"Well," Lily stuttered, she couldn't call Harry's dad an arrogant toe rag right in front of Harry, "we weren't exactly friendly with him, and Se-Snape seemed to believe he fancied me." She watched Harry for a reaction, but there was none, just as he had been the whole conversation, he showed no emotion in his words.

"My mother's names was Lily," Harry breathed quietly, staring at Lily out of the side of his face, his bright green eyes locked on hers, "I've been told I have her eyes."

For a moment, Lily and Harry just stared at each other, silence ensuing. But suddenly, they both jumped as James' voice yelled out, "HARRY! Come on!"

Harry got up quickly and left, turning back before he went up the stairs, "Goodnight Lily." he said, before turning and going to his dorms without another word.

"That was weird." Lily muttered to herself before following suit, hoping her sister wasn't still up, all she wanted was to go back to sleep, and maybe, she might get to see Sev again.


"What is so important you couldn't have waited another five minutes?" Harry huffed as he entered the dorm. Ron and James were sitting on their respective beds, facing each other and smiling deviously.

"I've got an idea." James said, his unnerving smile widening.

"What kind of idea?" Harry asked, glancing over to where Ron was, wondering why he was included in this.

"A prank," Ron said quickly, noticing the look Harry was giving him, "A bloody brilliant one too, James asked me to help."

Harry, feeling a bit less worried, went over to where James and Ron were, and asked one final question, "Who exactly is the subject of this prank?"

James' smile, if possible, became even wider, to the extent it was almost scaring Harry, and he announced loudly, "Professor Severus Snape."



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