A Twist in Time: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

You know the story, Voldemort came to kill the one born at the end of July, how Lily and James Potter died for their son, but what if they didn't die? What if they had a plan? What would happen when Lily and James become the same age as their son?


3. An Explanation

   "Severus, sit down," Dumbledore said calmly. Snape sat down at the seat across from Dumbledore.

    "Why did you ask me here Albus?" Snape asked in his cold voice. "Severus, do you remember that horrible night in Godric's Hollow ten years ago?" Dumbledore asked.

    Snape's face hardened as he spoke with a strained voice, "Yes." Snape remembered that night very well, he had lost his only friend, the only person he loved. They say it 
heals with time, the pain of losing one you love, but to Snape, it still hurt as much as it did that night.

   "Severus, I need to tell you what really happened that night, Lily and James, they're alive." Dumbledore said, the twinkle in his eye gone, he knew Severus did not like to talk about what happened that night.

   Severus looked at Dumbledore with a painful expression as he spoke, "Don't-lie-to-me, I saw them there, dead on the ground" Snape said, expressing each word harshly.

   "It is not a lie, they are alive, but they do not know who they are, are you familiar with Lily's expertise with potions?" Dumbledore said.

    Snape smiled, a strained smile as he spoke, "She was the best in class, well, we both were. We came up with shortcuts, ways to make the potion better, we strayed far from the books and it always paid off. We both got Outstandings in our O.W.L.s. But she was the best, she started trying to make her own potions, and they worked. She only tried simple ones at first, but she got more advanced, and then she started that impossible potion, she was trying to cure those who were driven mad from the Cruciatus, she was actually making progress, until...." Snape cut himself off.

    "Until I ruined it all." Snape thought. He remembered walking in there, Slughorn had let them use the empty classroom for experiments. He had been trying to find her, to apologize, and he did try, but it didn't matter, because she wouldn't forgive him. She threw ingredients at him, smashed bottles, and she ruined her research. She told him to get out and he left.

    Dumbledore gave Snape some time in his mind before he spoke, "Yes, well it seems she took up to that hobby again, Lily found a way around the Avada Kedavra," 

   Snape looked at Dumbledore and said, "Then where is she?"

   "The potion was able to bring them back to life, or preserve their lives because they drunk the potion before they died, but it was not given enough time to preserve her entire life, they were only one year old when they transformed, Hagrid was about to leave when it happened, he brought them to me and I found an arrangement."

    "Where is she?" Snape asked again. 

    "Lily Potter was sent to a muggle family, she was supposed to grow up as a muggle with a muggle sister, but, as it so happens, her sister in this new family is a witch as well, she is to start Hogwarts this year as Lily Granger," Dumbledore said, he gave Snape some time for it to sink in before continuing.

   "James Potter is also starting this year, he was sent to an older wizarding couple who were unable to have kids, he was told he was a pureblood and he has grown up a wizard."

   " I asked you here in order to insure you do not reveal anything to the students, as you will obviously be able to tell who they are when you see them." Dumbledore finished.

    "Yes Albus, I will not reveal anything, now it is getting late and I must go." Snape said as he got up. Snape left the office, lost in thoughts of Lily.

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