The day i met 1D

Diana is 17! She is a huge directioner along with her best friends! They all will get the once in a life time chance to meet the one and only British/irish boy band ONE DIRECTION! Will she meet the love of her life? Will they just be friends? or will it just be all drama? Are her friends really her friends or are they using her? Find out more in The day I met 1D!!


18. Pretend it's okay...

Diana's P.O.V

So I finally made it to Chicago! After 13 hours..I really missed it here so much! I drive for a while until I reached a familiar street with a little blue house. I parked on the side of the street and sat there for a bit. It was dark out about 8 ish. I stared at the porch. I smiled as the memories of my cousins and I being stupid and just talking to eachother came to mind. I remember one time my older cousin jake started throwing rocks at my other cousin Sam and it was just ridiculous! We were all laughing at how stupid they were until it hit one of grandmas windows than that's when we ran as fast as we could because she came out with the shoe and started yelling at us in Spanish and it was just terrible funny! Until she finally caught us yeah it was bad! Couldn't sit right for a week! I laughed at the dumb memory and finally got out and grabbed my stuff locking the door. I walked up to the door and knocked on it a few times before hearing a bunch of locks being unlocked and finally seeing my abuelita! I started to feel the tears falling don my cheeks.

"Diana? Is that you?" She said in her cute little Spanish accent.

" si abuelita! I missed you I'm so sorry I haven't visited!", I cried. She pulled me in a hug petting my head thing to calm me down.

"It's okay Mija! I love you and I have missed you too! Are you hungry? Of course you are! Come let me fix you something to eat!", she said.

She cooked me a bunch of stuff and we just talked and talked and talked until it was time to go to bed.

" I love you Mija buenos noches", she said while giving me a hug and kiss.

"Buenos noches abuelita, I love you too", I said softly. I lied down on the couch covering up and letting sleep over take me.

Authors note:

Sorry guys for such a short chapter! I suck I know! But tell me how I'm doing so far leave a comment! And like!

Lots of love!


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