The day i met 1D

Diana is 17! She is a huge directioner along with her best friends! They all will get the once in a life time chance to meet the one and only British/irish boy band ONE DIRECTION! Will she meet the love of her life? Will they just be friends? or will it just be all drama? Are her friends really her friends or are they using her? Find out more in The day I met 1D!!


5. Mall time??

Diana's P.O.V

I finally found kenz she was at my house on the door step.

"hey kenz you okay?" I asked her.

She said,"yeah I guess I still can't believe him D!".

I felt so bad for her. I really hope we never see that Fucker again.

"do you want to go to the mall with the girls? maybe it will make you feel better?, I asked her.

"yeah I think I'd like that", she said.

I called Louise, Marie ,and Nina and asked them. I also told them what happened. They said they would be over soon.

~ 5 minutes later~

I heard a knock I walked over to the front door and there stood all the girls. I grabbed my phone and we left for the mall.

We went to forever 21 and Rue 21. then decided to go to the food court. We sat down at a table and ordered McDonalds. We were eating and talking when two guys walked up to us. We all went wide eyed and our mouths dropped we couldn't believe who was standing in front of us!!

Author's note: hey guys sorry for the short crappy chapter! I hope you all are liking this book!  let me know what you think about it :) I ill update sometime tomorrow.

Lots of Love


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