The day i met 1D

Diana is 17! She is a huge directioner along with her best friends! They all will get the once in a life time chance to meet the one and only British/irish boy band ONE DIRECTION! Will she meet the love of her life? Will they just be friends? or will it just be all drama? Are her friends really her friends or are they using her? Find out more in The day I met 1D!!


6. Mall time?? part 2

Diana's P.O.V


 We all went wide eyed and our mouths dropped we couldn't believe who was standing in front of us!! It was NIALL HORAN AND LIAM PAYNE!!!!! I can't believe this!! I'm so excited, okay try not to fan girl. You can do this D.

"Hi ladies how are you today?", said Liam.

We all replied Great. We were all smiling like idiots.

"Are you Ladies fans?", asked Niall.

I spoke up and said," Yes".

I smiled at him looking into his beautiful ocean blue orbs, after answering his question. He smiled back. we all talked for a little longer until we had to go. We were walking until I felt someone grab my arm. I turned around to meet a pair of the most beautiful captivating ocean blue orbs that a saw only a few minutes earlier. He smiled at me. I could feel butterflies in my tummy.

"what's up?", I asked him

"I was wondering if you would like to hang out with the boys' and I", He was blushing and smiling.

"I would love to what time should I be over?", I asked.

"at 3 tomorrow would be fine", He told me.

I could see he was excited and nervous. He was so cute I can't believe I'm going to go hang out with ONE FREAKING DIRECTION!!

"Okay see you then",I smiled and we walked are separate ways. I'm so proud and surprised on how calm I had been! I'm so weird! Ugh gosh!


Author's Note:

Hey guys!! sorry for the short chapter and sorry it took forever to update. I can't believe SOML it was absolutely amaZayn! I cried:) it was sooo beautiful.... Also, I know we can break the VEVO RECORD because we the 1D FAMILY HAVE DA POWER!!


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