The day i met 1D

Diana is 17! She is a huge directioner along with her best friends! They all will get the once in a life time chance to meet the one and only British/irish boy band ONE DIRECTION! Will she meet the love of her life? Will they just be friends? or will it just be all drama? Are her friends really her friends or are they using her? Find out more in The day I met 1D!!


17. Lost boys

Diana's P.O.V

I'm done packing and I grab my keys and head to my car. I'm such and idiot! I just can't deal with all of this! Why me why do I have to be so messed up?! My mom was always right..


"You stupid slut! I hate you! Why are you still here!", she yelled.

She grabbed the lamp beside her and threw it at me but she missed.

"You dumb worthless piece of shit! You're just like your damn father!" She continued " I should have got that damned abortion when I had the chance!"

I was only 10 at the time. She had gotten angry at me because the man she brought home didn't like kids so when he saw me he left. I felt terrible for making her upset but at the same time I felt my heart break and I began to cry. She grabbed her hand mirror and threw it at me but I ducked that's when she started screaming and started running towards me I ran up the stairs into the bathroom and shut it and locked it right when she made it to the top of the stairs. I began sobbing and telling myself how stupid I was and that she was right I was worthless and a slut. I needed to punish myself. I began digging through the drawers searching for something sharp. That's when I opened the last drawer and found the shiny, cool, sharp metal piece the same piece I saw that 8th grader use in the bathroom. It was Monday and I had been getting the regular bullying because of my mom.. I went to the bathroom stall and cried until I heard someone come in crying as well. I saw someone go into the stall next to mine. I quietly exited my stall and peeked into the little crack seeing Stacy she was the most popular 8th grader in the school! I saw her grab something out of her pocket it was shiny and sharp.. It was a razor. She held her arm out and sobbed some more. She dragged the metal piece across here wrist repeatedly and blood came pouring out and I was scared. But it seemed to have calmed her down. I left and went back to class after I saw her getup. I came back from my thoughts I sat down in the floor and put my arm in front of me staring at it. I then took the cool metal piece and just like Stacy dragged it across my wrist. It stung but it felt good. I did it a few more times before I cleaned up and put my new friend back in its drawer. I soon realized the screaming and pounding was gone she must have left again. I peeked out the door and I was right I hurried to my room and locked it and lied down letting sleep over take me.

**end of flash back**

I felt tears on my cheeks so I wiped them away. I let out a sigh. I plugged up my iPhone and turned on "Lost Boys" by: Ruth b. And began my journey to Chicago. I'm sorry Niall. I'm sorry girls. I'm sorry boys.

Authors note:

I'm so so so so sorry guys! I'm such a terrible author I have been crazy busy! It's just been the worst I have had so much drama and my cousin just died recently and it's been terrible! But I'm trying my best to finish this and I'm just really sorry!

Lots of love


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