The day i met 1D

Diana is 17! She is a huge directioner along with her best friends! They all will get the once in a life time chance to meet the one and only British/irish boy band ONE DIRECTION! Will she meet the love of her life? Will they just be friends? or will it just be all drama? Are her friends really her friends or are they using her? Find out more in The day I met 1D!!


11. food and Movies with Juan direction ;D

Diana's POV


After our "little event" the boys decided to stay up and Louis decide we should have a movie day! Me being me.. I said yes because I love me some movies!;D anyyyway! we are currently trying to decide on what to watch....... which if I say so myself is getting pretty intense.

"LET'S WATCH TOY STORYYYYYYYY!!", Liam said in a whiny voice.


" BAMBI BAMBI BAMBI", cheered lou and harry.

*note to self don't let boys pick movie again*

Oh good lord why did I let them pick?? But that's when I got an idea!!

" hey guy's I know what we should watch", I said but, obviously no one cares to listen. they carry on arguing and paying no attention to my magnificent idea. Well then!

" Guys", I said....... and nothing.

" Guys", I said once again...... and nothing.

" GUYYYYYSSS!!!!", I screamed.

They all turn towards me looking shocked at how I screamed.

" I have an idea!", I said cheerfully.

They nodded to go on.

"LET'S WATCH ALL THE SUPERMANS!!", I cheer happily.

They all agreed and smiled widely. We began our movie of awesomeness. * skips all the superman movies* 

" I'm hungry!!!", Niall whines.

Awww he is so adorable like.... like a baby bunny.

"How about some Hispanic food? , I know a whole bunch of my grandma and dad's recipes ?",I said while smiling. 

"wait your Hispanic?",Niall asked.

"well i might just so happen to be Guatemalan (my dad is full), my mom's half Chilean ( from her dad) and then my mom's half white (from her mom)", I said. 

"that's really cool! do you speak Spanish?",he said.

I laughed and then said.

"sí muchacho irlandés i puede hablar muy bien el español. Sobre todo cuando estoy excitado, loco o borracho   .". said and winked with a smirk.


***oh btw in English it means "yes my Irish lad i can speak Spanish very well. Especially when i'm exited( <'if ya now what i mean wink**wink*)", mad or drunk.".***


They all stood there gawking. I fell into a fit of giggles when I saw niall's blushing and the rest of the boys look like they were lost which made me laugh harder!! I soon calmed down and said.

"so you up for food?". 

they all nodded and i told them to stay there until i was done.


****Skip making food*******

"Food is done guys!!!", i said.

they came rushing in like a bunch of psychopaths on drugs. Geez calm your tits it's just food i thought to myself.

"OOOHH GOD IT SMELLS SO GOOOOD!!!!", Yelled/ moaned niall.

"Well go ahead eat tell me what you think?", i said encouragingly.

They got there food and took there first bite. all of the sudden i heard the room get filled with Mmmhm's and oh my gosh's and other weird satisfied noises.

"This is heaven what is this d?", ask zayn.

"This my friend is tortás",I said while smiling.

"Well i love these tortàs!!",Harry said.

I laughed and said you're welcome. after that we decided to watch one more movie before i leave. but, this time a scary movie! yeah buddy :D. 

"so what are we watching?", i asked.

they smirked and said 

"Friday the 13th!!".

Oh crap! well isn't that nice! Just amazballs is it not?

" woopie!", i said with sarcasm.

Me and Niall sat on the couch next to Louis and harry. Then Zayn and Liam were sitting in front of us on the floor.the movie just started and i was about to poop my pants already. i don't really do good with Jason and Micheal Myers. (laugh's nervously). Oh Well looky there that girl just got her head chopped off! god why!! i nuzzled my head into Nialls side, i hope he dosen't mind. Next thing i know Niall is whispering in my ear

"you okay love?".

i shook my head. i was 20x more scared than i was when louis pranked me! he then said 

"it's okay i got ya love i won't let no one hurt you, Oh and the boys and I thought that you if you wanted to you can stay tonight if you'd like".

 I nodded my head and said thank you. Oh god he is so perfect and so gentle and hufuygihjahuv i think i just melted!! give me a sec.

Dear god, thank you for sending this beautiful, amazing, sexy,gentleman like angel to this earth!! AMEN!! PRAISE THE LORD!! HALLELUJAH!!!! 

We continued to cuddle until i fell into a beautiful dream with a certain blue eyed handsome Irish man tagging along to join!

Hey my little pickles sorry for a sucky chappter!! so what do you think Niana?

Lots Of Love



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