The day i met 1D

Diana is 17! She is a huge directioner along with her best friends! They all will get the once in a life time chance to meet the one and only British/irish boy band ONE DIRECTION! Will she meet the love of her life? Will they just be friends? or will it just be all drama? Are her friends really her friends or are they using her? Find out more in The day I met 1D!!


14. Flashbacks and old memories

Diana's POV

Niall and I got to my house a little bit ago. I had just got out of the shower and gotten dressed.

We are now currently just sitting on my couch watching tv until Niall spoke up.

"Hey Di can I ask you something?".

"um yeah of course what's up Ni?", I asked.

"Where are your parents?",he said.

Right then and there my heart abruptly stopped beating and it felt as if time was frozen and something heavy was lying on my chest. 

"", I said. 

I wasn't sure if I should tell him I don't know if I'm ready yet the only one who knows about my family is Kenzie. Maybe it's time I let someone else know.. 

"Niall I think it's time I tell you about my past..", I said with a sigh.

"Okay? are you sure? You don't have to D.. Just forget I asked let's just watch the Telly!", he said.

"No Ni I'm serious your gonna find out sooner or later so why not now?", I said

"okay but if you get uncomfortable you can stop okay", he told me. 

I nodded and began to go back to when it all started.


I just got home from school and I was so excited to go home and see my parents to tell them about how I learned how to count to 100!! I got to my front door when all the sudden I hear noises and shouting! I opened the door just in time to see my dad slap my mom in the face. I screamed at my dad he didn't pay any attention to me and started punching my mom continuously I screamed and begged him to stop I tried pushing him away and when I did he he slapped me and I fell to the floor in astonishment. I couldn't believe he just slapped me I felt warm tears go down my face. He finally stopped and left. My mom laid on the floor. It was about a couple weeks until my mom recovered my dad still hasn't came back. I was traumatized I couldn't believe he did that and then just walk out. My mom has been out of it she has locked herself in her room and won't talk or eat, until one night, my mom finally came out of her room and she looked different she was wearing a tight black short dress and had a lot of make up on and really high high heels on she didn't say anything to me just walked past me and out the door. It was about midnight when she came back I peeked out my door to see her with a man kissing and the man was touching my mom and my mom was making weird noises. I was scared and then my mom an the man went into my moms room. I went to the door and peeked in it and I saw the man taking my moms clothes off and touching her I was scared I thought he was hurting her my mom then started making noises I screamed for the man to stop but my mom screamed at me to get out. I was in tears I ran back to my room and locked the door. This happened almost everyday. When I was 14 that's when I knew I had to leave that house. My mom came home that night with yet another man but this time was Different. I was sitting on the couch when I heard a door open and close it was about 4:00 in the morning. The man my mom was with had came out and say next to me. I got up and was beginning to walk to my room when I felt a hand grab my wrist. 

"Let me go!", I growled at the man. 

He smirked and pulled me into his lap I froze and couldn't breathe.

"Calm down sweet heart lets have some fun?". He said sickly. 

He began kissing my neck and I tried to get away but his grip got tighter I could feel something hard on the back of my thigh. He began rubbing me and touching me I whimpered an was about to scream until he covered my mouth and shooshed me. He laid me down on the couch still covering my mouth and began taking my shorts off and rubbing my center I was now crying. I felt like running away and dying in a hole. He took off his pants and underwear along with mine and he then pushed his self into me causing me to scream in pain he slapped me and told me to shut up. He pushed into me violently. I cried silently and he finally finished and cleaned himself up and left the house. I laid there crying my eyes out and trying and gasping for air. I can't believe what had happened I was so shocked and I hurt so bad. I felt like killing myself. I finally got up and went to shower. I felt so disgusted. That same day was the day I used my old friend that I hadn't seen for a bit.

My mom never knew about that night. J knew she wouldn't care either way I was just so emotionally unstable I didn't tell Kenzie until a few months later. Kenzie helped me and I got the courage to go to the police and the arrested the guy and took my mom too.

*******FLASHBACK OVER*********

" I haven't seen the both of them for years now", I finished.

"oh god Diana I'm-I-I'm so sorry!," Niall said bursting into tears. 

I cried with him.

"N-n-Niall I was only 14 for god sake!!! Why me!", I sobbed violently. 

"It's o-o-okay I promise I will keep you safe", he said. 

We calmed down and stopped crying. I had my head against his chest.

"Hey Niall?",I said quietly.

"Yeah di?", he replied.

"I think I'm falling for you," I whispered. 

I then let my eyes close and fell into a dreamless sleep.


  *******AUTHORS NOTE*******

Hey guys sorry for not updating in so long hope you enjoyed this chapter sorry if it sucked and had a lot of errors!!! But what do you think of what happened to Diana when she was younger??? Comment like favorite fan and tell friends!!! ILYASFM!!!!






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