Is it real

For LeAnn its always a bumpy start,for everything! She's used to good grades,,and a good life.Until one,fortunate mistake happens.Or is it a mistake?



2. High school and a bad day

I get into the truck,dialing Harry's number."Be quiet."I say turning the radio down."Hello?"A deep ut high voice awnsers."Uh hi,im LeAnn.You had got my phone number from the princible.You wanted me to show you around?"I ask clearing my throat."Oh yes.You wouldn't mind would you?"Harry asks politely."No,not at all.How do you normally get to school in the mornings?"I ask telling my sister to bewuiet,she had started to talk."I drive."Harry awnsers   fastly."What kind of car?"I ask."A blue mustang."Harry says."Okay,wait in your car.I have to drop my sister off at school.I drive a Black truck,with LeAnn in camo on the back.See ya there."I say before hanging up."Come on,I have too hurry."I say speeding off to school.We get to the elementary school,"Okay,get out."I say turning the radio down."No!''Hannah screams crossing her arms."Why not,you're in 4th grade.Its  all fun,right?"I say nudging on her."No."She says turning her head."Okay,why not?"I ask.Okay,child I don't have time to play!"Because,I don't wanna."Hannah says.Well,"Can you step out the truck,there's money."I say tricking her.She nods and gets out,the teacher closes the door.And I quickly take off,I feel really bad considering she fell on the ground.Throwing a tatrum, I don't care there is a cute boy waiting for me at school.Clearly he  could be younger then me,unless he's not suppose to be in this grade.I mean he drives too,I pull up to the student parking looking for a blue mustang.I see one,and there is a cute guy leaning on the hood.He has brown curly hair,with blue hair I think.And he is in grayish skinny jeans,with a gray long sleeve shirt,with a long sleeve shirt under.I park beside him,"Are you Harry Styles?"I ask,throwing the shifter in gear."Yea,would you happen to be LeAnn?"He asks looking over,I had just noticed he had a british accent.I nod and then laugh,he runs over an opens the truck door for me."Thanks."I say getting out and locking the doors.Next thing I knew I triped,"Watch where you're going.I heard you were close to the top dog.Not now sweetie,oh pardon me.I am Carlian,and I am knew.But I rule this school,you're a piece of dirt compared to me.Come on Harry,let me show you around."Carlian says grabbing Harry's hand.Okay,okay.Just its not that bad now,not at all.I get up brushing myself off,well we still have the rest of the day....?When I arrive to homeroom,guess who was there?Carlian and Harry was,my luck.Well its my fault,I accepted to show someone around that I didn't know.I knew better,but I thought he was better."LeAnn,next to Harry."The teacher gestures over to Harry.Great,now he's my SCIENCE teacher,so he's my science PARTNER!Grrrreat,fan-fliping tastic.

Later at luch

I grabbed my tray,which had spagatti and a fruit cup.I seen Carlian out of the cornner of my eye,but didn't pay no mind.So guess what happened,I ran into her!Instead of my food going all over her,it went all over me,and so did her food."Watch where you're going mutt!"Carlian says pushing me down,throwing the rest of her food on me.Im completely coverd in spagatti and other food.My luck,and the whole cafeteria is watching including Harry.I look around,speechles.With no comeback at all,im dumb as a rock right now.I feel like a rock,useless.How do I go from popular nerd,too humiliated nerd?Its horrible.I cant handle the rest of the day,so I decide to go home.When I arrive at home,there are ambulances.I jump out,"An my father comes running towards me."What are you doing home?"Dad says,tears running rapidly down his face.But his voice hasn't shown he was crying,"Bad day at school,what's going on?"I ask looking back and forth."Your mother was murderd,by who we don't know.

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