Funny Snipits

Have you ever wondered what would happen if any if these scenarios were to happen? Well, I HAVE!!!! So, what did I do? I WROTE THIS LOVELY LITTLE BOOK!!!;) Lol! BUT! If any of you recognize some characters from another fanfiction, they're from my sister's. She is Raven of the Toc'ra and she has given me permission to use them:)

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


9. Death, Despare, and Apologies

This is an author's note. I'm terribly sorry to all my fans/readers/lovleys. I will not be able to continue to update for two weeks straight! Not until after Christmas. I will update one chapter on every movellas I have between today and tomorrow. This may be after or before the chapter I have just updated. For Joker's Daughter and Funny Snippits and Merlin At Hogwarts, this is after the chapter. Thank you all for being so patient and not trying to rip my eyes out spoons. Also, this does not effect my co-authoring movellas. It will just effect me updating on those not the others updating. I'm sorry all of you!!


~Mrs. Tony Stark♥️🇬🇧

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