Funny Snipits

Have you ever wondered what would happen if any if these scenarios were to happen? Well, I HAVE!!!! So, what did I do? I WROTE THIS LOVELY LITTLE BOOK!!!;) Lol! BUT! If any of you recognize some characters from another fanfiction, they're from my sister's. She is Raven of the Toc'ra and she has given me permission to use them:)

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


7. Batsy Blushes

The tall, dark, and brooding man looked around quickly. There was no one in sight. Good. 

He pulled down his mask and draped it on his back. He sat down on his comfy chair. Quickly, he typed in his passcode: 'PoisonJoke<3' and then he went straight to his internet application. 

Clicking on the website bar, he deleted '' and instead typed in '', hit the return key and waited for it to load. 

When it finally finished loading, he went to the search bar and typed in "dark, mysterious capes". Then four different ones that he liked popped up. (Let's not forget to mention that they were all pretty much the same cape.)

He couldn't decide on which one he like best, so he just bought all of them and had them shipped to his Manor under the name of "I-Am-Not-Batman-Bruce-Wayne. 

He turned around in his comfy wheely chair with an accomplished smile on his face, only tot see Alfred holding a tryst of cookies in one hand and eating then with the other as well as Barbra and Dick helping themselves to cookies as they watched Bruce do his shopping.

"How long?" Bruce asked, horrified.

"Long enough, sir." Alfred said. 

"Cool capes, Dad!" Dick said through a mouthful of cookies, successfully spraying cookie crumbs everywhere. 

Alfred sighed exasperatedly. 

"You have a thing for The Joker's daughter?!" Barbra asked teasingly. 

Bruce Wayne blushed. That right, ladies and gentlemen! Bryce Wayne, Batman himself just BLUSHED! B-L-U-S-H-E-D! Blushed. 

"Awww... You know, Uncle Bruce, you're kinda cute when you blush!" Barbra said teasingly. 

"Do you want your father to know about Bat Girl?" 

"You wouldn't!" 

Bruce pulled out his cell. "Try me. I may be your Godfather, but that doesn't mean I have to spoil you rotten."

"You win..." She grumbled. 

And once again, all was right in Gotham City. Batman just took down the heinous criminal known as "Bat Girl" a.k.a. Barbra Gordon. He was still on too of the Criminal Justice Food Pyramid/Chain. 

The Bat still wins. 

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