A Spy's Life

Emma is girl, her boyfriend Xander is a boy. But they're is also something else. Spy's. When a mission goes wrong and she gets shot in the shoulder, Xander helps her recover, but something goes wrong in their next mission and Xander is taken by the enemy. Xander is another linchpin that could send the world into World War III. What will Emma do to get him back, even if it means sacrificing her own life?


4. Xander and Me

Xander being the great guy he is takes me home and stays with me all night. In my bed I feel his warmth next to me. He smells of lemon and sugar, he smells safe and peaceful.


In the morning he wakes me up and tells me it's time for morning training. I'm ready to go and be free when suddenly I feel tape tugging at my back and realize I have a broken shoulder.

"Guess you will have to practice one handed today."

" I can overcome anything." I say laughing.

The combat area isn't far from my room. Two floors down. As we descend the stairs Xander takes my hand and pulls me in for a kiss. I ignore the pain in my shoulder. All I can think about is being there with him, only that moment, only us. I push him back and smile.

"Come on Xander we have to get going." I say.

He gives me that award winning smile of his and follows me down the stairs reluctantly.

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