A Spy's Life

Emma is girl, her boyfriend Xander is a boy. But they're is also something else. Spy's. When a mission goes wrong and she gets shot in the shoulder, Xander helps her recover, but something goes wrong in their next mission and Xander is taken by the enemy. Xander is another linchpin that could send the world into World War III. What will Emma do to get him back, even if it means sacrificing her own life?


10. The Rescue

"It's seven everyone lets move" Yells Zack.

We take the jeep down to Glow Barn and jump out. I can tell everyone is nervous but I know everyone around me would be willing sacrifice their life for Xander. He is just the perfect person.

We all run in and rush down to the basement. Brad kicks the door down, guns up we are ready. We are instantly ambushed and bullets barrage the air. Someone comes up to me and I kick him. We go into a fight. I am punched in the eye and the nose, and then I feel pain in my leg. I touch my leg and it is wet. Blood. I can't see anything because my eye has swollen up. My leg has been shot, my nose is broken and I have a black eye. But I can just make out Kaylee and we exchange a look. She understands my plan, I already know.

To play dead.

I understand that I will lose blood but I know Kaylee, Brad, and Zack are on their way to rescue Xander. I hear more gunshots and fighting. Then I feel someone pick me up. It's Xander I know, I feel his hands. I know the way he walks. I know he must me hurt though because I feel a jostle every time he steps. He must be limping. I feel myself being laid onto the seats of the jeep and fell the car start up. I feel Xander's lips against mine and I know everything is going to be alright.

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